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Journalistic Writing
My journalistic writing has improved while on staff. Last year during sophomore journalism my writing was okay but this year while on staff I have found what I am good at. I have also gained experience by writing more and by doing so I have found things that I need to work on.
Over the last semester, I have gained experience along with improving  my skills in inDesign. Before this year I had little knowledge when it came to designing a page for the paper. After this semester I feel that I am able to design pages that look neat and interesting. I also have learned enough that I feel I can help others if they run into a problem while designing.

Staff Improvement

I feel that we need to come up with more relevant story ideas. I think we as a staff come up with good ideas, but in the end we don't follow through with them. I feel that if we find more information and get good quotes our stories will get a lot better.

Another improvement we could make would be to make sure we get our stuff done on time for the final deadline. When writers miss the final deadline it holds everybody else up that is on staff. By missing deadlines it is hard to design a page if half of its content is missing. I think we need to communicate more with writers to gauge where they are at in the writing process and help them if needed.

 The last improvement we could make would be to do a better job of editing. Lately we have been publishing stupid mistakes that could be easily fixed. My solution would be to spend more time on editing and make sure that people are really looking closely at each article or page.


While I am not working with Talisman, I am also a member of D-Town broadcasting. On D-Town I make videos that get published on YouTube so people in the school and other outside of the school can view them. I am also a two sport letter-winner, having lettered twice in football and three times in track following this spring. In the offseason, I help do community service with the football team. The community service includes doing things such as reading books to elementary students, pulling weeds at Willis, and helping with a "babysitting service" on Valentines' Day.


My goal for 2nd semester is that I want to become a better interviewer. I will do this coming up with better interview questions. I think that is my problem with interviews, I don't come up with solid enough questions therefore I do not get as good of answers. Not having god answers often times leads to not having enough information and not having good quotes or any quotes at all.

Personal Initiative

I tried to find a new way to set up my opinion pieces and make them more enjoyable for readers. I looked for topics that were relevant in the sports world along with topics that many people are opinionated about. I enjoyed readers agreeing or disagreeing with me because I knew that my article made them think. I also liked writing about the sports teams at Hayes. When I wrote the story on the basketball team I tried to focus one one aspect, the leadership of the seniors, instead of just talking about the team. i felt that this made the story more enjoyable rather than just a plain preview article.

My Highlight

My best moment in class so far was when we published the first issue. I was very excited to see my first article in print, and it was also cool to see the reaction in others as well. I liked seeing the hard work we put in pay off as well as being able to show the rest of the school.