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Work experience

Jan 2015now

Senior System Developer / Tech Lead

Tacton Systems AB

I was designing and implementing customizations of Tacton CPQ products. Typically integrations, custom workflows and features. I had an opportunity to work 7 months onsite for German customer. I was developing AngularJS 1.3 PoC UI replacement for main Tacton product TCsite.

Technologies used: Java 7/8, Javascript and jQuery, AngularJS.

Jul 2014Sep 2014

360 photography turntable (hardware and software)


The goal was to create a turntable for large product 360 photography. Capacity of the turntable is 500kg. It is able to photograph large products with base dimensions limited to 200 x 200 cm. The project included hardware design and construction along with implementation of Arduino based controller software.

The project included creating a 360 Javascript player.

Technologies used: Arduino, Double CAD XT, some hardware controllers, etc.

Jul 2013Jun 2014

Full stack developer


Highly configurable online store where customers can design their products using predefined related components. The products where photo albums. My role was to:

  • create base project from using Spring and Hibernate,
  • design and implement flexible product data structure,
  • integrate the store with UPS and Canada Post shipping services,
  • implement online currency rates calculation,
  • implement various functionalities using AngularJS,
  • configuration management.

Technologies used: Java 1.6, Spring Framework, Hibernate, AngularJS and a lot more small JavaScript libs.

Sep 2012May 2013

Java developer

Legacy e-commerece software maintenance during ownership change period. Mainly bugfixing of spaghetti like Java webapps intended to be replaced by new owner. The only notable new functionality I created was reimplementation of product link generation service to make it SEO friendly.

It was a good experience to see what can happen if the project management is left to the developer team.

Maintained apps:

  • frontend,
  • CMS,
  • bonus and offer configuration app,
  • payment import app,
  • various supplier webservices,
  • receipt and invoice printing app.

Technologies used: Java 1.5, Spring Framework 2.5, Hibernate 3, Maven2, jQuery, Freemarker, Tomcat, Oracle 6g, MySQL.

Jul 2012Feb 2013

Java programmer / analyst


The project was an Eclipse RCP and Jasper Reports based label printing application for a global animal nutrition company. The application was designed to allow printing of animal nutrition product labels based on multiple data sources - database and manual input.

Main goal was to achieve maximum externalization of configuration data from the application to the label template. It was a key to use it in various production environments.


  • loading data from selected datasource including customer's custom databse
  • template based configuration includes:
    • input fields displayed to the user
    • input fields validation
    • the ability to configure field relations (one field can be a source for another)
    • internationalization
  • real time label preview
  • bulk printing
  • access control

The project included deployment and support.

Technologies used: Java 1.6, Eclipse Rich Client Platform, Jasper Reports.

Jun 2010Jul 2012

Java Programmer

RSA Group (Link4)

Link4 is an RSA insurance subsidiary. Scope of responsibility was slightly same as in DISC, because the applications differed only on business level.

Additional projects I worked on in Link4:

  • property insurance web application avaliable at
  • integration with automatic damage valuation system
  • integration with valuation expert service
  • integration with government insurance guarantee system

Technologies used: Java 1.5, IDIT Framework, EJB 2.1, Weblogic Application Server 8 / 9, Oracle Database 10g, Spring Framework 3.5, Axis/Axis2.

Oct 2009May 2010

Java programmer / analyst (subcontractor)


Printing products(notebooks, calendars, greeting cards, etc.) e-commerce application as a subcontractor of Softsolution company.


  • product configurator implemented as option matrix for customers,
  • product creator for admins - allows combining of allowed options to create a product matrix,
  • standard e-commerce features: registration, checkout, payment, catalog, etc.

Technologies used: Java 1.5, Spring Framework 2.5, Hibernate 3, Maven2, jQuery, GlassFish, MySQL.

Jun 2008Oct 2009

Java Programmer

RSA Group (Direct Insurance Services Center)

My work at RSA began at DISC (Direct Insurance Services Center) which was a software house working on insurance applications for subsidiary comapnies of RSA Group. I was responsible for development of IDIT Framework based application for INTOUCH located Moscow, Russia.

The application's main features:

  • insurance sales
  • claim registration and service
  • policy accounting
  • call center system integration.

Technologies used: Java 1.5, IDIT Framework, EJB 2.1, Weblogic Application Server 8, Oracle Database 9g.

Jan 2006May 2007

Java programmer / analyst


Multilayered J2EE application with full AJAX UI for document search and conversion from XML to various formats.

Technologies used: EJB, Spring, Cocoon, WebWork, Dojo Toolkit, Maven2, BEA Weblogic, MS SQLServer.

Application designed for conference advertising, registration of participants and online payment.

Technologies used: Spring, Hibernate, Tapestry, TACOS, JavaMail, Maven2, Tomcat, MySQL.

Verity Search Engine query examination app.

Technologies used: Tapestry, Maven2, BEA Weblogic.

Jul 2004Jan 2006

Delphi Programmer


Development and maintenance of label printing and management application.

Technologies used: Delphi.

Timesheeting and production statistics application integrated with barcode scanner.

Technologies used: Delphi, MS Access.

Company door access control system.

Technologies used: C, PHP, Linux.


Jasper Reports
Eclipse Rich Client Platform
BEA Weblogic
EJB 2.1
Spring Framework