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Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Regional Manager

Freight Handlers Inc
  • Responsible for operations and merchandisers (70) within 400 grocery stores with a sales volume in access of $1,000,000.

  • Involved in the Atlanta market expansion launching into over 470 grocery stores with the responsibility of hiring over 70 merchandisers to support the growth.

  • Maintain weekly communication with all customers to ensure FHI performs the highest quality service.

  • Resolve health, safety, legal and security issues, along with customer service issues on a weekly basis.

  • Review financial budget statements to reduce operating cost within the market on a monthly basis. Reduced operating expenses 16% in 2010.

  • Maximize sales by promoting the highest standard of customer care and recognizing potential development and maintaining a 99.6% customer satisfaction rating.

Jul 2005Sep 2006

Security Specialist / Investigator

Washington Mutual Bank
  • Investigated internal and external crimes/losses against Washington Mutual banks with a 74% prevention and recovery rate.

  • Reviewed loss reports; analyzed account transactions and history to identify reasons for losses.

  • Provided on-site training, ensuring awareness and understanding, of bank and regulatory required security and fraud policies and procedures for Financial Institutions.

  • Provided support to the construction process; reviewing site blueprints, acting as liaison for security vendors, attended construction meetings and conducting site security certifications.

  • Made recommendations based on the assessed risk and need for upgrades to equipment or protection devices, to ensure the security of bank employees, customers and assets.

Jan 1999Jul 2005

Corporate Investigations Manager

TCF National Bank
  •  Conducted internal and external fraud investigations in an effort to stop and reduce losses incurred by the bank as a result of mortgage or retail fraud with an internal confession rate of 90 percent.
  • Maintained database for security incident reports and investigations.

  • Conducted security site surveys of new branches and prepared written proposals on correcting deficiencies.

  • Trained new employees on banking security equipment.

Jan 1994Dec 1998

District Manager

Subway Corporation
  • Recruited to assist franchisees operate their establishments to company standards.

  • Conducted monthly reviews with each franchisee.

  • Trained new franchisees entering the Subway business.

  • Reviewed P & L's to ensure franchisees are maximizing profits

  • Successfully increased sales within the territory by 13 percent.

Aug 1986Dec 1993

Store Owner

White Hen Pantry
  • Operated successful 24-hour retail convenience store with sales in excess of $878,000.00 per year, with an additional $160.000.00 Lotto sales per year.
  • Increased sales from $468,000.00 to $878,000.00.


Regional Manager with a successful track record in retail, having owned my own business for 8 years. My management skills include: Multi Unit, Multi Market, P & L forecasting, budgeting, training, and team development with a focus on customer satisfaction. Known for proactively identifying/analyzing the business environment to discover differential sales advantages that can be leveraged to the team's benefit. Visionary and passionate team leader with strong work ethic and commitment to coaching that focuses on recognizing and leveraging individual contributors strength.


Testimonials (associates and co-associates)

March 5 2012

ØI have known Clarence for over five years, during which time he worked for me as a District Manager to his most recent role as Regional Manager of Operations. I have been consistently impressed with Clarence’s attitude and productivity during his employment. He has always shown a sense of urgency, commitment and dedication in everything he does. His work ethic and performance is unparalleled to any associate I have ever had. Clarence and I have had a great working relationship but more importantly, I have come to call Clarence one of my dearest friends.

I recommend Clarence without reservations. I am confident that he will establish productive relationships with your company. Please let me know if you need any other information regarding Clarence.


Steve West

Director of Operations

Freight Handlers, Inc.


[email protected]


March 9, 2012

ØClarence is an exceptional leader with a solid skill set that would provide any organization with an advantage in the market place. His ability to manage high stress environments while providing mature and stable leadership for his team is exemplary. Clarence has shown a strong customer service acumen through timely communications and relationship building. I strongly recommend Clarence in any role requiring critical thinking and process management that also necessitates the ability to inspire a team.

Jeff Newton

Senior Vice President

FHI Retail Division



March 5 2012

ØI have had the pleasure of working alongside Clarence Olson for a year and a half. In this short time he has demonstrated an exceptional level of leadership in all aspects of a Regional Managers responsibility. His level of dedication to his associates, customer base, fellow colleagues and loyalty to his employer make him a valued asset to any organization.

Thank you,

Rob Blanton

District Manager

FHI Retail Services

(863)944-3634 Cell


March 5, 2012

ØI have, over the past year, had the privilege to work with and for Clarence Olsen.I report directly to Clarence in his role as Regional Manager with FHI.I came to FHI initially to fill my spare time, and to stay active in the business world.While FHI has been a totally foreign undertaking compared to my previous business experiences.I wanted to see another side of commerce, and FHI has certainly allowed that.

After being on board for a few months, I realized I had made a mistake. I was a week away from leaving, when FHI gave the regional duties to Clarence.

