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 I want to build data-driven apps so people at all technical skill levels can leverage insights from their data. I am proficient in a few computer languages as well as statistics.  I am eligible to work in Canada, The United States, and anywhere in the European Union. 


Technical Skills

Languages - Ruby, Java,  Javascript, HTML/CSS, R, SQL, Scheme

Testing - TDD, Rspec, JUnit

Frameworks - Ruby on Rails, Sinatra

Version Control - Git, Subversion

Data Acquisition and Processing - various packages in R

Data Visualization - ggplot2 in R, Shiny, D3, Tableau

General Skills

Excellent Communication Skills - I was a teaching assistant for two upper-level undergraduate courses that mixed research methods with technical writing, where I coached students in clear and concise communication. 

Research - My work at UBC's Visual Cognition Lab taught me how to ask the right questions, as well as what to do when the answers to those questions only produce more questions. 

Leadership - I have occupied a number of leadership roles including project leader at the Visual Cognition Lab, and president of my undergraduate student society. These roles taught me how to foster a team of talented people to get the most out of their skills while simultaneously ensuring their individual needs are respected and met. 


Otanks (in progress) - A rails app to monitor the charity TiKay Haiti's oxygen tanks in patient homes throughout Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This project is a collaboration with some friends of mine who volunteer at the TiKay clinic in Port-Au-Prince. It is currently on hold but will continue this May. 

TubeMapper - An android app written in Java that plots the London subway stations and lines on an interactive map. Users can find upcoming trains for different stations and lines by interacting with the displayed map.

TasteSwing - A rails app where users create a personalized wine library where they can add their own notes/ratings to wine as well as register wine for events they either create or attend. I worked mostly on the javascript to leverage the API

R Markdown reports providing preliminary processing code, summary statistics, graphs, and/or models of a few datasets ranging from Fitbit data to meteorological data.

I have a project for each of the following classes from Coursera written in R: Getting and Cleaning Data, Exploratory Data Analysis, Reproducible Research, Statistical Inference, and Regression Models.

I am currently working on the final two classes Machine Learning and Developing Data Products.

Work experience

Sep 2014Dec 2014

Customer Support Analyst


I Worked at an SEO startup that made a keyword generation tool. My job was to circle back to various beta clients and help them make sense of their data and pick terms, as well as onboard new beta customers and teach them the tool. I also provided UI/UX feedback to the development team.

Oct 2011Oct 2014

Research Assistant

Visual Cognition Lab

I started at VCL as a volunteer running experiments that studied non-conscious memory and ended as a paid research assistant. My responsibilities included experimental design, training volunteers, lab logistics, running experiments, and data analysis. 

Feb 2013May 2014

Teaching Assistant

University of British Columbia

I was a TA for two classes at UBC, Cognitive Systems 303 & 401. The first is a research methods, writing, and presentation workshop that teaches students to explain complicated scientific ideas simply. The second is also a writing course, but focuses on research proposals.  



B.A. Cognitive Systems

University of British Columbia

Interdisciplinary degree in Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Linguistics. 

Jul 2015May 2016

Data Science Specialization Certificate

Johns Hopkins - Massive Online Open Course

Basics of R programming, Data Wrangling, Machine Learning, Dashboard Creation

Feb 2015Apr 2015

Web Developer Diploma

Lighthouse Labs

A crash course in the full stack of Web Development, from Ruby to Node.js

Sep 2005Jun 2009

High School Diploma

Davis Senior High School

Volunteer Experience

  • In 2008, I spent six weeks in central Nicaragua doing community development work. Another high school student and I had to raise money, plan a project, and execute that project in collaboration with community leaders in a small and rural town. I personally raised over $10,000 for the trip, and we built a system of wells to provide clean water for the community. 
  • In 2009 and 2011 I went down to Guatemala on a medical mission with a team of doctors to assist with a variety of surgeries. I supported the medical staff in a number of ways from translation to patient care. 


I am interested in the full stack of web development, but my passion is for data visualization. Eventually, I would like to design dashboards for scientists, healthcare professionals, or businesses so that they can easily and beautifully leverage insight from their data. In the meantime, I would like to learn as much about software development as possible. I'm also interested in literature, cooking, and travel.