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My professional experience is varied. I am a teacher, a fellow, a leader, a partner, and a student of the world.  My journey has taken me from elementary schools to universities.  There is one constant, though - LEARNING. I have devoted my professional career to learning: my own learning and managing learning in others. I have made the world my classroom and each person I encounter is a fellow teacher.

❖Global Learning ❖ STEM Education ❖ Education Policy 


June 2016Present

K-12 Administrative Certificate Program

Immaculata University

4.0 GPA

A K-12 Educational Leadership program that  is committed to excellence in preparing educational leaders. The program provides integrated, rigorous preparation for educational leaders who study on a part-time basis. The courses are designed to support educators in their efforts to think systematically about practice, learn from experience, seek the advice of others, draw upon educational research and scholarship, and actively seek out opportunities to grow professionally.

Mar 2015May 2016

Autism Endorsement

Neumann University

4.0 GPA 

A four-course (12-credit) autism spectrum disorder endorsement that focuses on appropriate assessment and research-based strategies with an emphasis on skill development and behavioral modification for students of all ages who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder.

Jan 1996Aug 1998

Curriculum and Instruction

Penn State University

 4.0 GPA

Left program due to a relocation

Aug 1988May 1993

Elementary Education, B.S.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Concentration: Education of the Hearing Impaired

Minor: American Sign Language

  • Overseas student teaching experience Glasgow, Scotland
  • Selected by BU faculty to participate in pilot year of the Danville-Bloomsburg Project; a grant-funded program that advocates action research and philosophy in action in the primary setting
  • Resident Advisor - 3 years
  • Orientation Workshop Leader - 3 years
  • Orientation Office Staff Member - 2 years

Work experience

May 2017Present

Adjunct Faculty

Alvernia University

Assessment and Evaluation - ED 400 (2017)

Assessment and Evaluation is an introductory course in measurement and evaluation in education. It is an attempt to acquaint the student with the relationship between assessment and the teaching process. The student will be introduced to the testing process in schools, techniques for preparing teachermade tests and interpreting standardized tests.

Aug 2014Present

Elementary Teacher

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School

Classroom Responsibilities

  • Assumes all responsibilities of a fourth grade teacher
  • Dedicated to reflective practice
  • Manages a student-centered class where student achievement increases were notable.
  • Implements a math program based on competency learning
  • Creates amicability in the classroom through empowerment and shared responsibilities.
  • Differentiates instruction to meet the needs of all students.
  • Integrates technology into all subject areas


  • Complete integration of SMART technology into each lesson
  • Facilitates students' technological growth 
  • Incorporates coding into student curriculum
Jan 1999Present

Adjunct Faculty

Luzerne County Community College

General Psychology - PSY 103 (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

  • Prepare and present an overview of psychology as the study of the science of behavior and mental processes. 
  • Examine theoretical perspectives, major concepts and historical trends.
  • Emphasize critical thinking
  • Infuse technology into lesson development as a means of engaging students in the learning process.
  • Developed a system of formative and summative assessments in order to ascertain students' current understanding of the content.
  • Fully utilize Edmodo to publish course components extend learning through the use of embedded applications on the edmodo platform, i.e.: Collapsibles, Mindomo, Blendspace, Everyslide. 

First Year Experience - FYE 103 (2014, 2015)

  • Assists students in the successful transition to college.
  • Investigation and practice of specific academic skills, by inquiry into life skills necessary for citizenship in any diverse community
  • Facilitates knowledge of the policies, procedures, opportunities and resources available at Luzerne County Community College

Child Psychology - PSY 204 (2013)

  • Prepare and present a course that covers the study of human development and behavior from conception onto adolescence with special consideration given to the interdependence of the emotional, intellectual, social and physical development of the child.
  • Explore the multifaceted nature of development including physical, cognitive, social and personality development. 
  • Emphasize the interconnectedness and interaction of one's genetic inheritance, family and social environment in influencing one's development.
  • Create classroom activities to encourage critical thinking.
  • Build a web based content network on Edmodo to provide a media rich, environment for students to discuss, practice, and engage in a meaningful way with material.

