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Personal Introduction

Static if the virgin, if the rabbit, man of frank and sincere, calm, careful, down-to-earth hard. Like language and psychology, like all the new and interesting things, a strong thirst for knowledge, love smile. Take Japanese as an elective, basic courses in French, self-learning ability strong, now self-learning Japanese. Excelling in the text.

Educational Background

Sep 2013Jun 2017


Wildlife and nature reserve management and Wildlife Resources Institute

Students Post

Sept 2013 to Sept 2014

Northeast Forestry University School Committee Propaganda Department editing department

Mainly responsible for the collection and collation of information, school draft and other work. In the Department to learn and master the basic knowledge of layout and illustrator Adobe, Photoshop basic skills.

Work Experience

Nov 2015Jun 2017

Infrared Camera Information Entry work

Enhances the ability to recognize the wild wild animals, improve the ability of Excel operation, and enhance the look at the picture to see the video ability to collect information and data analysis.

Aug 2015Sep 2015

Translation work

Paid to translate the China northeast leopard conservation action plan into English. Through this work, the accumulation of a number of professional vocabulary, improve the ability of English writing and more understanding of the current situation of the protection of the Northeast leopard.

Mar 2014Jul 2014

Part-time job in Northeast Forestry University dormitory

Every Friday evening 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock half patrol designated dormitory, garbage corridor.This exercise their communication ability, strengthens the environmental protection consciousness.

Jun 2014Jun 2014

Qinhuangdao wildlife park Intern

practice, and enhance the ability of communication and teamwork.

Social Practice

2014 act of kindness 100               Apr 2014

In the activities surrounding the site of the fundraising, donations will be used to the children in poor areas to send love package. Through this activity, and enhance the sense of social responsibility and team cooperation consciousness.

Caring for stray dogs stray cats   Mar 2016

Mainly is to clean the environment surrounding the kennel. Through this activity, on the one hand learned kennel environment design, on the other hand enhances the awareness of protecting animals and team cooperation, enhance the capacity of the communication.






Illustrator Adobe


Birds and small mammals specimens produced


Nov 2014

Grade Two


Dec  2014

Total score 514


Nov 2013

Total score 536


Mar 2015

"In Hand" inspirational scholarship

Mar 2014

Professional three and other scholarship


Swimming          Skating          Reading

Calligraphy          Photography

Listening to music          Learning  Japanese