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Appendix with Work Highlights


Oral and Written Communication Skills
I have given many oral presentations that were provided with positive feedback. The following portfolios attachments were orally presented to a group of people either as part of a class or to a patient/clientele audience: Nutrition Later in Life presented to a group of elderly individuals at VAC center 2013, CKD Presentation and Case Study Report presented to undergraduate MNT class 2010, Skinfold Measurement PowerPoint presented to graduate level class 2012, Code of Ethics and Ethical Decision Making report and poster presented to NIU professors and RRVDA Dietetic Professionals 2013, and Case Study II presented to Sherman Hospital Dietitians 2013. During my final community rotation at Kishwaukee Diabetes Center I underwent a five minute interview on the Myths of Diabetes. The interview occurred at WSPN 107.1 in Sandwich Illinois and aired on the radio November 25th, 2013. The following handouts in the Appendix demonstrate written communication skills: Metformin and B12, Vitamin D, Common Food Misconceptions, and Nutrition Later in life demonstrate written communication skills.
Critical Thinking, Attention to Detail, and Problem Solving
Effects of Organizational Code of Ethics on Ethical Decision is a literature review performed as part of my non-thesis path at Northern Illinois University. It can be found in the portfolio attachment section. This project was not only a review of current literature but a demonstration of my analysis, organization, and application of current research. The following handouts found in the Appendix involved the use of research interpretation and application: Vitamin D, Metformin and B12 and Common Food Misconceptions. Feedback from preceptors at Sherman Hospital and Kishwaukee Diabetes Center has supported my possession of this skill.
Diligence, Thoroughness, Organization
The Graduate Assistant in Catering Department at Northern Illinois University was a position that I excelled at because it is specifically a responsibility that requires organization and attention to detail. In order to lead and organize a foodservice/catering event that runs smooth, problems must be prevented before they occur. This position also required teaching students to organize and plan a catering event themselves which added a responsibility of ensuring everyone had an event to plan, instruction by the GA prior to the planning process, and things in order prior to the event. The position of a ‘lead cook’ for Camp Manitoqua and Retreat Center required organization and reliability. I worked with staff I managed or alone preparing and delivering a meal to groups ranging from as small as 10-20 people in the retreat center or as large as 400 people in the camp cafeteria. When working alone for the retreat center, the kitchen was smaller than most home kitchens, shifts were understaffed, and one shift included multiple trips between the camps main cafeteria kitchen and the retreat center’s small kitchen. This experience helped to mold my skills of multi-tasking, time management, and organization. The following documents found in the Appendix are visual representations of my thoroughness and organization in preparing handouts and reports: Going Green Feasibility Report, Educational Handouts, CKD Presentation and Report, and Special Dinner Report.

Career Goals

My initial goals are simply to settle into a job I enjoy, a job that challenges me to increase my knowledge and abilities, and a job where I feel I am making a difference and providing the clients or patients with the services they expect and deserve. To put this more simply, I am to find a position in Dietetics that I enjoy and that suits my personal characteristics and skills.

Within the next two to five years, I plan to begin the journey of developing myself not only into a reliable and knowledgeable professional with experience but into a beneficial member of a team in health services. I hope to be viewed as a beneficial resource for the organization I am hired by and improve the effectiveness of the services provided to the public.

A third goal within the coming years is to begin an expansion of my professional experience by becoming involved in the local community and increasing my familiarity with the surrounding nutritional and health services available to the community. This should in addition increase by collaboration and networking with other professionals in the Dietetics field and community.

Volunteer Experience

Between 2006-2010 Volunteer/Community Service

  • Ingalls Park United Methodist Church PIanist Substitute
  • Ingalls Park and Trinity United Methodist Church Spanish Service Pianist
  • Day Break Homeless Shelter
  • Compassionate Ministries  Olivet Nazarene University Group
  • Mission Trips to Hermosillo, Mexico, and New Orleans, U.S.

Between 2010-2013 Volunteer/Community Service

  • Ingalls Part United Methodist Church Pianist Substitute
  • TAILS Animal Shelter
  • Voluntary Action Center Group Presentations (Nutrition Later  in Life found in the Appendix was developed for one of these presentations)

Degrees, Scholarships, and Awards

  • Dietetic Internship, 2013, Northern Illinois University
  • Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics 2014, Northern Illinois University
  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics 2010, Olivet Nazarene University
  • Minor in Music 2010, Olivet Nazarene University
  • Dean's List Student 2006-2010, Olivet Nazarene University
  • Marathon Oil Scholarship Program $1500 from 2006-2010

Dietetic Internship

Foodservice Management Rotation

  • Completed 2012 at Northern Illinois University Dormatory Dining Services.
  • Experiences include: working employee positions, forecasting, actuals records, inventory, ordering and receiving food, special dinner planning and implementation, and foodservice management.
  • Going Green Feasibility Assignment in Appendix

Clinical Rotation

  • Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, IL.
  • Offsite class visits to NIU nursing SIM lab, Tri-Cities Dialysis Center, Kishwaukee Diabetes Center, Swedish American Hospital Pediactric Unit, and Rockford Memorial Hospital Pediactric Unit

  • Two care plans on inpatients.

  • Shadowing of three dietitians. At least 6 weeks of staff releif.

