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Work experience

May 2014Present

Data Entry Specialist, Customer Service Representative

Essilor/Nassau Vision Group

Dallas, TX     Data Entry Specialist, Customer Service Representative    -Still Employed

Inputting orders from states in a rapid and accurate manner, averaging 100+ orders a day. Also operated on the phones taking live orders, assisting with locating packages and problem orders, and assisting the customer with problem orders and whatever other issues they had. A majority of work is done through Oracle. I maintain and consistently am involved with solving inventory problems by researching shortages and offering solutions with comparable product. As well as assisting with issues regarding orders, have also assisted any customers having issues with company's website.

Jan 2013Present

Combat Engineer

United States Army

Combat Engineer, Team Leader position 

Operating in team based environment, and performing leadership roles as required. Job often requires precise directions while under extreme stress. Have also worked as main driver, and attended to high ranking officers and non-commissioned officers. Have done secretary work, as well as overseen them while leadership has been otherwise occupied. Experienced in operating the Blue Force Tracker system for route planning and providing intelligence reports on road conditions/potential threats.

Oct 2012Feb 2014

Lab Technician


Lewisville, TX        Lab Technician

Pulling lenses, signing for shipments, ensuring quality of lenses before sent into production, and ordering necessary lenses for the following day.

Feb 2011Oct 2012

United Bearing Company

United Bearing Company

Coppell, TX       Warehouse Employee

I primarily did order pulling, packaging, and shipping. Also restocked the excess inventory and assisting in disassembly of received orders.



Associates Degree

North Lake College

Attended North Lake College in pursuit of an Associates degree in Network/Network Security. Left college in good standing in order to pursue military goals. Have a desire to return to the college in order to finish degree. 


General Studies

Texas Tech University

Attended Texas Tech University immediately following graduation from Edward S. Marcus High School. Attended three semesters before returning home in order to attend community college. 



Comfortable speaking to patients/customers. Able to stay collected during high stress conversations, in order to stay focused on the issue presented. 


Extremely proficient with a keyboard. Able to accurately enter upwards of 100+ WPM. 

Computer/Website skills

Have an intermediate ability in assisting with, and correcting issues with computers and websites. Have assisted customers in regaining control of accounts, and correcting log in issues. Also able to disassemble/reassemble computers competently.