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Career Goals & what I bring

In this day and age it is vital to be "Multi-Skilled' and "Multi-Talented" with a diverse international management background in business & economics as well as having an international background of work experience and other fields and be highly detailed in execution that is sound and well grounded.  This is what I bring to the table...I was always told, "to never be skilled in one field but be skilled in many". I have graduated from 3 Corporate and Micro economic fields and my skills have been tested a lot in my career. In my years as a professional I have more diverse skills than and average corporate professional. I know what works and what does not...The world as we know it, is changing at a "hyper speed" pace in all areas of business and one needs to be like a "chameleon"and be ready to change ones colors to adapt to new environments within the business landscapes. Other wise your business dies... I provide the highest level of professionalism with detailed execution in all areas. Skills, which mold my persona into diverse abilities which in turn creates strong leadership. My desire is only to succeed where others fail. I am hands on always and a solid team player.

                               I want only to be in an environment that will use my skills and strength's and creativity that will  make a difference in all aspects in all areas I am employed in. I provide strong leadership and loyalty in all facets. If this is what you are looking I am. Life's challenges are endless and new ones come up always. It is the "sole" individual who can ride these challenges with maturity and experience and professionalism into new frontiers...and take on any adversities that come along... This is what I live for...

Work experience

Shamwari Conservancy; South Africa

Jul 2014Oct 2014

Researcher/ Conservator ;

Researcher/conservator on ecological environment of wild life habitats and "green zones"; and poor areas of maintenance of wild life preserves. To re-establish wild life into deserted zones

Wild Life Conservancy; Based Cape Town, South Africa

Jun 2014Oct 2014

Field Researcher/ Analyst ;

Field researcher of studies and evaluations on growth habitat/Indigenous and non indigenous plant species and the effects of harmful plants to browser/grazer species groups and surrounding habitats that affect other animals.

SEEFF Realty; Cape Town, South Africa

May 2012Aug 2012

Intern Estate Agent with SEEFF realty;

Internship with SEEFF realty to be an estate agent. Study techniques/research properties/real estate laws/and work with new clients. Learn home inspections and the value of them.

Blade Runner Fin Company; Bali, Indonesia

Jan 2006Apr 2012

Vice President/Director of Operations & Design ;

Vice President and Director of Operations and Design of sail boat keels and surfboard fins.  Managed 30 staff/Design/run logistics/Marketing/Payroll/Sales trips---etc.

Jakarta Japanese school; Jakarta, Indonesia

Sep 2001Mar 2004

English Department Manager ;

Manage entire English department/write school curriculum for English for 1,200 Japanese student faculty/school logistics/follow up meetings with other International schools in Jakarta & PTA.

El Conquistador Resort Hotel; Puerto Rico

Mar 1999Aug 2001

General Manager of Villas & Operations Director ;

Oversaw all Villa operations for 45 guest villas; attended to VIP's; Trained new staff; Maintained budgetary controls; attained projected targets per season; Maintained tropical environment around all villas; Developed new marketing concepts and developed financial & operational business plans that target the resorts overall concepts; Managed 75 staff.

Westin Rio Mar Beach Hotel; Puerto Rico

Oct 1997Mar 1999

General Manager of Villas & Health club Manager ;

General manager of Guest Villas and Health club; Hands on in all aspects; Maintained logistics in the Health club; planned general operations month to month; attained all targets set; trained new staff; Budgetary controls for health club, maintenance, out sourcing for staff; attained to VIP's; oversaw private room butlers & masseuse's for guests; submit monthly reports; oversaw 47 staff.

United Parcel Service/Oregon/California

Nov 1995Dec 1997

Shift Manager at UPS ;

Over saw a 12 man crew/Function: to unload parcel trucks in a limited time frame/sort parcels to their proper destinations/check parcels to see if they met safety standards from clients (ex.;hazardous materials,firearms etc.)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Kobe, Japan

Feb 1985Nov 1995

Contract Corporate Negotiator & Translator :

Outside contracted by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Ship Building sector). My Function was to break down the contents of contracts for international clients doing business with Mitsubishi: Further, to transcribe contracts to designated clients home language and do translation work as well. But...I was also allowed to freelance with other companies. (ex. NEC, Komatsu, Kintetsu and others)


University of York/Business school(On-line education)York, England

Jun 2014Present

 Temporarily on hold---

Studying for "Doctorate in Macroeconomics"/ Had to put on hold until return to South Africa/ Only started the First quarter.

Wild Life Campus/Sandton,South Africa

May 2014Jul 2014

2 Formal Degree's

Wild Life Management/ Game Lodge Management & Economics

Degree 1. Wild Management and how to manage Wild Life preserves and the varied species of wild life in Africa. Geology/Biomes of South Africa/Animal behaviour ; ethology/ rotating wild life to different locations;  Boma use and applications/Indigenous plants and flowers of South Africa/Lowveld-highveld management/  etc.

Degree 2. Game Lodge Management & Economics/ The running  of all aspects and operations of a Game lodge and the economics  various operations in order to generate strong revenues in a "Green eco tourism"culture. And studies of the "Big 5" and areas of habitat.

