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Ph.D. Teaching & Learning 

University of Miami

Specialization in Special Education

Expected graduation year: 2018

Expected dissertation: "The Congruence of Parents' and Teachers' Expectations and Ratings of Kindergarten Children's Behavior and Social Skills: Relationships to Children's IEP Goals and Social-emotional Outcomes"

M.Ed. Early Childhood Special Education

James Madison University
Jan 2006May 2007

Graduate Inquiry: “Availability and accessibility of transition resources and services to families of preschool-aged children with special needs”


Adjunct Faculty, Exceptional Education

James Madison University
Spring 2013, SuM 2013,Fall 2014

Coursework in Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities as well as Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Courses Taught: Medical and Technological Aspects of Early Childhood (G); Teacher As Professional (G, online)

Adjunct Faculty, Curry School of Education

University of Virginia
SpRING 2014

Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education

EDIS 5058 (G): Positioning, Handling & Self-Care

ECSE Educator

V L Murray Elementary

Creating a safe environments for students of varying abilities within an early childhood classroom that includes sensory components, learning foundation blocks, and social integration support. 

Contributed value:

·  Lead special education teacher

·  Student teacher and volunteer supervisor

·  Individualized Education Program planning and development

·  Advocating for and training parents to self-advocate for student rights and needs

·  Coordinating transdisciplinary team to best meet individual needs

·  Creation and Mobilization of Autism Homebase program

·  Data collection and progress monitoring

· Secured grants: Herma's Readers, Pets in the Classroom, Kids in Need Foundation

· "We Notice" Recognition, teacher award, Albemarle County Public Schools

·  County representative for the Virginia Education Association

Hospital Education Program Infant Educator

University of Virginia Children's Hospital

Providing unique learning opportunities for infants and toddlers in inpatient acute and intensive care pediatric units rich in curriculum supporting caregiver involvement, language and literacy, and motor development while adapting to each student’s medical and health abilities.

Contributed value:

·Expertly creating safe, predictable routines in institutional settings

·Providing complete developmental evaluations and progress reports to medical care team

·Supporting transitions between inpatient, outpatient, and home-based programs

·Continuing learning and engagement with students in intensive care units



Morris, C. T. (2017). Preventing the preschool-to-prison pipeline: Examining preschool discipline policy recommendations. Roosevelt House Faculty Journal, March 2017, online.

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Chapman, L., Cavendish, W., Morris, C. T. Teachers supporting teachers: A case study of self-initiated collaboration and learning among secondary special education teachers. Manuscript in preparation.


Posters, Presentations, & Reports

Elbaum, B., Morris, C. T., Celimli-Aksoy, S. (2017). Overall improvement of children served in a state Part B prekindergarten program. Poster submitted to the DEC Conference on Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families, October, 2017.

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Morris, C. T. (2016). The exclusion of preschoolers through out of school discipline practices. Unpublished literature review, University of Miami, Department of Teaching and Learning, Coral Gables, Florida.

Morris, C. T. (2015). Parent perceptions of the effects of dispute resolution in special education. Unpublished white paper, University of Miami, Department of Teaching and Learning, Coral Gables, Florida.



Virginia Teaching License

Department of Education


Early Intervention Practitioner

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services



Virginia Association of Infant Mental Health

American Educational Research Association

            Volunteer Reviewer (2017) Division K: Multicultural, Inclusive, and Social Justice

            Frameworks for Teaching and Teacher Education in PK-16

Council for Learning Disabilities

Council for Exceptional Children, Division for Early Childhood

            Volunteer Reviewer (2017) DEC Recommended Practices Monograph Series


Additional Qualifications


Blue Ridge Community College, Online course, Virginia, Ato Z Grantwriting , 2014

Vanderbilt Peabody College , Online training, Response to Intervention, 2012

Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA, University course, Early Childhood Program Planning, 2011

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, Training and certification, Intermediate SBS/AHT, 2010

Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental & Learning Disorders, course, DIR/Floortime model, 2008

Liberty University, University student teacher supervisor, 2014

VEA State Convention, selected representative, Albemarle County, 2014-15

Additional support

References available upon request.

Complete Curriculum Vitae available upon request.