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Work experience


Mechanical / Hardware Desiger

Carestream Health, Inc.

R&D department attached to new product development.


-Design, develop and release new X-ray product subsystems.

-Mechanisms, hardware, sheet metal parts and machine frame weldments plus extensive plastic injection molded part design and development.


      -Initialized and perfected special activities in the conversion of metal parts and mechanisms to plastics.

Dec 1999Nov 2008

Sr. Mechanical Product Designer

Delphi Automotive Systems

Lead designer responsible for the developmental conception and design and of Intake Manifolds and Integrated Air/Fuel Modules (IAFM) for gasoline engines. Prides himself in completing jobs right the first time and always on time.

Managed processes included:

-Complex plastic injection molded parts and assemblies.

-Aluminum castings raging from investment castings to large high pressure die-castings

 and sand core castings to semi-permanent mold castings.

-High volume production environment.

-Integrated assembly design.

Awarded US Patents:   6,679,215 B2 JAN 2004   and   7,55,007 B2 JULY 2009

-Managed multiple high profile customer programs with little input.

-Generated cost saving custom modeling and design practices.

 -Acted as CAD specialist liaison to design community to develop best practices for implementation of design intent into electronic three dimensional files.


Mechanical Product Designer

General Motors

Key designer design responsible for multiple products including;

-Gasoline carburetors

-Engine air throttle bodies

-Air intake manifolds

Designed and developed the first production manifold  product line while at Rochester Products Division of General Motors.

Among first to use and implement Unigraphics into the design process for manifold product line.

Played a key role in migrating a Computation Fluid Dynamics application from a mainframe to a desktop environment for use in the development of intake manifolds for GM.




Designed, developed and cataloged company's material handling product lines.

Products included:

-Jib cranes and component parts

-360 degree mast style powered rotation jib cranes

-Rail wheel and axle refurbishing complex interface equipment design.



Gleason Works





Cont. Ed

Rochester Institute of Technology


Monroe Community College


Vicki Flynn

Gary DE Angelis

Kurt Hertzog

Timothy Spegar

Dominic Dalo



MECHANICAL DESIGNER / PRODUCT DEVELOPER with specialized, hard to find experience in complex part and systems design plus new product development. Extensive experience in the integration of design intent into CAD models through parametric 3D modeling.Readily understands comprehensive technical concepts and transforms ideas into achievable goals. Combines critical thinking with practical engineering knowledge achieving concise solutions to complex challenges. Experience in (GD&T) Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing. Known for building solid vendor relationships. United States patent holder.


Plastic injection molded part design with proficiency in the conversion of metal to plastic parts. Implementation of CAD to improve product delivery and promote the inclusion of design intent in high volume production environments. 23 years experience using Unigraphics NX to bring to fruition complex integrated product designs for the automotive industry while supporting computer analysis and multiple rapid prototyping processes. Commercial license holder of Solidworks Professional


My design background is rooted in my personal life.

-I am a well accomplished furniture and cabinet maker. I have a fully equipped workshop and use it as often as I can.

-I am also a wood turner. I produce unique hand turned wood ornaments along with a variety of covered bowls and hollow vessels.

-For 35+ years I have had a deep interest in photography and am accomplished in the 35mm, 4x5 and digital arenas.

Recommendations For David

“I was involved with David over the course of many years. David worked on many of the advanced development projects being done in my department. I along with my employees worked with David developing products and the related processes. His knowledge of airflow, fluidics, materials, and processes was an asset to all of our projects. He not only delivered manufacturable designs but also designs that were extremely manufacturing friendly from a tooling, equipment, investment, and process control standpoint. I can highly recommend David as a designer who will get the job done but will also have done the bulk of the manufacturing engineering as well.” March 19, 2010

Kurt Hertzog, Dept. Mgr. - Advanced Process Development, Delphiworked with David A at Delphi Automotive Systems


"Dave can take pride in the fact that he always did the job correctly and quickly.  I have used many models created by Dave to run computer simulations and never did I find issues with the models (not something that can be universally said for all Designers).

  Dave did not just draw the part; he typically was responsible for generation of the entire design concept.  He has a very unique way of understanding the part design function and it’s interaction with the manufacturing process.  For example, Dave was given the task of designing composite intake manifolds.  These are extremely complex parts and they require a person with a very unique, geometric mind in order to visualize and create their shapes.  For most of our high profile projects, Dave was given the lead role in generating these part designs.  He handled this responsibility effectively and professionally and was a recognized expert in this field."

Gary De Angelis, Sr. Plastics Engineer, Delphi

worked with David A at Delphi Automotive Systems


“Dave is top of his field. He has a non-stop drive to improve the products that he designs as well as the tools that he uses to design them. Dave led the design group's continuous improvement of CAD tools and developed new approaches that became standards for the rest of the team. Dave is highly inventive and his innovations advanced the companies air and fuel products. Dave led the design of the highest production volume products produced by the Integrated Air Fuel Module group.” March 22, 2010

Keith Confer, Engineering Manager - Forward Systems, Delphi

managed David A indirectly at Delphi Automotive Systems


“David worked at Delphi as a Senior Product Designer. His contribution to the organization was quite significant, as he offered a superior technical and creative approach, resulting in much of his work driving the technical direction for the product lines. David's creative and technical skills have both breadth and depth, which allows him to deliver every time!” March 21, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

James Zizelmanhired David A as a Product Designer in 1987


“Hands down the best UGNX designer I have worked with at Delphi.” March 18, 2010

Ahmet Becene PhD., Staff Research Engineer, Delphiworked with David A at Delphi Automotive Systems


“Dave and I worked together to migrate a Computation Fluid Dynamics application from a mainframe to a desktop environment. Dave was the voice of the end user and worked with other designers and engineers to ensure our migration expanded the overall usability. Dave brings years of in-depth experience designing and developing plastic & metal component parts.” March 22, 2010

Veera Madhure, Senior Engineering Project Manager, General Motors / Delphiworked with David A at Delphi Automotive Systems


“David exhibited very strong capability in the use of UG, has strong mechanical aptitude and is also familiar with airflow (manifold) optimization. He is intensely interested in his profession, taking initiative to continuously improve and has a good work ethic. I had the pleasure to work along side Dave for some years and was always impressed with his work. Don Witzel 585.278.0748” March 24, 2010

Don Witzel, Sr Project Design Engineer, Delphiworked with David A at Delphi Automotive Systems