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My interests are computers (or smart devices of all kinds....I use a desktop computer, laptop computer, Palm TX PDA, and Blackberry regularly) and networking these devices together (I have my laptop enabled not only for WiFi but to use the Blackberry's high speed data link for internet access anywhere there is cell coverage.)

I have a strong background in setting up large scale networks and am very interested in creating smaller LANS and MANS.  New uses for smaller networks are being introduced daily and I want to be a part of the action.


Highly productive engineer with 17 years of experience as a technician and engineer. Frequently selected for

complex and urgent projects due to track record of repeatedly meeting or beating expected time frames. Proven

ability to master new technologies quickly. Looking to capitalize on broad experience in both large and small

scale networks to design LANS (Local Area Networks) and WANS (Wide Area Networks). Other skills include:              

HARDWARE / SYSTEMS                                                                 SOFTWARE

Tberd Transmission Test sets                                                      OrCAD

HP Protocol Analyzers                                                                     Microsoft Visio

Digital Multimeters                                                                           CIRAS (relational database)

Digital Oscilloscopes                                                                      PACS (PM / costing)

Cisco Routers                                                                                  NED (CAD program)

Remote Test Units                                                                          Tapestry (remote testing)

Remote Satellite Tracking Systems                                             Microsoft Office

Work experience

Jun 2000Oct 2008

Engineer II

Provided detailed engineering and project management functions for large scale Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) additions and high bandwidth ethernet applications.

  • Managed the deployment of Cisco routers and firewalls necessary to support a WiFi trial for the City of Henderson, NV.
  • Deployed a combination of transmission equipment such as gigabit ethernet transport over SONET and Cisco routers to support ethernet services provided to area hospitals in Killeen, TX.
  • Developed job aids (one of which was published for use nationwide) for the various engineering functions and personally trained coworkers to increase the overall performance of the group.
  • Assumed responsibility for and completed several projects that had been ongoing for years due to various obstacles such as lack of expertise in certain areas. Projects were completed within months of being taken over.
  • Successfully took over additional responsibilities previously held by 4 engineers as group size diminished due to downsizing while maintaining existing workload.
  • Provided technical input for First Office Application projects which introduced cutting edge technologies into the network.
  • Completed a major cleanup of records for EMBARQ's fiber network in Las Vegas resulting in more efficient and faster provisioning of services across the network.
Oct 1998Jun 2000

NOC Technical Analyst II

Maintained special services circuits (DS1, DS0, ISDN, frame relay) for Sprint customers including government entities and other major telecommunications providers.

  • Ranked at the top in terms of trouble tickets assigned and resolved.
  • Isolated faults on critical circuits (FAA, 911) quickly and accurately minimizing outages.
  • Provided technical training to new employees.
  • Effectively explained to customers circuit problems and coordinated technician dispatches based on those discussions which reduced costly call outs as well as improved customer service.
  • Worked several shifts with little or no direct supervision and routinely worked major outages due to thorough understanding of technical and procedural details.
  • Sought out training in other areas of the NOC (switch provisioning, network surveillance) to provide better overall customer service when needed.
Apr 1996Oct 1998

Electronic Technician


Assembled and performed quality assurance checks (to include troubleshooting to component level) and shipped small office telecommunications equipment.

  • Boosted production after replacing a full time employee while also commuting and attending college full time.
  • Reduced failure rate of devices by assisting engineers in researching circuit board designs resulting in improved products.
Feb 1993Feb 1995

Telecommunications Control Specialist

Established and maintained high speed data links to remote satellite tracking stations in order to control government and civilian satellites such as the GPS constellation.

  • Worked closely with GTE government contactors to complete acceptance testing on new switching systems and later became a trainer on these systems despite being the newest member of the team.
Feb 1991Feb 1993

Combat Telecommunications Control Specialist

Established and maintained critical high speed digital and analog links via satellites and HF ISB radio at remote locations to support military exercises and disaster relief efforts.

  • Successfully established a key data circuit necessary to support military exercise Cobra Gold in Thailand thereby completing the group's key mission.
  • Established circuits key to coordinating disaster recovery efforts after a typhoon caused significant damage on Guam.


Lloyd Jarvis

Lloyd worked with me over the past decade and became a close peer.  He would be the best person to talk to concerning my technical abilities.

Kurt Schrivener

Kurt was the Senior Engineer for the Las Vegas area which was also my responsibility.  He oversaw and coordinated our engineering efforts in the area and reviewed and approved my work packets.



port configuration
switched networks
VLANS, port configurations and spanning trees.Advanced knowledge of cabling troubleshooting, including both fiber and Cat 5/6.


Recent Training


Nortel HDX Transport System

Tellabs Titan 5500 DACS

Bachelor of Science