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Jun 2014Present

First Aider

St John's Ambulance
I provide first aid at local events within the East Midlands area through St John’s Ambulance. 
Jul 2015Sep 2015

Summer research student

Experimental Neuropathology lab (Prof. D. Anthony) University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
My strong scientific interest and my curious nature,led me to contact Prof. D. A Anthony in the hope I could gain some further research experience in the field of Neuroscience.  In his lab I familiarised myself with histological techniques and exosome technology as well as cell culture methods.
This extraordinary opportunity strengthened my desire to pursue an academic career in the future, but more importantly allowed me to foster new relationships and connections within and beyond the scientific community. This was because I was lucky enough to meet some inspirational people who have strongly influenced my experience on Oxford.
Jun 2014Jul 2014

Summer Research Student

Prof. Strazzabosco lab, Liver Centre, Yale University, New Haven, USA
Having developed an early interest in research, I was given the opportunity by Prof. Strazzabosco to partake in a research experience at his laboratory in the Liver Centre at Yale University.
Working under the supervision of Dr. Spirli, Dr.Fiorotto and their postgraduate students, I was able to gain an insight into simple laboratory techniques such as Western blotting, PCR, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence, particularly in relation to studies of Cystic Fibrosis and the diseases of the hepatobiliary system. Furthermore, I was given the chance to present a research paper on the therapeutic efficacy of an EGFr inhibitor for the treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma at the lab’s journal club, as well as to attend various seminars and lectures within the School of Medicine.


Moving away from home to pursue my desire to study Medicine in the UK has presented itself as a challenge to further develop my social skills as I have had to engage with a whole new culture and environment.
My previous volunteering experiences and my strong involvement within the Medical school (INSPIRE, Medsin UK, Italian Soc) and St. John’s Ambulance have been fundamental in the process of adaptation as they have enabled me to become a better communicator, making it easier to adjust to new customs, culture and responsibilities. As a result of thisand eve I have become an open-minded and very sociable individual who can easily empathise with others and work effectively in a variety of circumstances.

My desire to meet new people and gain new experiences also led me to partake in a 3-month exchange programme in Victoria (Australia) in the summer of 2011 where I attended a local school studying different subjects. This exceptional insight into a new culture reinforced my motivation to come to the UK, something that I have always seen as an opportunity to grow both as an individual as well as a professional.

After that experience I spent the following summer in Edinburgh where I was perfecting my English and at the same time preparing for my UCAS application. Although, challenging at times, all these experiences made me realise my limits and my strengths, helping me to become a more well-rounded person who is a good team-player and a very sociable individual, with great flexibility and understanding.

Organisational Skills and Competences

When I think about my life so far, I would regard it as a continuous exploration of the world. Since an early childhood, in fact, I attempted to always experience new things, situations, people and ultimately challenges.
With time, however, I came to appreciate that this allowed me to become more flexible, organised and efficient at what I do. 
As the treasurer of the local branch of MEDSIN, a society involved in a broad range of activities, encompassing global health, equity and advocacy, I have had to further develop my ability to prioritise and be punctual, for instance, when managing the society finances and applying for grants.
As an academic officer for INSPIRE, the Nottingham Academic Medicine Society, I have undertaken leadership and organisational responsibilities, including the organisation of events such as the East Midlands Student Research Conference and a series of academic lectures both of which required excellent planning and team-working.
As a student representative in high school with responsibility at provincial level, I learnt to cope with the extra work load and extracurricular activities this entailed. This experience has proved very useful at university when my various commitments have required me to have very good multi-tasking skills.
All these involvements have enhanced my ability to work under pressure and to solve problems efficiently and effectively. Like in my sporting activities, I have also developed the ability to engage others in my initiatives making them feel part of a team rather than side-line figures.


  • BMBS Medicine
University of Nottingham 
Sep 2013 -Present

Currently in my third year, I thoroughly enjoyed my first two years at University and my commitment  and enthusiasm led me to rank in the top 5% of my year.

  • High School Diploma (Diploma di Maturità Scientifica) 
Sep 2008 -Jul 2013
I attended the Liceo Scientifico Biologico Don Bosco for 5 years and sat the Maturitá (final exam), which I passed with a score of 100%. During my last year at high school I studied the following subjects: English, Italian, Mathematics and Computer Studies, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy, Earth Science, Latin, Philosophy, History and Physical Education. In the previous four years I also studied Physics, Economics, Biology, Geography, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.


I am a proficient and creative drawer, something which proved particularly useful at university when learning new things.
I enjoy team sports and have played rugby and water polo for the local Padua teams as well as continuing the latter at university level. In 2009 my water polo team won the inter-regional championships and I was also named the best goalkeeper at an international tournament. Both these sports have taught me to be humble, to enjoy the team spirit and to keep pursuing my goals and dreams. I am also currently part of the Mixed Martial Arts society at my university and regularly go to the gym.


Language  spoken and certifications:

  • English (IELTS) C1
  • Spanish (DELE) B1
  • German (Goethe) A2
  • Bursary from ACEGAS-APS for academic results (2011)
  • Special mention at Literature competition (2010)