Donna Crider, legal nurse, BSN

Donna Crider, legal nurse, BSN

2014 President of the SC chapter of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants

Professional Summary

 My medical services in today's business world can directly benefit your company with my detailed nursing experiences as a critical thinking nurse (ICU), as well as, an analytical, investigative Infection Control nurse. My history of constant, continuing education shows my dedication to the acquiring of further knowledge and my love of learning. Being a Cerner instructor for the staff at the Regional Medical center has enabled me to become extremely proficient in reviewing of the electronic medical record and pinpointing areas that are lacking.These skills coupled with my additional, advanced training as a legal nurse consultant will make me one of your most skilled and thorough team players.

Benefits of having a legal nurse in your corner....

Having a legal nurse consultant in your corner helps you avoid wasting precious resources pursuing incorrect theories, helps you focus in on critical information from discovery, helps you understand complex medical issues...I can be an asset in all phases of your cases where injury has occurred. Medical record analysis is a job best done by a legal nurse consultant.

So what is in it for you? I will tell you...
• A legal nurse consultant can develop a more detailed chronology of events.

• A legal nurse consultant will be able to analyze what is apparent but also recognize the missing or tampering documentation often missed by non-medical people.

• A legal nurse consultant can improve your case by helping you focus on the real problem areas.

So why do you need me, a legal nurse, when you have a paralegal or already use a physician?

• Paralegals possess a wealth of legal knowledge and some medical knowledge. A Legal nurse consultant has years of experience in the medical field that cannot be duplicated by reading medical information.

• Physicians are great at being the medical team leader but fall short on the knowledge of what is involved in the daily care of patients. You need a registered nurse who has the intimate knowledge of all aspects of patient care. This professional can more readily recognize deviations to standards of care.

• From a financial consideration, nurses are less expensive than physicians are.

So.. A legal nurse consultant can build a better chronology, generate a better work product, and help you improve your knowledge of the case specifics.

Work experience

Work experience

Prior to getting into the medical field my work experience has been in Accounting as a  Men and Boys bookkeeper, Accounts Payable clerk, Junior Accountant and then finally a General Accountant for a large tool company.

2011 - Present


DAC Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC

DAC Legal Nurse Consulting is a nurse owned and operated consulting firm that specializes in medical record analysis for legal and insurance companies.

2001 - 2010

Infection Control Practitioner

the Regional Medical Center
Positions ·Infection Control Practitioner ·Admissions Nurse ·ICU nurse
1999 - 2000

Director of Nursing

Orangeburg County Disabilities and Special Needs Board

Managed a staff of 8 nurses and provided medical support to 24 residential homes for physically and mentally disabled persons. Revised and updated policies and procedures, monthly medication reconciliations, month psychotropic drug reviews, daily lab review and follow-ups, and provided medical training and teaching as needed.

1996 - 1999

ICU nurse

the Regional Medical Center

Managed and provide skilled nursing care for post-surgical and ventilator patients often hemodynamically unstable.

1995 - 1996

Home health nurse

Olsten Home Health

Provided skill nursing care for home bound clients while acting as a liaison between the clients and their primary health care physician. Skills provided: IV therapy, medication teaching, skin care modalities and teaching, nutritional teaching, central line care and management.

1989 - 1995

Supervision/ RN

Bamberg County Memorial Hospital
  • First position was in the lab as an unlicensed lab tech.
  • Next position was as a certified laboratory lab tech after completing an Associate Degree and obtaining certification by ASCP.
  • Next position was in the operating and recovery rooms as a registered nurse after completing an Associate Degree in Nursing.
  • Next postion was a floor nurse working in L&D, emergency room, close observation and medical surgical.
  • Last position was every other weekend Nursing Baylor supervision charge nurse.


  • TRMC Blood Assurance Program
  • American Red Cross
  • IAALNI International and American Association of the Legal Nurse Industry
  • American Nurses Association
  • South Carolina Nurses Association
  • Worldwide Leaders in HealthCare
  • American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants


Sep 2012 - Jan 2013

University of Florida

Completion of Medicare Set-Aside training course

Completion of Risk Management training course

Completion of Forensic Nursing course

2007 - 2008


USC Upstate

Cumulative grade point: 3.766

1992 - 1994


Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College

Phi Theta Kappa

Who's Who in America

Mentor Award

1988 - 1991


Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College

President's List

Phi Theta Kappa

Who's Who in America


1994 - Present

American Society of Clinical Pathologists

2010 - 2011

Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant

LNI Institute



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