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Fundraisers Key to Supplementing School Budgets

From kindergarten to senior year, students across the United States participate in fundraisers that supplement their schools’ budgets. These events can raise anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Some organizations, like Custom Fundraising Solutions, can raise even more than that. The mattress fundraisers organized by Custom Fundraising Solutions make millions each year; in 2012, East Ascension High School in Louisiana earned $16,475 in a single day.The most successful fundraisers may be offered every year as repeating events, particularly if they offer goods or services that the typical family will need to buy on a regular bases. Regular fundraisers can add substantial sums to school budgets. These extra funds allow for better equipment, updated technology, and other enhancements for schools that may not otherwise have the necessary money for these purchases. Supporting schools’ fundraisers means contributing to the improvement not only of the schools, but of their communities and the academic growth of their students.

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