An accomplished Research Specialist with over eighteen years of research, managerial and supervisory experience in a Microbiology/Immunology laboratory. A professional PRN Staff Nurse with over eight  years of experience on a medical- surgical floor at Piedmont hospital.  Looking to utilize  my extensive research and nursing experience  in a public health career.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 1991 - Present

Research Specialist Lead, Supervisor

Emory University

Lab Manager/Research Assistant Lead

  • Central administrative resource for all lab personnel within the department at three research facilities-Claudia Nance Rollins, and Dental Buildings
  • Oversee the maintenance and routine processes of the lab-sterilization, preparation of media/solutions.
  • Manage and monitor ordering of supplies and equipment, prepare budgets records and invoices.
  • Recommends new equipment and supplies needed for specialized procedures and improve the quality of results. 
  • Assist in grant and other funding application preparation. • Lead safety drills to train students and staff of potential issues. 
  • Supervise and train lab assistants and students in basic lab routines.
  • Train post-doctoral fellows and serves as a technical resource in research protocols. 
  • Trained and certified to ship Infectious Agents and Biological materials.
  • Environmental Safety and Radiation Safety Officer liaison for the lab.
  • Monitor the handling, storage and disposal of radioactive materials in the lab. 
  • Periodically attend educational programs and workshops within the university to further professional career development.

Oct 2007 - Present

Staff Nurse, PRN

Piedmont Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Provide direct post surgical nursing care for 5-6 adult inpatients with abdominal, colon, thyroid surgeries. 
  • Safely administer oral, intramuscular and subcutaneous medications.
  • Educate patients and their families on disease processes, medical-surgical procedures and other aspects of therapeutic regimens, including medication and pain management techniques. 
  • Collaborate effectively with an interdisciplinary team of medical and health care professionals comprised of a physician, nurse manager, dietician, social worker, case manager, and physical therapist.
  • Provide a broad range of general nursing care services in areas of vital signs, foley catheters, feeding tubes, IV and central lines.
  • Review computerized laboratory test results following post dialysis, colonoscopies, ERCP, and surgeries.
  • Prioritize and delegate assignments, contributing to a higher standard of patient care.
  • Precept staff nurses in areas of patient care, policies, and procedures with demonstrated leadership skills. 
  • Perform charge nurse duties;  including staffing, admissions, discharges and coordination of activities in a patient care area.




Jun 2007 - Present

(Georgia) Registered Nurse License RN# 190858

Jul 2015 - Jul 2016

Certified Laboratory Biological and Infectious Agents  Shipper

Feb 2014 - Feb 2016

Certified BLS-CPR


Board Member -Secretary  (1998-Present)

Joshua International Ministries

Non-profit organization that provides education and medical assistance to the children of Sierra, Leone, Africa

Community Services

Sanctuary Nurse  (2008-Present)

World Changes Church International, College Park, Georgia

Provide on-call medical attention to anyone present in the sanctuary during church services. Participate in various church health fairs for blood glucose and pressure checks.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Ye L, Bu Z, Vzorov A, Taylor D, Compans RW, Yang C. (2004). Surface stability and immunogenicity of the human immunodeficiency virus envelope glycoprotein: role of the cytoplasmic domain. Journal of Virology, 78(24), 13409-13419.

Bu Z, Ye L, Vzorov A, Taylor D, Compans RW, Yang C. (2004). Enhancement of immunogenicity of an HIV Env DNA vaccine by mutation of the Tyr-based endocytosis motif in the cytoplasmic domain. Virology. 328(1), 62-73.

EMPH course presentations

Arneson, K., Bell, C., Nair., S.,  & Williams, D. (April 11, 2015). Electronic Cigarette Poster Presentation. Fundamentals of Epidemiology Course. Atlanta, GA.

Cahill, E., Hunt-Hawkins, H., Richards, V., Williams, D. (April 11, 2015). Attitudes Toward Childhood Vaccinations. Questionnaire and Design Analysis Course. Atlanta, GA.

Ayantunji, R., and Williams, D. (July 26, 2014). Aluminum Exposure Risk in Antiperspirations and Deodorants. Perspectives in Environment Health Course. Atlanta, GA.

Williams, D. (November 15, 2013). Mandatory Reporting of Registered Nurses (RNs) to the Georgia Board of Nursing Who Violate the Nurse Practice Act. Introduction to US Health Care System Course. Atlanta, GA.



Richard Compans  PHD (Superior) 


Microbiology and Immunology Department


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Ioanna Skountzou MD, PHD (Superior)

Assistant Professor

Microbiology/Immunology Department


[email protected]

Nicole Brock  PHD (Colleague)

Post Doctoral Fellow



[email protected]

Kurt Kless  RN, BSN (Superior)

Nurse Manager

Unit 5 South-Piedmont Hospital


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