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Python, R, SQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Flask

Machine Learning &  Modeling

Linear Regression, Classification, Clustering, NLP, Deep Learning, Hypothesis Testing, Tableau


Technical Project Management, Public Speaking, Events



Data Science Fellow 

Metis - Data Science Immersive Program

Developed several data projects during a 12-week data science program. Projects utilized various predictive and statistical techniques ranging from linear regression to neural networks.


Technical Product Specialist

Eventbase Technology Inc

Worked on the mobile production team rolling out event apps for companies including IBM, VMware, Microsoft, SAP, and Google. Managed databases, wrote code, and aided in the technical side of project management. Provided on-site support.


Teaching Assistant

University of British Columbia

Teaching assistant for two upper-level research methods courses that built critical thinking skills for understanding and communicating scientific ideas, and taught students how to scope and motivate research proposals. Graded papers and ran workshops on effective communication.


Piscis -  A chess engine trained with neural networks embedded in a flask web app. Github link needed

Diabetes Patient Classification - An algorithm to predict hospital readmission for diabetes patients. Github link needed

SFO Flight Delays - A linear regression algorithm to predict which flights will be delayed in leaving SFO. Github link needed


B.A. Cognitive Systems

University of British Columbia

An interdisciplinary degree in Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Linguistics.