Community Rotation

  • Kishwaukee  Diabetes Center
  • OSF Outpatient  Center
  • Dupage  Convelescent Center
  • Sage Caner Center
  • More information under work history

Academic Plan of Study for M.S. and Dietetic Internship

Nothern Illinois University 2011

  • FCNS 646 Micronutrients
  • FCNS 604 Research Methods
  • PHHE 605 Biostatistics
  • FCNS 284 Introduction to Family Relationships
  • FCNS 529 Strategies in Modifying Nutrition Behaviors
  • FCNS 645 Macronutrients
  • FCNS 600a Seminar I
  • FCNS 652 Workshop in Clinical Care
  • PHHE 601 United States Healthcare (Elective)

Northern Illinois University 2012

  • FCNS 600a Seminar 2
  • FCNS 653 Workshop
  • FCNS 617 Foodservice Internship Rotation
  • FCNS 650 Eating Disorder Counseling
  • FCNS 698 Project for non-thesis route
  • PHHE 533 Long-Term Care (elective)

Northern Illinois Unversity 2013

  • FCNS 615 Intensive Metabolic Nutrition
  • FCNS 618 Clinical Internship  Rotation
  • FCNS 619 Community Internship Rotation

Work experience

Nov 2013Present

Dietetic Student Volunteer


Volunteered to prepared handouts and present nutritional informations on a variety of topics for an elderly population. Presented 2 times per month and presentations were informal 15-30 minutes presentations with time left to answer questions.

Jan 2012Dec 2013

Graduate Assistant/Manager

Northern Illinois University

Foodservice management, supervision of student and civil service employees, problem solving, actuals paperwork.

Nov 2013Dec 2013

Dietetic Intern

Kishwaukee Diabetes Center

3 week community rotation site and 5 week professional practice site. Worked with CDE RDs and RNs in their work with counseling patients. Performed initial GDM and DM cuonseling sessions and participated in follow ups with patients. Attended and presented in inpatient hospital rounds. Helped with National Diabetes Day event. Performed "positives of diabetes" support group session. Performed numerous projects with RD.

Oct 2013Oct 2013

Dietetic Intern

Dupage Convalescent Center

3 week community rotation site. Took duties of diet tech by performing MDS sheets, quarterly reviews, and annual assessments on long-term care patients. Performed initial assessments with RD on rehabilitation floor.

Oct 2013Oct 2013

Dietetic Intern

Centegra Sage Cancer Center

2 week community rotation site. Worked with oncology outpatient dietitian. Mainly saw radiation treated patients. Learned a little of radiation treatment equipments and side effects of treatment. Counseling patients on initial assessment. Patients I counseling had lung cancer, breast cancer, GI cancer, or prostate cancer.

Sep 2013Sep 2013

Dietetic Intern

OSF St. Anthony Outpatient Weight Loss Center

Community Rotatoin site. Shadowed RD at center. Attended and taught weight loss classes. Shadowed in RD counseling sessions. Shadowed lap band MD during band adjustments. Learned of coding and billing procedures. Increased knowledge of HMR program and gastric banding.

May 2013Aug 2013

Dietetic Intern

Advocate Sherman Hospital

Clincal rotation including offsite class visits to NIU nursing SIM lab, Tri-Cities Dialysis Center, Kishwaukee Diabetes Center, Swedish American Hospital Pediactric Unit, and Rockford Memorial Hospital Pediactric Unit. Two care plans on inpatients. Shadowing of three dietitians. At least 6 weeks of staff releif.

Jan 2011Dec 2011

Graduate Assistant in Chandelier Catering Department

Nothern Illinois University

Teaching students one on one in foodservices catering kitchen, paperwork for catering events, kitchen supervision and labor.

Aug 2010Dec 2010


Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center

Easter Seals provides two feeding groups every Tuesday for children that have a general fear of food and

eat a limited variety of foods. I work under an occupational therapist and a speech therapist helping to prepare

foods for each group, observe children and parents in the group, and clean up. Also, occasional other tasks

include providing nutrition handouts for the parents and plotting children on growth charts.

Jun 2009Dec 2010

Lead Cook/Shift Manager

Camp Manitoqua and Retreat Center

Preparing and cooking meals for a range of 15 to 240 guests, setting up service lines, assisting customers,

supervising assistant cooks, training new employees, receiving food orders, and locking-up cafeteria.

Apr 2008Jun 2009

Assistant Cook

Camp Manitoqua and Retreat Center
Panning food, preparing ready-to-eat items, baking, setting up service lines, receiving food orders, and customer service. Assisted lead cook as needed.
Sep 2006Jan 2009

Line server/Salad bar assistant

Olivet Nazarene University Sodexo
Setting up services line/salad bar, serving, cleaning, occasionally assisting cooks, preparing salad bars. In addition, occasional training of new student employees, bakery work, and assistance in catering events.


Jan 2011Present

Master of Science and Dietetic Internship

Northern Illinois University

Dietetic Internship and Master of Science program that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Aug 2006May 2010

Bachelor of Science

Olivet Nazarene University
Dietetic program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
May 2009Jun 2009

Joliet Junior College

Attended for one summer class which was transfered toward B.S. degree at Olivet Nazarene University

Jan 2009May 2009

Governor State University

Attended for one semester course which was transferred toward B.S. degree at Olivet Nazarene University


Jan 2008Dec 2017

Food Safety and Sanitation Certification

State of Illinois Department of Public Helath
Apr 2011Mar 2015

Healthcare Provider CPR Certification

American Heart Association
Jan 2007Dec 2014

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

National Dietetic Association
Jan 2007Sep 2014

South Suburban Dietetic Association

Illinois Dietetics Association