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He has treated many a patient for a variety of medical-surgical cases, and Dr. Daaron McField has always found enormous fulfilment in being able to help people become better functioning individuals. The fact that they can live a longer life that is pain-free is yet another blessing for Dr. McField. Deep inside, he feels an instant rewarding gratification when he is able to help someone in that special way. He is a happy person through and through, and Dr. McField considers it a genuine blessing to help others feel the same way. Dr. McField is a Delaware- and Minnesota-trained physician who completed his medical-surgical training with the strong support of his wife and his profound determination to succeed.

Dr. Daaron McField fondly remembers his days as a collegiate football athlete. Without hesitation, Dr. McField swapped his football gear plus a potentially rewarding career as a CFL football player for surgical scrubs. Dr. McField has always considered it the fulfilment of his life goals to become a medical doctor. Surgery has always held a unique fascination for him, and Dr. McField finds joy in seeing his patient get better and go home with the family. No monetary compensation or material reward he can earn on the football field can ever match what he feels after a successful surgery.

Awarded a four-year college scholarship by an American firm, Dr. Daaron McField was determined to show that he was deserving of that opportunity, knowing that medical education doesn’t come cheap. Through hard work and sincere determination, plus the able assistance of his beloved wife, Dr. McField was able to complete his medical education and even post an impressive 93 percent during the American Board of Surgery exam.

Respected for his hardworking attitude and consistently positive demeanor, Dr. Daaron McField has practiced enormous self-discipline and a straight go-getter attitude.