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Fluent in German (written and spoken) Working knowledge of French (written)
  Received a "Distinguished Member Award" as part of the National Veterinary Response team issued by the National Disaster Medical System  
Received a Merit Award from the Virginia Department of Agriculture for validating and implementing the Equine Herpesvirus-1 real time PCR procedure at the Warrenton Laboratory
  As part of my BAS capstone project I conducted research on the prevalence of Corynebacterium diphtheriae  in animals in the US. This project challenged my organizational, critical thinking, writing, and communication skills. This invaluable experience enhanced these skills, and the knowledge I gained from this experience will be beneficial to any prospective employer.  

Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Microbiologist Supervisor

Warrenton Regional Animal Health Laboratory
  • Provide supervision of technical activities at the Warrenton Laboratory for  microbiologists, laboratory aide, necropsy technician, and office services specialist.
  • Oversee writing and implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures of all testing.
  • Assure compliance with Quality requirements.
  • Oversee the re-certification of the technical laboratory staff for diagnostic testing by outside certifying bodies such as NVSL, USDA, AAVLD, VLA, and EPA for testing in microbiology, serology, water, and dairy science.
  • Oversee the implementation of new testing procedures and assure that prior to new testing procedures being implemented, correlation and validation studies are performed and documented, and staff is properly trained on new procedure.
  • Perform bench work on a regular basis and complete and pass all appropriate surveys and check tests for regulatory and diagnostic testing done by the lab.
  • Responsible for ordering laboratory supplies.
  • Initiate, maintain, and evaluate maintenance and repair contracts for equipment.
  • Assure that all safety requirements relevant to work activities are communicated, practiced, and adhered to.
Aug 1996Present

Animal Health Technician & Logistics Section Chief

National Disaster Medical System
  • Assess medical needs, provide medical treatment, and stabilize animals in emergency situations.
  • Provide Veterinary care for Secret Service and Search & Rescue dogs.
  • As Logistics Section Chief, implement and manage supply management program for immediate needs of the NDMS response
  • Provide guidance, supervision, and direction of procurement activities.
  • Provide situation updates and reports of Logistics section activity to supervisor, and maintain records.
Aug 2011Present

Veterinary Technician

Ohana Veterinary Care
  • Monitor and medicate veterinary patients, provide critical nursing care, induce and monitor anesthesia, prep for and assist in surgeries, perform small animal dentistries, take digital radiographs.
  • Collect samples and run lab tests such as CBCs and differentials, chemistries, urinalysis, fecals, heartworm tests,  and cytologies.
  • Help with client education on post operative care and nutrition.
  • Prepare and maintain medical records
Sep 1995Nov 2012


Warrenton Regional Animal Health Laboratory
  • Responsible for regulatory serological testing for various large animal diseases, utilizing Agar Gel Immunodiffusion, ELISA, and agglutination methodologies.
  • Maintained USDA certification for regulatory tests.
  • Responsible for all PCR testing at the Warrenton Laboratory.
  • Performed hematological procedures including CBCs, urinalysis, evaluation of smears and fluids, and identification of blood parasites
  • Isolated and identified bacteria from submitted tissues and samples.
  • As one of the certified dairy microbiologists, performed testing of dairy products according to the procedures detailed in Standard Methods
  • Maintained dairy testing and water testing certification by successfully completing split sample and onsite evaluations.
Aug 1992Sep 1995

Veterinary Technician

Manassas Animal Hospital
  • Monitored and medicated veterinary patients, provided critical nursing care, induced and monitored anesthesia, prepped for and assisted in surgeries, performed small animal dentistries, took and developed radiographs.
  • Collected samples and run lab tests such as CBCs and differentials, chemistries, urinalysis, fecals, heartworm tests,  and cytologies.
  • Prepare and maintain medical records.
Nov 1988Aug 1990

Veterinary Assistant

Foxchase Veterinary Clinic

  • Prepared animals for, assisted in, and provided post-operative nursing care for veterinary patients.
  • Monitored anesthesia, took and developed radiographs, filled prescriptions, and restrained animals.


Aug 2009Present


St. Petersburg College

Combined clinical and management track.

Aug 1990May 1992


Northern Virginia Community College

Licensed Veterinary Technician in the State of Virginia.



Molecular Laboratory Diagnostics

Michigan State University

Training received with the National Veterinary Response Team

National Disaster Medical System

Cytology Training

Virginia-Maryland Regional College for Veterinary Medicine

USDA certification

National Veterinary Services Laboratory

West Nile Virus Testing

Maryland Department of Health

Leishmania IFA testing

Center for Disease Control

Molecular Training

Cornell University