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Hello, I'm david simpson. I'm 39, a father of two kids, and have been married to my wonderful wife for 15years. I am a hard worker, dedicated worker, I try to do my job to the best of my abilities and a real team player.I did server in the military(navy) for two years beginning of 1990 to end of 1991.                                                                                                             I have a class B CDL and have been driving for ten years. I have experience with a forklift and a bobcat and I have experiences with different things like some plumbing,electrical,& carpentry that i had learned on my own. I hope that you feel that I would make a valuable part of your team.

I thank you for taking the time to look at my resume

Work experience

Oct 2006Mar 2009

lawn tech

Drive to customers homes. Inspect there lawns and apply the product needed. I would either spray the lawn or put down a granular fertilizer. Then any other problem the lawn would have,I would take care of it. Like fungus and lawn damaging insects. Fill out customers paperwork and keep track of inventory on truck. Load the truck at the end of day.

Apr 2004Oct 2006


I was a delivery driver. I supplied customers with bottle water and softener salt for there water softener systems. I counted in and out the product that was on my truck. I loaded and unloaded my truck. I operated the forklift.

May 2003Apr 2004

appliance installer

Bailey Ind.

I loaded the truck,took inventory as the truck was being loaded. Installed appliances in homes.


drywall delivery

Drove tuck. Deliver drywall and distribute the load through out the house or business.I ran forklift,bobcat,and forklift boom on truck.



I learned to stick weld and mig weld

Aug 1985Jun 1989


Dunnellon high school


I can weld stick and mig steel and mig aluminum.
The only job listed that i did not run a forklift was scotts. At one time i was osha certified.
Every job I have listed has a couple of things in common driver/delivery is one of them. I have a class B CDL. I feel that i have very good knowledge in this field.