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North Idaho College

I completed my first year of college at NIC in coeur d'alene. pursuing a bachelor's degree in Information Systems. Next semester I will be transferring to the University of Idaho to continue to pursue my bachelor's degree.

Dual Credit


Through the IDLA, CSI and NIC online programs I was able to take college-level classes that wouldn't normally be offered at the highschool level. 

Most of the classes that I took had to do with technology and computer science. I took IT fundamentals, Intro to programming in Java, Idaho Teen Game Lab, HTML and CSS, and Programming with Javascript.

Personal Education

Although there is a good selection of classes through IDLA and Troy's Dual Credit system there were some things that I took into my own hands to learn. In my spare time I have learned about Unix Systems (specifically Linux), Learning about Unix shell commands, Learning to optimize and configure Linux systems, Running Linux systems in virtual machines, Programming in Python, and learning about computer hardware through building custom computers.



I have taken classes in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and have had personal experience

Work Experience

I have had many jobs that have allowed me to collaborate and work with others.


I have been playing guitar for eight years and have played in music groups around the moscow area. I also have had experience with teaching guitar.