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Work experience

Lounge 510


Paradise Foods


Nugget Market




Novato High School

Going to SRJC


Working with Extract Material

JI have some know how on blasting material as well, which may or may not come into a need in this job, but is always worth noting.


Hardworking, never wanting a downtime, always something to do

People Skills

People Skills, Im great with people, I have an overall happy persona and bring a good experience to all around me


Budtending, I have been exaggerating cannabis for several years, and am very knowledgeable about it


Computer work, I am very fit in IT work and can help out with any problem there

Text Section

I have been a guest at htp for about a year now and I know everyone htere, I feel this would be a fitting job for me as I have a lot of experience in the field and am able to run things on my own, I hope you would trust me as much as I trust you -Zach