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Sep 2012Apr 2013

Bachelor of Education

Nipissing University
  • iTeach Laptop Learning Program
  • Professional Week Participant
  • Welcome to Kindergarten - Pre Service Teacher


Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Publisher
SMART Notebook Software
Windows Operating System
Mac Operating Systems

Reference Letters

Practice Teaching Evaluations


  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Fitness
  • Reading
  • Skiing
  • Dance (12 Years of Competitive Dance)
  • Traveling
  • The outdoors
  • Family and Friends

Professional Workships

Classroom Management Plan

Teaching Practice

Commitment to Students

Work experience

May 2013Present

Emergency Supply Teacher

York Region District School Board

  • Taught in Elementary Classrooms across York Region in homeroom classes, prep coverage, special education classes (resource and learning disabilities teacher), and French immersion classes
  • Incorporated technology (SMART Board, document camera)
  • Developed and maintained positive interaction with students, faculty, and administrators, gaining respect and trust to ensure the environment was conducive to learning
Jun 2010Present

Senior Counsellor

Autism Ontario Kids Camp
  • Assisted in the preparation and implementation of activities and community based outings
  • Helped provide a fun and safe summer camp experience for children and young adults with autism
  • Brainstormed problem solving solutions and collaborated with staff in order for the program to be as successful as possible 
  • Communicated with parents and support workers about the child's needs, goals for the summer and different  strategies to assist the child throughout the summer
Oct 2013Present

Instructional Therapist

Leaps and Bounds

ABA and IBI with children with autism ages 3-12. Implements an individualized program created by the senior therapist. This program has a variety of targets that help the child work on their gross and fine motor skills, language (expressive and receptive), negative behaviours, play and social communication, toileting routines, and self help skills. I use a variety of teaching principles such as, prompt-fading, data collecting, generalization strategies, and reinforcement. I take the time to get to know each child, their likes and dislikes, and what motivates them. Building a strong relationship is very important!

Oct 2012Apr 2013

iMagine Project Volunteer

Nipissing University
  • Assisted two professors, Tina Benevides and Julie Corkett, in their iMagine Project which examines the impact of innovative technology (iPads) has on students learning
  • Worked with a grade 6 student that has a learning disability, and focused on their reading and writing skills
  • Completed reading and writing activities on iPads and paper to compare results
  • Administered Standardized assessments such as the Test of Non-Verbal Intelligence and the Woodcock-Johnston Test of Achievement 
Sep 2012Mar 2013

Primary/Junior Pre-Service Teacher

York Region District School Board
  • Planned and presented inquiry based and differentiated lessons and unit plans in Math, Literacy, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education
  • Integrated the SMART Board, Document Camera, and laptops into multiple lessons to engage the students learning
  • Used diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment and implemented a variety of assessment tools (rubrics, summative tests/assignments, anecdotal records, observations, checklists)
  • Attended In School Meetings, participated in student/parent teacher conferences, and became apart of the school community

Training Squad Ski Coach

Mansfield Ski Club
  • Prepared and planned creative ways for the skiers to practice and develop their free skiing abilities as well as drills to enhance their racing skills
  • Participated in coaching development activities 
  • Communicated with parents and/or guardians about their child’s skills and what they can work on during their free skiing to enhance their technique