Educational Psychology - EDU 210 (2013, 2014)

  • Prepare and present the application of psychology to the classroom situation with emphasis on cog­nition, learning personality development, testing methods of teaching, motivation and individual differences.
  • Present the purpose and methods of research in educational psychology.
  • Facilitate the application of the principles of behaviorism to learning and instruction; cognitivism to learning and instruction
  • Investigate the role of motivation in teaching and learning 
  • Explore "gamification" as a current trend in educational motivation
  • Evaluate Dweck's theory of fixed and growth mindset
  • Identify sound testing and assessment principles to the creation and use of the assessment tools
  • Fully utilize Blackboard Learn to publish course components in order to provide an interactive, learner centered course rich in media and academic content

Introduction to Education - EDU 150 (2012)

  • Prepare and present an introductory course in the field of education.
  • Present an overview of the historical, philosophical and social foundations of education.
  • Explore current trends, legislation, governance and financing of schools, opportunities for employment, and certification processes.
  • Emphasize the professional role of the teacher. 
  • Supervised Field Service hours for class participants.
  • Facilitated simultaneous instruction at two sites using the Polycom Videoconferencing Platform.

Fundamentals of Algebra - MAT 060 (1999)

  • Instructed a diverse population of traditional students, working adults and returning students with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and experience. 
  • Designed a course of study to meet the needs of all students in the class
  • Used alternative teaching methods to provide for maximum learning in finite period of time.
Feb  2016Jan 2017

Constructed Response Rater

Educational Testing Service - ETS


Evaluate samples of performance such as written short answers or essays, spoken responses and portfolios. Assure reliability and validity when scoring against a rubric.

  • Re-Designed SAT
  • Texas STAAR
Aug 2001Aug 2014


Kindermusik with Ann Czeponis
  • Implement and adapt Kindermusik International curricula infant to age 5
  • Design several curricula for children ages 5 to 13
  • Design and present educational workshops pertaining to child development for parents
  • Ensure that student growth and achievement is continuous and appropriate for age group
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students and parents maintaining a 63% re-enrollment rate over 3 years.
  • Increase enrollment each semester for 6 semesters
  • Meets professional obligations through efficient work habits such as: meeting deadlines, honoring schedules, coordinating and improvising
  • Assume responsibility for all facets of the business including, but not limited to:
    • continuing education
    • marketing and promotion
    • fiscal operations
    • instruction and delivery
    • webdesign
    • communication with families
Sep 2008May 2014

Pre-K and Kindergarten Music Teacher

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School
  • Create a motivating learning environment by incorporating music and movement in developmentally appropriate practice.
  • Design lessons utilizing research based instructional techniques
  • Meet the needs of the whole child through careful observation and learner-centered instruction.
Mar 1999Jun 2001

District Data Coordinator

Southern Columbia School District
  • Communicated the school's mission to the public:
    • Designed and produced the district's quarterly newsletter
    • developed publicity with regular press releases
    • supplied pertinent information to the public at School Board meetings
  • Communicated the school's progress to the public:
    • authored a profile of an academically gifted student for each newsletter
    • collaborated with teachers to set and meet deadlines
    • worked cooperatively with technology coordinators to update Web page
    • worked with media contacts to develop local support
Jul 1994May 1999


South Western School District

Classroom Responsibilities

  • Assumed all responsibilities of a sixth grade teacher
  • Managed a student-centered class where student achievement increases were notable
  • Developed a math program based on competency learning
  • Created amicability in the classroom through empowerment and shared responsibilities
  • Facilitated Peer Mediation group


  • Math Curriculum
  • Social Studies Curriculum
  • Structure
  • Technology


  • Trained as a technology facilitator
  • Pioneered WebQuest learning format with a cross-curricular Rainforest unit
  • integrated technology into all aspects of teaching
  • Initiated and piloted electronic gradebook and homework hotline