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 I am a Senior in high school and graduating in May. I play video games a pretty regular bases and work on 3D design in and outside of school, I draw as well inside and outside of school. I have dabbled a bit here and there with work options, but I haven't found a absolute path so for now, my plan is to explore career options and get work experience in different fields so I can be well versatile when I find my path. I was self taught in technology building so far I have built my gaming computer, taught and built my friends gaming computer, and helped fix a 3D resin printer.

  • Interests: Video games, 3D design, Drawing.
  • Goals: To explore job options and Get experience in my interests.
  • Skills: 3D design, Self taught computer building, 

Work experience


Front Desk

Sovetky Chiropractic

I worked at the front desk, made appointments, answered phones, handled money, and organized files. (Periodic work not constant.)


Volunteer Instructor

Ivytech Charter School

Worked with the 3D class and taught the students how to use the programs and printers.



Key Club under the Kiwanis International

Cleaned up community park picking up trash and making the park safer.


Santa Susana High School 

Magnet, Technology and Arts School, General Education

Ivytech Charter School