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Dae Hee Eom

Dae Hee Eom

Strategic Planner/Management


Logical and flexible person who worked for sales management +6 months that produced a double sales with cutomzied service.  Creative and innovative person who did start-up business for a quater that delivers promising and profitable results with published books. Analytical and motivated person who achieved cost reduction around 20% of the total costs and organzational innovation to improve communication-line and working environment.  

Core Competencies

Strategic Planning / Operational Management / Pocurement & Inventory Control / Market research /

Budgeting & Cost reduction / Trading & Contracting / Convention Planning & Public Relations / Customized Service & Mind

Work experience

Work experience

Management Directing Assistant

Jan 2015 - Jun 2015
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.,
  • Acknowledged quality technical terms and understood quality certification process in order to improve work process.
  • Translated and examined contracts, agreements, manuals in order to cut costs.
  • Analyzed VOC aiming to improve competitiveness by maximizing customer satisfactions with the highest quality of products.
  • Monitored and  recognized each on-site personnel performance and working conditions  in order to improve production process
  • Published  divisional journals for twice a month in order to promote awareness of quality control by informing good practices and master craftsman.
  • Examined and delivered quality verification documents with products. 
  • Prepared and maintained quality manuals and specifications in order to assist qulity assurance audit.
  • Standardized and formulated business policy and duties in order to create a competitive business environment.
  • Contributed efficient control of quality managmenet doing to systematize technology team's document and company administration operation documents with the use of SAP, ERP, Ms-word, Excel.

Public Relations of company(Overseas)

Mar 2014 - Dec 2014
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.,
  • Planed a monthly magazine articies targeted to foreingers with wide range of nations.
  • Made bugeting plan in order to run efficiently.
  • Distributed and supervised each task and progress.
  • Encouraged each personnel and inspired cooperative mind in order to improve organizational system and organizational development.
  • Set up private arrangement in order to promote each relationship.
  • Traveled some places with foreingers and interviewed them in order to  make alive experience note.
  • Communicated frequently and activiely among teammates and executives in order to satisfy their needs and improve working environment.

Sales Assistant

Jun 2012 - Dec 2012
HHI foreigners' compound clubhouse(pub & restaurant)
  • Provided beverages and meals with the highest customized service.
  • Calculated bill charges and balance check as a cashier.
  • Managed a wide range of parties like reservation, equipment rental, catering.
  • Maintained residential environemnt in order to promote a pleasant residential environment.
  • Checked and reported stocks or inventories conditions and numbers in order to keep freshness and fill them up.
  • Ordered and purchased a lists of articles that are necessary for operation or parties.
  •  Managed and analyzed sales figures in order to improve customer satisfaction and understand the client’s expectations.

Extra Activities

  • KNDA undergraduates workshop

Learned international relationships and issues geopolitically

Visited National Institute of Foreign Affairs

Participated in Model UN conference as the third sector

  • ENVEX2014 as an interpreter(English)

VIP protocol activities(Canadian Ambassador to Korea)

Site Tour for participants(Malaysian, Nigerian)

Business meeting(Each companies)

  • Entrepreneurial activities(English guidebook for Ulsan citizens)

Won the second prize of 2014 Start-up ideas with grants of two million won.

Analyzed SWOT, population, budgeting, staffing for evaluating business feasibility

Distributed each task and supervised entire progress

Contrated with Design company for publishing



Communication skills

Be able to communicate clearly and precisely in both writing and speaking. And  also be able to listen well and make smooth conversation envrionment.

Interpersonal skills

Be able to work with managers and other employees of the organizations to achieve the organization’s goals and make good relationship.

Problem-solving skills

Be able to understand the clients' problems or organizational problems and propose appropriate solutions. And then think creatively to solve them.

Time-management skills

Be able to use time efficiently to complete projects on time under tight deadlines.

Analytical skills

Be able to interpret a wide range of information and use their findings to make proposals.



Bachelor's degree

Mar 2012 - Feb 2016
University of Ulsan

Major : Public Administration & Enlish

  • Analysis of Administrative System(SPSS)
  • Introdunction to Law(Consititutional law, Civil law, Criminal law, Commercial law, Legal procedure law)
  • Pratice of Global Marketing
  • The Report Preparation and Presentation
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Economics
  • Global Trade Training
  • Theory of Public Management
  • Theory of Government Regulation
  • Introduction to Public Administration 
  • Science and Technology Policy

Student Exchange Program(Canada)

Sep 2013 - Dec 2013
University of Lethbridge

Major : English as a second language

  • Training English language skills and taking wide range of courses concerned with major
  • Organizing and operating Korea booth in International Week for sharing various culture

Overseas Language Training(Philippines)

Jun 2013 - Jul 2013
Bulacan State of University Langugage Center

Major : English as a second language

  • Improving English language skills like speaking, writing, reading, and listening



Trade English(Level 2)

Jun 2014 - Present
Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Understanding and using Trade English terms

ITT Business Translation(Level 2)

Jul 2015 - Present
The Committee of ITT

Interpreting and translating Business English

Financial accounting management(Level 2)

Aug 2015 - Present
Korea Career Development Institute

Preparing financial statements and analylzing enterprise management conditions

Computer Application Ability(Level 1)

Sep 2015 - Present
Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Using Ms-Excel and Ms-Access professionally

International Trade

Aug 2015 - Present
Korea International Trade Association

Understanding the law of international trade, trading payment, trading contracts, trading terms 


Aug 2014 - Aug 2016

Using English well in listening and reading

Word Processor(Level 2)

Oct 2005 - Present
Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Using HWP software well


Mar 2014 - Mar 2016

Using English well in speaking

OPIC English(Intermediate High)

May 2015 - May 2017

Using English well in speaking