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Located in Culver City, California, the Culver Palms Animal Hospital provides a number of services to keep its clients’ pets healthy. The veterinary staff provides routine medical and dental care, in addition to providing emergency care. The Culver Palms Animal Hospital treats non-traditional pets, including birds, rodents, and reptiles, as well as cats and dogs. Recognizing the importance of preventive care, the Culver Palms Animal Hospital provides wellness examinations and immunizations. Additionally, the facility runs twice weekly vaccine clinics that allow pet owners to receive a 25 percent discount on vaccinations. Dental technicians perform dental scaling, fluoride treatments, and teeth polishing to protect pets’ oral health, while the hospital's staff veterinarians perform more advanced dental care services such as tooth extractions and oronasal fistula repairs. For pets requiring emergency treatment, Culver Palms is equipped to handle critically injured or ill patients. The facility regularly performs routine and advanced surgical procedures. Furthermore, the hospital’s staff is experienced in delivering the intensive care animals need after surgery. In addition to providing veterinary care, the staff makes it a priority to educate pet owners. By obtaining membership on the hospital's official website, clients can receive savings on future vet visits and can access a wealth of information, including tips and articles from the Pet Living & Wellness Newsletter. Reaching out to the animal care community, the hospital provides discounts to multiple rescue organizations, including the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue, Spay California, and the Sam Simon Foundation. Along with a trained veterinary support staff, Culver Palms employs two veterinarians, Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. Chris Bory. Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bory strive to provide a calming, but also kid-friendly, environment for both clients and pets. For more information about the services at Culver Palms Animal Hospital, please visit and