Cyndi Ringoen


Exhibiting great care and empathy for children with special needs, Cyndi Ringoen used the 10 years immediately after high school to provide housing and developmental assistance to 21 foster kids, some of whom she would eventually adopt. Each of the children came to her home with a disorder, disability, condition, or medical issue that required special attention. Building on her teenage experiences as a volunteer at schools for the disabled, Ms. Ringoen balanced the rigorous demands of being a foster parent with additional volunteer work at a nonprofit organization known as Partnerships for Action Voices for Empowerment, or PAVE. There, she educated parents about their legal rights relative to the special education system. While maintaining a foster home and donating her time to volunteer work, Cyndi Ringoen conducted her own research into methods of improving the lives of the children in her care. Of particular help was a neurodevelopmental program that was built from research conducted in the 1950s. The program had beneficial effects on a number of her children, and she spread the information to other parents of special-needs children. Later in her self-directed research, Ms. Ringoen found a methodology using a metabolic approach, under the name Life Balances. Equipped with the two approaches, Bachelor’s degrees in Applied Psychology and Developmental Psychology, as well as five years of employment in applying her knowledge to support families, Cyndi Ringoen established a Christian-based business to disseminate her programs for special-needs children. The business, Christian Access to NeuroDevelopmental Organization, or CAN-DO, led Ms. Ringoen to co-found ICAN, the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists. Through CAN-DO, Cyndi Ringoen works directly with parents and their children with special needs, assessing their conditions and creating custom programs to assist the children in achieving their full potential. ICAN operates as a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the power and effectiveness of neurodevelopmental procedures. Between the two organizations, Ms. Ringoen travels over half the year to various workshops, conventions, and meetings with client families.

Work experience

Work experience


International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists (ICAN)