Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2004 - Jan 2010

Security Guard/Maintenance

Regal Building Services/Defender

Secured building,some general cleaning that involved the cleaning of ovens used for curing and cooking parts.

Feb 2000 - Nov 2003

Delivery Driver

Dominoes Pizza

Delivered pizzas, prepared and made pizzas, some general cleaning during closing hours.  Opened a few times when training to become manager.

Jan 1994 - Aug 1999

Residential Electrician

Self Employed

Electrically wired residents:  Lights, switches, plug receptacles, tied meter loops, installed breaker boxes, installed wiring and junction boxes in attics and walls.

Apr 1990 - Dec 1993

Maintenance Supervisor

Cypress Cove Apartments

Made vacant apartments ready for renting, and kept occupied apartments up to status quo

May 1985 - Mar 1990

Orderly & Volunteer Ambulance Driver

Hubbard Memorial Hospital

Worked the first three years as an orderly, in direct care of hospital in-patients and then spent the last two years as a volunteer ambulance driver.  The direct care of the patients that had been admitted to the hospital was very interesting work, where I learned a great deal about how to relate to others in a helpful and caring manner, of which I was taught a great deal by nurses and doctors of how to adminster intramuscular injections, administer oral medications, as well as how to begin and discontinue intravenious medications and IV's.  A truly excellent learning experience, but the last to years were extremely exciting.  I learned to deal with emergency situations in and out of the field.  I took classes to learn emergency care attendance and emercengy medical services in order to qualify us volunteers for driving, pick-ups and transports of emergency and non-emergency victims.  It was an great learning experience and development of a number of KSAO's that has been very useful in many situations through out my life and will be a great help in my current field of study, which is the field of Crimnal Justice.  It will certainly be a help in people relations and a number of emergency situations.


Mar 2007 - Present

Associate's Degree

Kaplan University

Professional Studies:  Eight Skills of the Effective Criminal Justice Student        Grade is an A

                                      :  Software Applications                                                              Grade is an A

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System:                                                                Grade is an  A

Composition I and Writing I                                                                                               Grade is a  B

Composition II and Writing II                                                                                             Grade is a  C+

Criminal Investigation                                                                                                        Grade is an A

Criminal Justice Elective:  Juvenile Delinquency                                                          Grade is an A-

Criminal Law for Criminal Justice                                                                                    Grade is an  A

Mathematics:  Statistics                                                                                                      Grade is a    B+

Terrorism Today                                                                                                                  Grade is an A

Criminology                                                                                                                          Grade is an A

Ethics                                                                                                                                      Grade is an  A-

Introduction to Constitutional Law                                                                                    Grade is a  B

Police Operations                                                                                                                Grade is an A

Introduction to Chemistry                                                                                                  Grade is a C

African American Leadership                                                                                            Grade is a B

Deviance and Violence                                                                                                       Grade is an A-

Associate's Capstone                                                                                                        Grade is an A

Career Development Strategies                                                                                      Grade is an A

Accumulative GPA                                                                                                                3.70--Superior

Total Credits for the Course                                                                                              90

Total Credits Achieved                                                                                                        90

Aug 1968 - May 1972


Frost High School



Typing 60+ wpm

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Power Point


My Interests are church, church events, art, photography, sports, electronics, computers, furthering education, and outdoor events


I am an honest, friendly, and extremely dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment.  Although I have some experience in the field of Criminal Justice, I love to learn, and am always up to a challenge whatever the situation requires.  I am a team player, I get along well with others, whilst working efficiently on my own.  I am seeking a position where I can develop and excel as an individual while giving my best to an employer.


To be the best that I can be as a Criminal Justice Professional, in which ever department or organization I may be involved.  I will perform with all honesty and diligence, being focused and set on being a team-player and overall an asset to the team.  My KSA's that are reflected throughout this resume should serve as proof that we share a number of the same ideals of which any department or organization would find beneficial.