Physically dexterous, self-motivated assembly worker with10 and half years’ experience in building devices and assembling products per written protocols and approved deviations. Resourceful and creative individual who has deep insight of producing components by assembling parts and subassemblies. Special talent for resolving assembly problems by altering components to meet set specifications.



jan. 2015 - présent
École Polymécanique de Laval

Mécanique industrielle de construction et d’entretien

juin 2011 - fév. 2013
ics canada 

Aircraft Mechanics

jan. 2008 - mai 2010
Ecole Nationale D'Aérotechnique 

Éléments de réparation de structures d'aéronefs

août 2004 - mar. 2005
école des métiers  d'aérospatiales 

aircraft structures assembly

Expériences professionnelles

Expériences professionnelles

Structures assembler

mai 2005 - mar. 2016

Align, fit, assemble, connect or install system components, using jigs, fixtures, measuring instruments, hand tools, or power tools.

Perform composite component fabrication and repair.

Assemble and fit aircraft structural parts.

Rivet and derivet aircraft structural parts.

Perform a subassembly.

Read and interpret drawings, diagrams and manuals, and produce sketches

Use and interpret structural repair manuals.

Adjust, repair, rework, or replace parts and assemblies.

Perform repairs as needed.



Demonstrated ability to use advanced hand tools and power equipment

Ability to meet deadlines effectively

Excellent communication skills