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Experienced sales, management and marketing professional with a record of consistent accomplishments in pioneering and building a profitable territory, exceeding quotas, capturing and managing key accounts, developing and implementing strategic plans to penetrate new markets.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present


Positive Community Magazines

Founded company in January of 2009.  Since its inception, PCM has launched 14 upbeat, positive, hyperlocal, community publications.  PCM's core values are passion, philanthropy, community, integrity and quality.

  • Passion-Nothing great in the world happens without passion.  We are passionate about everything we do to help celebrate the communities we serve by capturing the spirit and style that makes each unique.  In other words, we publish with purpose.
  • Philanthropy-We feel it is our responsibility to give back to the communities that have given so freely to help us grow.  Therefore, we allocate a percentage of our editorial and advertising space to help promote the organizations that selflessly serve our communities.
  • Community-We define community as a group of  like-minded people working together to make a positive impact on their surroundings.  We strive to to become a integral part of each community we serve and, ultimately, help each reach it's true potential.
  • Integrity-We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is around to witness it.  To quote Nathaniel Bronner, Jr., "No one will question your integrity if your integrity is not questionable.”
  • Quality-We believe that quality costs less.  That is, if you do it right the first time around, you won't have to pay to redo it.  We strive to produce the highest quality publication in each of the markets we serve.

We utilize these core values in our day-to-day operations by taking full responsibility for the results our advertising partners achieve.  We do not give excuses; we evaluate, modify and execute a new strategy until everyone involved is thrilled about the results they receive from their advertising in our publications.  PCM is fully committed to the success of all of our clients and it shows in everything we do.  To us, this "being easy to do business with" approach just makes sense.  In short, we are publishers with purpose.

Apr 2007Dec 2008

Field Sales Manager

I was responsible for the sales and service of the suite of products to franchise car dealers in Maine and North Carolina. My duties included, but were not limited to, contacting the decision maker in each dealership and providing them with an overview of, the suite of products and services and the potential ROI that could be achieved by listing their inventory on our web site. This usually includes a great deal of education as most dealerships during this time were not internet advertising savvy.In my time I have been with, I have grown my territory by over 800% and have been recognized by the senior management team for my creative approach to building value for the suite of products, my high customer retention rate (92%) and the exceptional customer service I provide to each of my clients. My accomplishments to date include:
  1. Consistent top 10% performer
  2. Top-selling Field Sales Manager in Region in October, 2007
  3. Highest Sales Volume for Big East team for 6-month time period from July 2007-Dececember 2007
  4. Voted MVP by team members for same time period
  5. Developed and implemented e-mail marketing newsletter which resulted in increased sales
  6. Developed and implemented return on investment report which has helped build value and retention in my territory
Feb 2005Apr 2007

Advertising Director

Maine Community Publications/Blethen Maine Newspapers
As Advertising Sales Director, it was my responsibility to develop, implement, and manage the company's advertising strategy, both from a business, sales and technical perspective. It was my job to develop budgets and projections for advertising. I spent time negotiating agreements with outside sales representatives. managing the development of sales materials, including media kits and other collaterals. Additionall I was responsible for managing 2 sales managers and 6 advertising sales representatives. My accomplishments included:
  1. Created continuity programs that immediately increased sales.
  2. Developed value-added advertising programs that resulted in 40% increase in annual sales
  3. Implemented account executive training program that resulted in higher sales volume and customer retention rate
Aug 2002Jan 2005

General Sales Manager

Global Directories, USA

It was my responsibility to hire, train, direct, and supervise the sales staff. I coordinated the operations of their sales department by establishing territories, goals, and quotas for their sales staff. I reviewed market data and analyses to help them to determine customer needs, sales volume potential, and pricing schedules to meet company goals.My accomplishments included:1. Managed, trained and mentored staff of 9 Account Executives2. Increased sales from previous year by 71% in a market with four competing telephone directories 3. Increased national account revenue by 92%4. Implemented sales strategy that resulted in 86% renewal5. Successfully positioned The Mid Coast Regional Yellow Pages as “The Community Directory” by partnering with the local Chambers of Commerce