Since that time, the region has gone from a very loose business model to a results oriented operation. With an open door policy that gives each member a feeling of“ownership”, I have not only experienced the managerial change Clarence brought to the region personally, I have seen team members actually take initiative in decision making in the field, a process taught and encouraged by Clarence. The changes Clarence has brought about have resulted in the region’s growth both within the corporation and more importantly within the customer base and their satisfaction of services rendered.

Clarence has accomplished a great deal for this region, all the while, dealing with daily issues (delivery cancellations, schedule changes on the fly, and other pesky issues), that would make most managers not only lose their composure, but lose sight of the ultimate objective- Getting The Job Done!

Clarence Olsen is level headed, compassionate and innovative leader.His next company will be very fortunate the day he accepts their employment offer.

Larry C. Campbell

[email protected]


March 6 2012

ØI have worked closely with Clarence Olson for the last 4 years.He has been my District Manager then my Regional Manager after a well deserved promotion.Unfortunately for all of us employed by FHI Retail Services, the company made a tough decision to end our service due to being unprofitable.We did create strong relationships with our customers due to our quality services.We could not have done this without strong leadership from Clarence.Clarence was the back bone of the Greenville, SC area as well as Georgia areas.

I climbed the ladder with FHI Retail Services thanks to Clarence. I have always been a hard worker and taken pride in my work. Clarence took the time to teach me and the rest of his team to be more than what we thought we could be. He not only informed us when we needed to pick up and improve our services but also when we did well. This means a lot to any employee or human being.

I can honestly say that I am a better person and employee thanks to Clarence.


Amie Ruzek



March 6, 2012

ØI worked with Clarence Olson for five years now and I can say he is very knowledgeable on what he does.He approaches every challenge with a lot of enthusiasm and is eager to get the job done the right way and the best way possible.He is always aware of the importance of providing good service to customers as well as providing the best possible opportunities for all our associates.Some of our associates have thrived during his leadership enabling them to be a better person and a better employee. You can always count on Clarence to cover for you and is an example of Team work, always there to support you.He will be a very good asset for whoever gives him the opportunity to serve.

Thank you,

Maria A. Weeks

Retail Services Assistant Administrator

Phone: 919-552-3157 Ext. 322

[email protected]


March 6, 2012

ØClarence is the ultimate management professional.His knowledge, expertise, and advice were beyond expectations.  Clarence was very instrumental in taking over managing the Atlanta, Ga. Division of FHI while already managing the South Carolina Market.Clarence always demonstrated an innovative, results-oriented approach to his duties and responsibilities.  He is an experienced management professional who balances the needs of the business with the interests of the employees.  He was always willing to step in and provide a different perspective, which always led to better decision making.Clarence is always committed to his job and to his employees.I was extremely impressed with how much Clarence cared for the well being of his employees.His tenacity in dealing with multiple vendors, and Clarence's focus on obtaining the best cost structure for the company and employees was remarkable.Clarence is a dedicated, hardworking individual and I would love to work for Clarence again.

Jeff Smejkal


Testimonials (customers)

March 6 2012

ØI have had the pleasure of working with Clarence Olsen for going on 4 years.In a quest to lower my merchandising cost, he was able to save our company more than 60% of what we had been paying.With a strong work ethic, great people and problem solving skills was able to keep my customers happy and myself happy with our needs.Hi is always willing to go the extra mile for a customer.A trait not seen a lot nowadays.Clarence is the type of person that will make a difference at anything he decides to do tackle.

Best regards,

Ole Mexican Foods

Picky Price

Division Manager


Charlotte, NC


March 6 2012,

ØIt has been my pleasure to have worked with Clarence Olson for the past year in the partnership between Freight Handlers and Mayfield Dairy Farms.During this time, Clarence has gone above and beyond the normal duties in maintaining communications between him and me.He has always conducted himself in a professional manner, and has always represented his company favorably.

On a few occasions where issues have arisen due to the nature of both our businesses, Clarence has never failed to respond to each individual issue and worked out a resolution each time to our mutual benefit.The timeliness of his responses has been a huge help to me and my daily operations.He has been a proponent of customer service by his actions.

I am glad to have worked with Clarence over the past year.Managing people who are performing their daily duties at many different physical locations has its own unique set of challenges, and I feel that Clarence has handled challenges very well.He is an asset to any company that values clear communications and timely actions.


Gary C Duncan

Mayfield Dairy Farms



March 7 2012,

ØTo whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to express Sara Lee’s regret of losing Clarence Olson as a valued partner in the Upstate SC Market.Clarence brought FHI Retail Services to Sara lee around 5 years ago with a Partnership Vision with helping us service our valued customers on the days our Sara Lee Team was off.Over the past 5 years, this partnership grew favorably due to Clarence and his commitment to Customer Service and Teamwork!.Clarence truly takes pride in his part of providing customer service and meeting his client’s needs.

Clarence would be an asset to anyone’s team.

Please feel free to call me directly with any questions you may have.


Michael Clapp

Sales Manager

Sara Lee Bakeries

Upstate, SC




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