My name is Dailyah Patt and, as a disabled Service Dog user myself,  with the education I have I have a unique skill set to offer the right company.  I am a hard worker and passionate about my work.  I'm hoping to secure a position with a disability related non-profit, preferably one where I can use my skills and connections involving the Assistance Dog Industry.  My primary areas of interest are client services, program management and development.  Please don't hesitate to email me at should you be interested in speaking further.

Thank you,

Dailyah Patt

Work History

Work History

Big Sister!

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Served as adult mentor, friend and advocate for an at-risk youth. Matched with the child (age 13) and have continued to be a part of that youth's life up through the present day.  My "Little Sibling" is now not so little and a very successful U.S. Navy Sailor who is about to detach from the Navy to begin college.  Though my "Little" is now 24 years old and the BB/BS Program officially ends when a child reaches age 18, having this individual in my life and having been able to be supportive through some very tough life events has (and continues to be) some of the most rewarding 'work' I've ever done.

Jan 2007 - Present

Canine and Feline Physical Therapist

Four on the Floor Canine Rehab
Feb 1998 - Present

Public Relations/Education/Dog Handler

Multiple Service Dog training facilities

I have been a public spokesperson for various agencies regarding all things Service Dog at venues of 1-1000+ attendees. (Presentations: Cruise Lines to Schools to Businesses)  Inherently, by being amongst the general population for so many years always accompanied by my highly-trained Service Dog(s) - often with an Assistance Puppy-In-Training along as well - I speak to the public and answer a wide-variety of questions about Assistance Dogs on an almost daily basis.  I am up-to-date on both State and Federal laws pertaining to Assistance Dogs, can easily direct individuals interested in getting involved with Assistance Dogs to Programs in their area and maintain a private list of 'go-to' contacts who are subject-matter experts in all areas relating to everything from the breeding/training/placement of Assistance Dogs to the history and research going on in the field to politics and marketing to attract new donors. If it relates to any aspect of an Assistance Dog, I can probably answer your question or get that answer for you quickly!

 I have whelped over 20 litters, fostered litters of kittens and puppies, raised 5 service dogs and been partnered with three dogs of my own.  I have gone through 2 training bootcamps with the aforementioned agencies. I currently work a Labarador named Manchac, from the Live Life With Alacrity Balance Dog Program, since losing my Kasten (discussed above) in June of 2010, while I await a successor service dog from ADI/BUCS who will be trained to meet more of my disability-related needs.

Purina Incredible Assistance dog Handler Champion with accompanying T.V. Special.  Testified to the DOJ on behalf of larger animals being acceptable for service work using miniature guide horses and Great Danes for examples.  Owned of one the Nation's Oldest Dogs - Knoopy - a 22+ year old miniature schnauzer, euthanized only recently for medical problems. Regularly interviewed for books, magazine and newspaper articles about Assistance Dogs.

2008 - 2009

Owner and Dog Trainer

Congenial Canine Dog Training

I and two partners unsuccessfully tried to start a business to train dogs and OWNERS (!) how to live together in harmony.  I believe in positive reinforcement and learning to 'think like a dog'.  My biggest goal was to keep animals in good homes and not the shelter. I attribute the business' failure to economic pressures, not to our skills, credentials or marketing tactics.*

*I began my schooling to get my Master's of Science Degree in Canine Life Sciences and Assistance Dog Education in February of 2009 and have now finished all of the lectures required for the degree with a G.P.A of 3.97.

Aug 1997 - Jul 2006

Veterinary Technician and Animal Behaviorist

Various Animal Shelters in the SF Bay Area

I've spent over 10 years volunteering in the intake and physical care of injured or abandoned animals of all species.  Also volunteered manning animal behavior help lines and taught basic obedience classes to help adopted animals stay in forever homes.



Master of Science (candidate)

Bergin University of Canine Studies

From Bergin University:

"The Master of Science (MS) degree program is designed to fuel students’ thirst for more development in the theoretical and applied studies of human-canine relationships, expand their awareness of issues and concepts, enhance problem-solving abilities, and promote appreciation for the subject matter from a more knowledgeable context. The program focuses on the dog’s usage and abilities to assist humans in differing capacities with the expectation that graduates will further evolve and develop this field. Students also study the human-dog relationship from legal, historical, and developmental points of view...

Program Description: MS in Canine Life Sciences

The mission of the Master’s degree program in Canine Life Science is to advance the competencies and expand the vision of post-baccalaureate canine professionals and enthusiasts with the expectation that as graduates they will further evolve and develop canine business and assistance dog roles, enjoy expanded job opportunities and mentor the relationship between humans and canines. Visionary, futuristic, discovery-based canine scholarship is juxtaposed against cutting-edge science-based academic educational offerings preparing the student to help shepherd in the dog’s future as they develop critical thinking skills, moral and ethical awareness, managerial competence, an international perspective and a momentum that will inspire them to contribute to the next rung in the human-canine evolutionary ladder.

The unique relationship between human and dog has exploded into a billion dollar business. The partnership of individuals with disabilities and assistance dogs has grown into a world-wide phenomenon. Each requires the expertise, the leadership abilities, the decision-making and problem-solving skills of these graduates to help guide it.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the University’s Master of Science in Canine Life Sciences degree program will have acquired the following learning, skills, and competencies:

  • Theoretical basis and practical application of human and canine learning theories, development, and behavior at a post-graduate level as applied to human-canine recreational, work and assistance dog activities;
  • Theoretical basis and practical application of human-canine relationships at a post-graduate level as applied to human-canine work, recreational and assistance dog activities;
  • Ability to compare and contrast human-canine behavior, development, learning, and physiology;
  • Use, design and implementation of research into canine subjects;
  • Awareness of the dog’s economic, psycho-social, physiological, therapeutic and educational viability in society;
  • Current and emerging theories and practice in canine health, well-being and management;
  • Theoretical, practical, and ethical issues regarding canine work, recreational and assistance dog activities;
  • Knowledge of the dog’s role in human development;
  • Current knowledge base and contemporary issues surrounding the canine’s role in human society;
  • Design and implementation of training programs for humans and canines."
Oct 1999 - Present

Public (ADI level) certification with "Kasten", "Dwezel" and "Manchac"

CCI, ID and Ranch Alacrity "boot camps"

Team training or "boot camp" is a two to three week intensive classes where a person with a disability (me, in this case) is matched with a new partner for service work (mobility), facility work, guide work or alert work (whether as a hearing alert dog or a medical condition alert dog).  All aspects of dog ownership, care, first aide and techniques to further train your new dog are covered.  Teams are granted public access with their dog in all public places provided they pass the industry's self-imposed access exam.

Aug 1995 - Aug 1997

B.S. Biology

The Ohio State University



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