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Sales, Purchasing, Administration

Sales, Purchasing, Administration Increased sales and client base constantly in at least Developed an education platform Increased customer loyalty Increased customer satisfaction Managed to introduce products that were not selling in other parts of the country. Sold to 3 of the top 5 customers in the area, achievement not made in the 10 years before that the brand existend in mexico Developed a systematic guide to ensure sales to 80% of customers visited and increased product guide managed by customer in one new bar code per visit Developed local educators Developed marketing brand penetration campaign through alliance with local magazine Developed new salesmen and supervised their work Managed JIT inventory Managed companies operations through adminpaq Reduced customer returns Improved delivery time to maximum 10 days to deliver instead of the usual 21 days it took before. 80% of sales where delivered in less than 3 days. 95% of client purchases where delivered fully instead of 50% before. Hewlett-Packard, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco


Advisor Initiated a fully automatized bar-code selling system eliminating completely common mistakes done by the personnel Generated accurate up-to-date inventories Simplified selling process Processed daily invoicing Printed shipping documents In charge of sporadic exports Launched a marketing/sales program that included presence in local EXPOS four times a year. de C.., Guadalajara, Jalisco Field Training (Aug-Dec) Implemented and developed Japanese quality control system 5' S. EDUCATION Bachelor Degree in International Business. ITESM Campus Guadalajara Bicultural.
Dec 2007Dec 2012

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst World Wide coordination and project management of acquisition and improvement programs within the Accounts Payable department. Lead the progress of each and every project in a successful manner and until its timely conclusion. Direct relationship with suppliers and internal customers to fully understand their requirements and match them with the company's resources and possibilities executing a comprehensive action plan that will cover all aspects and faces of each project. Responsible to recollect, interpret, analyze, and document all relevant information and requirements to each project. Furthermore, to establish objectives and measuring parameters, always following the company's SBC, as well as supervising the project through all of its progress. Provided ongoing counseling to the operations area(accounts payable, banks, payments, etc) on how to improve and optimize their daily processes. Named global testing lead and regional operations coordinator for EMEA for one of the biggest, most important, and ambitious projects in the company's history, the acquisition and integration of EDS into HP's systems. Successful coordination of multiple projects at the same time(up to 6), when the departments policy is no more than 2 at a time. Used to providing solutions to special, non-standard requirements such as invoice control and payment in Brazil. Reported directly to superiors in the USA and India and performed under minimum supervision and management. Cooper Power Systems(EMSA), Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco
Oct 2005Sep 2007


Intl. Trade Rep.(Customer Service) Controlled all export shipments from all plants(over 10) to many countries, including Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Trinidad & Tobago. Named SAP Power User and was a major player in CPS' EMSA facility transfer into SAP. Furthermore, responsible for training five people in SAP's quoting, order entry and shipping procedures. Designed a complete process for handling EMSA's exports in a proper and timely manner. Developed a new International Freight Forwarder supplier which reduced ocean freight costs in 40% as well as an existing local supplier which increased and improved loading capacity in up to 50% by constructing a second floor inside the containers. Aided and collaborated in bringing EMSA and Queretaro facilities into the“ pedimento virtual” process. In charge for over six months of quoting single phase and three phase transformers. During this time it was accomplished that approximately 85% of all request for quotes were returned the same day they were received instead of the five day period accustomed. This achievement was due in part by redesigning a quoting checklist that forced the user to choose accurate options and prevented the user from making common mistakes which delayed the process. Reported directly to superiors in the USA and performed under minimum supervision and management. Catino Group, Zapopan, Jalisco
Oct 2004Jul 2005

Operations Manager

Operations Manager