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Offering general, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry services, Curtis Brookover, DDS, operates out of the Alpine Laser Dental clinic in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He also runs an office in Santa Fe, and Dr. Brookover works with patients of all ages at these two facilities. This dentist possesses expertise in early childhood oral growth and development. His experiences with braces as a boy influenced his concentration on oral care for children. Part of Dr. Curtis Brookover's commitment to helping children overcome dental issues involves the myofunctional correction system called the Trainer System. This program can help children combat bad oral habits like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, and thumb sucking, all of which can contribute to an unattractive facial appearance. While orthodontists install braces to help correct the positioning of teeth, the muscles of the mouth are just as important to care for. The Trainer System is appropriate for children much younger than the age required for orthodontic treatment, and it is most effective on children with their full set of first teeth. Dr. Curtis Brookover also works with individuals who have poor jaw and oral muscle alignment with their second set of teeth, but it is harder to correct and cannot be aided by extracting teeth. Dr. Brookover provides the Myobrace System at the Alpine Laser Dental office as well.Another specialty treatment provided by Curtis Brookover, DDS, is implant dentistry, which replaces missing or damaged teeth. This oral health strategy helps individuals chew better, prevent gum and tooth decay, and reduce stress on other teeth. For more information about the services provided by Dr. Curtis Brookover at his Los Alamos dental facility, visit the clinic's official website at

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