Peter Drucker School of Business (E-module learning) Claremont, California

Apr 2006Sep 2008

Certificate of Diploma of Business Management

 Executive Management and general management and economics and their applications.

Oregon Coast Community College, Newport, Oregon

Aug 1998Jun 1999

Certificate of Diploma in Marine Biology (AS)

AS degree in Marine Biology, ecosystems, coral habit, mammals, aquatic species, microscopic ecosystems/ coastal erosion/ destruction of marine species/ migrations/ and solutions.

SST Azumano Travel school

Jan 1998Oct 1998

Non degree studies

Trained in the travel industry/ticketing/reservations/Ocean Cruises/Office operations etc.

Professional Development Program/Corporate Training(Honda Motor Company)Nagoya,Japan

Apr 1991Oct 1993

Corporate Training & Management Degree from Honda Motor Corporation; Japan

Corporate Training and Management that follows the running of large corporate systems that flows within all sectors of all corporations. Follows Japanese corporate systems and executions.

Professional Corporate Development Program/"Intensive Applications"- (Sony Electronics Company) Osaka,Japan

Feb 1990Oct 1992

Corporate Management and Training Degree from Sony Electronics Corporation; Japan

Corporate Management and Development running large corporations in all sectors. Executing "intensive applications"; in development of products and of R&D. Hands on running of various sectors of Sony.

U.C.L.A Extension Program, Los Angeles, California

Feb 1987Sep 1987

Teaching Degree  ESL/ English as a 2nd Language

Teaching degree to teach English as a 2nd language in non English speaking countries. 

Shimonoseki City College, Shimonoseki,Japan

Sep 1984Mar 1986

Bi-Cultural Degree in Japanese history/ language

Study of Japanese/reading writing/speaking---History of Japan /customs /culture.

Long Beach State University, Long Beach,California

Aug 1976May 1979

BA degree in World History/Asian History (specialist)

World history and Asian history (specialist).

El Camino City College, Torrance, California

Aug 1975May 1976

Basic Studies

Human Anatomy/Medical sciences/Science/Philosophy.


Wild Life Campus

Aug 2014

Wild Life Management Degree

Wild Life management in all aspects/checking and evaluating Veld conditions/ Wild life migrations/ Bomas /Animal transporting and health habitats/ breeding, others etc.

Wild Life Campus

Jul 2014

Game Lodge Management and Economics Degree

 In Game Lodge Management and the running of a Game Lodges in all aspects in South Africa and other African countries/also Eco-Tourism.

Oregon Coast Community College

Jun 1999

AS Degree in Marine Biology

Associate Science degree in Marine Biology

Honda Motor Corporation,Japan

Oct 1993

Professional Corporate Management Degree

Corporate Management & Training degree

Terushige Shiokawa

Sep 1993

Jodo/ Muso ryu Jo- Teaching Degree

Jodo (Japanese classical stick fighting with short staff) Teacher/ 4th degree Black belt.

Terushige Shiokawa

Aug 1993

Mugai Ryu Iaijutsu Teaching Degree

Mugai Ryu Iaijutsu (sword art); Kyoshi (means "teacher") 6th degree Black belt

Sony Electronics Corporation,Japan

Sep 1992

Professional Development Degree

Corporate Management & Develpoment degree

Terushige Shiokawa

Jun 1992

Shito ryu Karatedo Teaching Degree

Teacher of Shito ryu Karate/ 5th degree Black belt

U.C.L.A Extension Program

Jun 1987

ESL Teachers Certificate

Teaching English as a 2nd language to non-English speaking countries.

Long Beach State University

Jun 1979

BA degree in World History/Asian History

Bachelor Arts degree/World History/Asian History


Wild Life Tracker/ Yukon Territories, Canada

Experience in Wild life tracking in the tourism industry/ Yukon territories,Canada

Specialist in R&D implementions

Understanding in creating new generation products and implementation of said products/ excellent sense of timing on when to market and introduce new products.

Operations Director

Experience in Industrial fabrications and design. Logistics, evaluations etc.

Bi-lingual skills

Bi-lingual skills in the following languages; Japanese / level - fluent; Spanish / level - fluent; Swahili / level- intermediate; / Italian / level - intermediate; Afrikaans / level- beginner; Mandarin/Chinese / level - intermediate/beginner....

Real Estate experience

Formerly worked for Century 21 real estate in the U.S. / SEEFF realty in Bellville as an Intern.

U.S. Forest Service/GS5

GS5 rating from the U.S. Forest Service/pack horses/4x4 driving/small arms.

Computer literate

Excellent computer skills/ Word/Power Point /Excel /Orion /365 Business / Booking XE / Various security programs & business apps. Mid-level at programming.

Hotel Resort Management

Management experience in 4 & 5 start resort hotels/Villa management/ &Health culbs

25+years of Management experience/International

Solid International management experience in various sectors of business in Asia and US/Caribbean.

Former UNESCO teacher and researcher

Skill in translating Japanese ancient text/ teaching English in Japan and other countries.

International contract Negotiator for Japanese Corporations

Highly skilled in contract negotiations within the heavy industries sector/ strong foundations in International contract law and a strong communicator with excellent people skills. Ability to make things happen.