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Communication and Management Skills Training. With over 30 years’ experience working in a broad range of industries, Peoples & Company has built a strong curriculum in communication and management skills.

Meeting Facilitation. We offer meeting design and facilitation that can help you with a variety of events: team effectiveness, strategic planning and focus groups. We design sessions using structured-discussion approaches to help your team get to real issues and reach practical solutions.

Writing Skills Live Webcasts. Two-hour programs teaching techniques on how to write clearly, concisely and correctly. Participants listen to the instructor through audio conferencing, watch slides on the screen, participate in interactive exercises, and ask questions through online chat or on the phone. 



Managing Partner

Peoples & Company Communications

Curt Peoples specializes in communication skills training and related services. Over the years, he has developed and delivered programs for over 80 major companies across the globe, including in the U.S., Canada, Bermuda, the Caribbean, the UK, Australia and Singapore.

He and his firm offer courses in speaking skills, writing skills, management effectiveness and team effectiveness. Options include one- and half-day courses and short courses for conferences.

Curt's career experience spans communications and management training, facilitation services, course design and development, webcast production, executive coaching, and a wide range of editing/writing projects.


International Thomson Organization/Wadsworth Publishing

Early in his career, Curt worked as a book publisher for the International Thomson Organization in the areas of sociology, economics and communications. He produced over 40 titles and revisions. In the early 1980s, he helped start an educational software division for Thomson and produced award-winning educational software.



Masters of Arts :: Sociology

University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

Bachelor of Arts :: English (magna cum laude)

Ohio University

Portfolio :: Professional Development Courses

Our professional development courses provide opportunities for people to reach their full potential. Peoples & Company Communications is committed to helping organizations develop and train their people so they can produce exceptional business results.

 In-house options

 We take a customized approach, tailoring our work to focus on performance needs.

  • All courses can be delivered in one-day or half-day formats.
  • We also provide short courses that can be presented at conferences.

 We concentrate on practical techniques, insightful discussion, a high level of interaction and coaching.

Please contact us for detailed outlines of any of our programs and to discuss how we can customize them for you.    t. 847-404-0723


Writing Clearly :: Best fixes to improve your writing

We show you easy-to-apply techniques for drafting, revising and editing all of your business writing. Note: If your participants are scattered in multiple locations, we also can deliver modules of this course in live webcast format.

Developing Executive Presence

How to project confidence, composure, decisiveness and authenticity – key ingredients for influencing others, nurturing relationships and getting results.


Speaking with Impact :: Communicating with style, structure and substance

With a focus on meetings and one-on-one interactions, Speaking with Impact provides the skills you need to be clear and convincing.

Storytelling for Business Impact

Leaders need to tell memorable stories to sell their ideas. Storytelling is what captivates people and drives them to take action. This program teaches techniques on how to incorporate stories into presentations in a way that really makes a difference. 

Giving Feedback and Managing Difficult Conversations

This course covers the skills needed to give constructive feedback in a way that opens the door to discussion and improvement. The program also highlights how to manage difficult conversations while focusing on preserving relationships. The session is highly interactive.

Time Management and Working Productively  :: Tips and techniques

This course addresses time management topics fundamental to working productively. The goals are to help you work smarter, reduce stress, improve your professional image and avoid crises.

Being a Skilled Manager

This course helps managers, supervisors and team leaders improve the skills they need to successfully manage and coach others – and gain improved performance from individuals and teams. We explore what it means to have a coaching culture and cover the top things every manager needs to do well. 



Creating Team Effectiveness

A special in-house facilitated program

Designed to help teams achieve and sustain high performance, this program will give your team the chance to critique its effectiveness and focus on issues most critical to its success. The program is facilitated using a structured-discussion approach to help the team get to real issues and reach practical solutions.

It is a process of self-discovery, giving each team member the opportunity to learn their personal strengths, their gaps and their unique place in the team.

Content includes:

  • Identifying personal and team work values
  • Identifying personal and team work values
  • Recognizing the different communication and interaction styles of all team members
  • Individuals explaining immediate- and long-term priorities as they relate to team goals
  • Assessing the team’s performance in critical areas of effectiveness and identifying plans for improvement
  • Identifying how each team member can best contribute to the team’s success

For more information about this special facilitated program contact:

Curt Peoples  t. 847-404-0723