Floyd Gudell

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2015 - Present

Employment Objective

I am actively seeking employment after finding myself boring quickly of the retirement lifestyle. I offer 40 years of successful business experience.  I am well versed in sales and single handed management of over 100 employees at once. My multifaceted talent includes B to B ,outside sales, phone sales ,HR, risk management , recruiting techniques customized to your business plan ,training both motivational as well as technical. I believe in employee recognition and empowerment instead of revolving door policies.

Regardless of my extensive experience, I am open to a broad spectrum of positions and compensation so long as the position is a good fit for my background.

Jan 2007 - Jul 2014


First Rate Financial Group /Private Trust Investment Development

Recognized Investment opportunities for private trust clients worldwide. Funding various projects such as building roads in third world countries to site selection, development and construction of private estates, office complexes, and retail shopping facilities .Occasionally funding various manufacturing ventures from drawing board to final production and distribution.

Mar 2005 - Jan 2007

Senior Loan Officer /Retail Dealership Advisor

General Motors

Originated new construction mortgages for custom and track residential projects. Traveled North Florida ,Southern Alabama  and Mississippi ,  providing relocation assistance for franchised dealership employees seeking mortgage products and various other financial products.

Jun 2003 - Mar 2005

Funding Compliance Officer

Live the Dream Mortgage Corp.

Provided compliance and troubleshooting skills to facilitate funding of private and investor mortgages nationwide for direct mortgage lender .

Sep 2002 - Jun 2003

Senior Loan Officer

First Rate Mortgage Group

Originated and closed real estate mortgages for new and existing housing in the private and investment sectors nationwide.  

Jan 1998 - Sep 2002

Financial Services Director

King Motor Company

Supervised retail automobile loan originations requiring inside credit decisions and financial structure before final lender approval. Responsible for daily funding of account receivables from over 30 lending institutions, maintaining accounts payable in compliance, avoiding out of trust pitfalls.. 


Jun 2008 - Dec 2009

HVAC / Heating and Air conditioning

Pensacola State College / Pensacola , Florida

18 month certificate of study and practical experience in order to venture into engineering sales.

Jan 1998 - Sep 2002

Financial Services Manager/Retail Systems

United Auto Workers Union/Saturn Corporation

This was achieved at the same time I was employed at King Automotive Group as part of continuing education requirements.

Sep 2001 - Sep 2002

Finance and Lease Proffesional

U.S. College of Automotive Excellence

This was achieved at the same time I was employed at King Automotive Group as part of continuing education requirements.

Jun 1974 - Dec 1974

Audio Engineering and Media Production

Ohio State University Chillicothe, Ohio Campus
Jul 1973 - Jun 1974

General Education Diploma

N.Y. State Department of Education / Albany , N.Y.
Aug 1968 - Jun 1972

General Academic

New York Military Academy

I was nominated to continue my education upon graduation at West Point Military Academy. I chose to decline this opportunity due to the unpopular military action in Vietnam and Cambodia. Eventually I was selected in the draft lottery to serve, however there were no actual calls to service.



Service & Sales

Analyze sales activities or trends/conduct market research/conduct sales presentations/discuss advertising strategies/evaluate product quality for sales activities/identify best product for customer"s needs/monitor consumer or market trends/oversee sales programs/resolve customer complaints/sell products through advertising/use knowledge of sales contracts/use knowledge to market goods/use sales techniques/write sales or informational speeches

Management and Office Services

Analyze market or delivery systems/ delegate work tasks to staff or employees/coordinate staff or activities in clerical support setting/determine customer needs/ establish employee performance standards/evaluate information from employment interviews/evaluate performance of employees and contract personnel/hire,discharge.transfer or promote workers/orient new employees.

General Skills

Advise clients or customers/answer customer or public inquiries/call on customers to solicit new business/collect payments/communicate visually or verbally/complete time or attendance forms/conduct or attend staff meetings/confer with engineering,technical or manufacturing personnel/consult with customers concerning needs/develop budgets/develop and maintain data bases/develop plans for programs or projects/distinguish complicated colors/estimate time needed for projects/distribute correspondence/drive automobile ,van or light truck

Entertainment & Media

Advise retail dealers in use of sales promotion techniques

Educational&Social Sevices

Conduct research on work related topics

Computers and Mathematics

Calculate differential equations,collect statistical data,follow data security procedures,use computer networking technology,use mathematical or statistical methods to identify or analyze problems

Additional Personal Information

I am a proud father of three incredible daughters 27,19 and 16 years of age. I enjoy recreational boating and fishing. My personal hobby is collection of time pieces , I also study the origins and history of time keeping. Both astrological as well as architectural.