Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2002 - Present

Physiological Engineer

S. R. T. Machinery

Help in the development, marketing, sales, and education of machinery design

Educate clients on physiology behind designs and health benefits

Establish company standards and procedures with healthcare in mind

Bi-monthly email marketing campaign

Daily customer interface within sales

Marketing Coordinator 

Review and approve supply requisitions

Company Liaison

Accounts Payable

Product assembly

Microsoft/ Quickbooks/ AutoCAD efficient  

Feb 2011 - Present

Lead Screener

Wellness Corporate Solutions

Organize staff for event while keeping team motivated and ready to work

Educate clients about data readings and lifestyle changes

Accommodate all supplies needed for data collection

Calibrate Cholstec for usage

Assesses Blood Pressure, BMI, Waist Circumference, LDL, HDL, Glucose, and Triglyceride

Create recaps of daily task

Answer and provide knowledge on healthy lifestyle adherence techniques

Council individuals on behavioral changes

Jan 2010 - Jan 2012


Brand Ambassador

Promotion, Marketing, and Education of products

Planning and marketing for Ampyra events to maximize products sales and brand image

Pharmaceutical Lead

Organization and set-up of Pharmaceutical charity events around nation

Speaking at Large Engagements

Informational liaison for clients

Data Collection


Dec 2013

M.S in Exercise and Health Science with concentration in Physiology

Kennesaw State University
Dec 2010

B.S. Applied Exercise and Health Science

Kennesaw State University

Minor in Chemistry 





Elrod E; Calloway J; Feito Y. Discussion: An Anecdotal Overview of Spiritual Leader’s Perspectives on Spirituality and Physical Health. 2013 Kennesaw State University. (Pending Publication)


High school, College, and Grad Level


Lead Model, Charity Liaison, Marketing Events

Coping with deadline pressure

Public Relations

Brand Ambassador, Lead Model, Charity Liaison


Budget Management


Microsoft Office

Health Care Industry

I have worked in health wellness for multiple years. Health Assessments and Clinical



Marketing manager for SRT Machinery; Volunteered as Social Marketing Manager for Kennesaw Athletics; Marketing Lead with CMT

Submax and Max O2 test

Bruce, ostrand, YMCA protocol

Body Composition

Dexa, Omron, Under water weighting, skin folds, BodPod


Jul 2013 - Jul 2015



Discussion: An Anecdotal Overview of Spiritual Leader’s Perspectives on Spirituality and Physical Health.

ABSTRACT: Holistic approach to physical activity has been successfully used in many

weight loss interventions. However, a disconnect has been shown between spiritual

institutions and physical activity promotion. The purpose of this pilot study is to

understand spiritual leader's mindsets on physical activity by addressing its relation to

their spiritual beliefs. The study included a two part analysis. Ordained spiritual leaders

(n=48) participated in a 2012 NHANES modified survey. Five of the 48 spiritual leaders

agreed to participate in a sit down interview which expanded on the survey questions. The

results of the study showed spiritual leaders were more likely to be overweight (46%);

however, they define themselves as “just right” in self report health analysis of weight

(41.7%). There was a significant difference between the way the individual categorized

themselves (M= 1.73, SD=.707) and BMI (kg/m2) (M=2.0, SD=.7438), t(47)=-2.776,

p=.008. Reoccurring themes were found in the interviews of the five spiritual leaders

(Holistic Health, Lack of Importance from the Church, Biblical Relevance, Possibility

for Implementation, and Definition Differences (e.g. Religion verse Spirituality)). Our

pilot study supports the need for a holistic approach to be implemented in the spiritual

community, with emphasis of weight management and education to begin with the spiritual

leader. Also, an operational definition needs to be determined for spirituality to allow for

more generalization research approaches

Flying a Plane While Building It: The Unexpected Future for Religious Americans

Note to Reader: The information and opinions of this article was founded from actually

reading the 2,409 page document known as The Affordable Healthcare Act

along with comparing the document with expert’s knowledge in the field who I believe have

read and have a vast knowledge of the legal writings of this act. I do not believe a person

can fully comment on this subject without reading the whole document and painstakingly

weeding through the fluff verse facts.