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International business profile with MBA in International Business and professional experience acquired in Europe and Canada. I have a strong interest in new technologies and how they are commercialized. I am also completing a degree covering information access and the protection of personal information, which I believe represent a critical aspect of new technology adoption by the general public.

Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Project Management


In this technology startup company, my role includes business topics as well as operational matters:

  • Implementation and maintenance of an online training platform
  • Negotiation and preparation of license agreements with healthcare groups and hospitals who include our solution in their processes
  • Review of business practices and Privacy Impact Assessments relevant for applicable federal and provincial legislation (PIPEDA, Health Information Acts, ...)
  • Business Intelligence: competitors in the field of cognitive assessment, monitoring of priority areas for targeted sales effort, market analysis in priority areas
  • Review of applicable licensing legislation and medical guidelines in most North-American jurisdictions
  • Participation in Business Continuity Planning and Implementation




IAPP Certificate

University of Alberta

This program offered by the University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension is offered through distance learning.

It is typically completed by individuals who work in the information access and privacy protection field, over 2 years. I have completed all core modules and have chosen the elective course focusing on Health Information and Privacy.

The main focus of the program was on Canadian Information Access legislation (Federal Information Access Act, provincial acts, Alberta's FOIP Act), Privacy legislation (Federal Act, BC or Alberta's PIPA0 and Health Information Legislation (Alberta's Health Information Act, HIPAA in the US).

Besides general and theoretical knowledge, the program also gives students the opportunity to apply that knowledge through practical exercises, such as completing Privacy Impact Assessments, conducting small research projects, which I decided to do by surveying people about their online behaviours when it comes to protecting their personal information.

Sep 1998Jul 2001

Lycée Bartholdi

Regional Awards in English and German