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Easton Robert Mann

I would like to be a foreman for the Plymouth Parks department


This is why I am perfect for a foreman at the Plymouth Parks department. I will like everybody that works there because I get along with preatty much everybody. My Uncle works at the Plymouth Parks department so I know lot of stuff about the department.  I have a lot of respect for all things so I would try very carefully on the tools. Plymouth Parks department should hire me for many reasons.

Work experience

Jun 2015Jun 2015

Painting Fences                                                                                                   Bourbon,IN.

My Grandmother's house

Paint fences

May 2009Aug 2012

Bat Boy                                                                                                                Plymouth,IN.

My brothers B-league team

Pick up bats and give them bats


Aug 2014Present

Intermediate School

Riverside Intermediate                          Plymouth,IN.


Aug 2009Jun 2014


Washington                                               Plymouth,IN.




I respect other things like people,privacy and all that kind of stuff

Get along with every one

Im friends with every one 


A good leader


A good reader

Positive Attitude

Always beleving


May 2015Jan 2016

Rocket Pride award

2-time Rocket Pride award

The best student in class

Feb 2010Nov 2011

Paws award

2-time Paws award

The best student in the class.