Sales-Internet Advertising
I worked for one of the nations largest automotive marketing and advertising websites,  I was a top performer at and, in a D market, was the top sales person in the company.  Because of my vast experience in advertising, I have superior knowledge as it relates to other media types and the benefits each brings to a media mix that includes internet.
I understand all aspects of publication managment from concept development to distribution and circulation.  I am one of the few publishers that is proficient at all aspects of the business.  That is, if needed, I could take a publication from start to finish by myself.
Goal Setting and Accomplishment
I beleive effective goal setting and accomplishment is the single attribute that separates good sales people from great.  I set short, intermediate and long-term goals and I track the progress of each and adjust as necessary.  When I accomplish my goals, I reward myself.  In doing this it is paramount to write each goal down and set realistic expectations and deadlines regarding their accomplishment.  Additionally, I beleive that if a gaol is not met for one reason or another, one needs to reflect on why it wasn't and what can be done to prevent future goals not being accomplished.
Sales-Yellow Page Advertising
I was very well trained in the area of yellow-page advertising sales.  I found it to be one of the most enjoyable advertising venues that I have sold.  Utilizing the theory of the Cost of Lost Opportunity helped me excel and become the top sales producer for my company.
Relationship Building
I have the ability to build long-lasting relationships by positioning myself as a professional.  My vast knowledge base and genuine interest in their business helps me establish trust quickly and easily.  I believe people prefer dealing with professionals and I am a passionate sales, marketing and advertising professional.
Graphic Arts
I have the ability to do my own graphics and design work.  This has allowed me to design spec. ads for prospective clients quickly which in turn has helped me excel in print advertising sales.  I am comfortable using most popular graphic design software programs.
Sales Management
There are many sub-skills that go along with being an effective sales manager.  I believe I was a strong sales manager and advertising director because I possess the following skills: strong people skills. strong communication skills, both verbal and written. a sense of fairness in dealing with people and issues. consistency in behavior. the ability to control my emotions and keep them out of decision making and interactions with -others. the belief that employees are more important to mine and the company's success than I am. honesty. a willingness to seek input from employees and build consensus. open mindedness. flexiblity. a well controlled ego. self-confidence. I am a good listener.  the ability to be direct when needed without being abusive or offensive.  a sincere interest in people and their well being.  good perceptive/intuitive about other’s abilities.  a good understanding of what makes people tick.  maturity.  freely allow others to get credit for positive outcomes.  the understanding that hiring good people is critical to my success and I do not micromanage. the willingness to admit to my own shortcomings and mistakes and I do not feel a persistent need to be right.
Sales Training
I realized early in my management career that the key to success was providing the sales staff with the resources they needed to be successful.  Sales Training is one of the most important resources that a manager can provide to a sales department.  At Global Directories, USA I developed and implemented a weekly sales training program that allowed me to grow the revenue of the directory by over 71% from the previous year.  I utilized this same training program at Maine Community Publications, growing the revenue there by over 40%.
Sales-Direct Mail Advertising
I started my own direct-mail coupon magazine.  It was a 4-color glossy publication with micro-perferated pages that allowed the easy removal of the coupons.  I grew my distribution from 15,000 homes to over 120,000 homes in less than five years.
Sales-Cable Advertising
In the early 90s I worked for a company called VideoAds, Inc.  VideoAds represented five local cable companies and sold the local ad placements on CNN, TNT, ESPN and USA networks.  I broke company sales records after only 4 months of employment and continued to be their top sales person throughout my time there.
Sales-Radio Advertising
I started my career in radio.  I am familiar with various sales strategies used to sell the value of radio advertising including the Arbitron ratings system.
Prospecting is one of my greatest strengths.  I have the ability to find business where others can not.  I attribute the vast majority of my success, to date, to this skill.