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My objective? Hmm... Well that is easy, my objective to to help your company reach its maximum potential in the radio broadcasting world using hard work and team effort. Using my current skill set which will be highlighted later in my resume I will work hard to help your company and myself grow as one. While your looking for the perfect person for the job... I'm simply letting you know that I'm a hard worker with a don't quit attitude. With my current skills in copy writing, production skills, On-air experience and all around great attitude towards my career helps me relate to your listeners with ease! I want to help you excel to higher standards. So continue on to really get to know the man behind the legend or myth, Give me a call 720-998-2229 operators standing by.

Work experience

Sep 2012Apr 2014

On-Air Personality/Music Director/Productions

Dead - shor Broadcasting

ON-Air Personality and Music Director/Productions Assistant. Had a Show From 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Also Was the Music Director and Assistant Productions Director.

Feb 2011Sep 2012

On-Air Host, Assistant Music Director,Assistant News Director,Assistant Sports Director, Assistant Operations Engineer

Beacon Broadcasting

Hosted a Show from 10am MST to 3pm MST Monday through Friday,Assistant Program Director,  Music Row reporting,loading music selecting the correct style of music, talking to artist and doing interviews with them.Copy Writing, production,filing prize giveaway information along with paperwork. PSA Director, help with certain operations engineering.promotions, remotes, Play-by-Play Basketball and Football.pretty much anything asked of me! I also was the manager of our social media outlets.

Apr 2010Jan 2011

On air-Host/Producer Ohio Center for Broadcasting
  • Host Internet  Sports Talk Radio Show(The Beat)-(What’s On Tap)
  • Production and Show Prep
  • Produced Two shows for the station-The Press Box and The Rivalry

High School Football Play-by-Play

This was an internet radio show for the students on our own time before or after normal class times. Was pretty much the equivalent of an everyday show on the internet. I was a host on two different shows and I also was the producer for two different shows besides the ones I hosted.

Feb 2010Oct 2010

Internship at 104.3 The Fan

KKFN/KEPN 104.3 The Fan-Lincoln Financial Media Company

Was my internship during college. Mostly worked in the Promotions department. Set up remotes and giveaways. Worked filing paperwork and updating the website. handed out prizes. worked on site setting up equipment. Office work. some production using pro-tools and Nexgen software. Once again as my internship i was asked to do many things. and I did exactly that.

KKFN/KEPN 104.3 The Fan-Lincoln Financial Media Company of Colorado. Denver, CO

  • Internship
  • Promotions and Remote set up
  • Audio Production
  • Web Site updating


Apr 2010Jan 2011


Ohio Center For Broadcasting

10 month course that taught me how the world of broadcasting (radio and TV) works.Had My own internet show Ohio Center for Broadcasting, Lakewood, CO

  • Host Internet Radio Show(The Beat)-(What’s On Tap)
  • Production and Show Prep
  • Produced Two shows for the station-The Press Box and The Rivalry
  • High School Football Play-by-Play
  • Graduated with a B average.


Nia Bender

Was a professor at the college I went to. She still to this day is helping me better myself in radio. She currently reports news and traffic for several different stations in Denver.

Ivan Sokalsky

Ivan was a liaison for our college and ESPN Denver, He is a senior lvl producer for espn currently in Denver . Was a huge mentor for me in college and since I have been in the business.

Marshall Johnson

Has over 40yrs of experience in the Broadcasting business. Been a mentor to me throughout us working together at Beacon Broadcasting


  Microsoft Office Suite Nextgen Cool Edit/Audition Audio Production/VO Office Skills Social Networking Html/Java Promotions Imaging Web Browser Digital Systems Board Op Remote Broadcasting Minor Engineering Work
Social Media
Facebook Twitter You Tube Linkedin etc.
Copy Writing Imaging Liners Jingles Sweepers Spots PSA's Familiar with Cool Edit, Adobe Audition 3.0, Protools Promo's
On-Air/Show Host
Great Voice Very Personable Humorous Able to connect to the listener on a personal level Know how to run a Board Can use content and relate it appropriately Can run an automated on air program Can Voice Track


So as I stated before, you're looking for the perfect person for the job... I'm simply letting you know that I'm a hard worker with a no quit attitude. So if you are looking for a fresh young professional who is willing to work hard,always willing to learn and takes criticism as help and not negativity and has really never said no to a project or task that has been given to him to help your company reach the next level in the broadcasting business. Then I strongly ask you to consider the information you have just read when hiring your next team member.


  • Commercial Radio Broadcasting & Technology
  • Digital Technology
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Fishing, Hunting, Camping
  • Wake-boarding
  • Internet Radio, Electronics Projects
  • Community Service Projects
  • Public Speaking
  • Voice Acting
  • Sports Broadcasting and Play-by-Play
  • Coaching Little League- Football,Baseball,Soccer,Basketball