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An M.A. candidate with over 9 years of solid experience managing large caseloads while providing social services to a variety of populations. I have worked in both academic and social service agency environments. Over the course of my career, I have consistently proven my ability to provide outstanding customer service when solving the most difficult of client issues. Strong interest in pursuing professional development opportunities, including specialized training and licensure in relevant growth areas.

Work experience


Student Success Coach


Responsible for providing exceptional customer service and is accountable for attaining performance goals associated with new, continuing, and resuming students while upholding academic integrity. In addition, I am also responsible for executing all elements of a proactive student outreach strategy, including face to face meetings. 

  • Advise students regarding information, procedures, and academic requirements for their specific program

  • Assist students in exploring careers, evaluating academic abilities, and setting personal, academic, and professional goals

  • Prepares advising materials such as student information such as plans of study, rate of progress reports, and time management tools

  • Presents academic information to orientation groups and potential students and parent

  • Act as a resource and liaison to other departments that the student may need

  • Help students understand the course completion process and assist with the registration of appropriate courses 

  • Responds rapidly and accurately to student inquiries.

  • Contacts inactive students and assists them in resuming their studies.

  • Documents student interactions in appropriate University systems. 


Retention Counselor & Attendance Manager

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

Solely responsible for the daily management of all student attendance matters for the Center City Campus consisting of over 400 students and addressing all issues and excessive absenteeism. In addition to developing and implementing a series of 1:1 sessions and group workshops to assist students in navigating successfully through life, additional duties include the creation, implementation and management of the college's first mentoring program for at risk students.

Retention Counselor/Attendance Manager
  • Plan and conduct orientation sessions for matriculating students

  • Monitor statistical data on student enrollment/attendance and academic success to recognize and address student success goals

  • Facilitate weekly meetings with instructors to discuss any student issues or concerns that arise

  • Follow up on students with excessive absences and identify reasons for student withdrawals

  • Monitor the daily attendance recording to ensure that every class is accounted for

  • Interface between technicians and employees to identify problems and formulate solutions

Mentoring Program Coordinator
  • Coordinate daily operations of the mentoring initiative to ensure success of students participating in program

  • Monitor student progress by utilizing available technology and tracking systems

  • Design and coordinate group learning activities to promote student success

  • Meet individually with each student on an as needed basis

  • Provide individual and/or group coaching on issues related to academic success

  • Refer students to internal and external programs for additional support services or for crisis intervention services that can assist to remove barriers to student success

  • Supervise program staff and participants


Income Maintenance Case Worker

Participated in classroom and on-the-job training to learn Department of Public Welfare procedures for determining if applicants meet the eligibility requirements for public assistance programs. Learned the requirements for programs such as Medical Assistance, Food Stamps, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Interviewed people applying for public assistance programs, establish and maintain with the client an Agreement of Mutual Responsibility, help clients identify and remove barriers to financial self-sufficiency, determine the assistance programs for which applicants qualify, and make referrals for appropriate services.

Income Maintenance Case Worker

  • Meet high performance standards for technical accuracy as prescribed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

  • Plan, organize, and manage large caseloads to ensure timely eligibility determination and ongoing case management

  • Learn to analyze public assistance applicant information to determine eligibility for benefits

  • Gather important information by telephone, by mail, and in person from clients applying for financial and other assistance

  • Retrieve and enter data using the computer system and data management software

  • Interact objectively with public assistance clients in situations or settings that may be stressful, including conducting group workshops, and developing individual plans for self-sufficiency





M.A. in Urban Studies

Eastern University
  1. Develop a global urban mindset that is comfortable in an urban context and understands the dynamic forces which shape urban life in a global economy.  
  2. Create a commitment to justice and compassion reflective of the Kingdom of God.
  3. Understand urban theory and models of urban transformation, which replace a fragmentary worldview with one of wholeness.  
  4. Grasp and implement applied research methods that can inform social policies for effective community revitalization.  
  5. Be prepared in both the theory and practice of community development initiatives to move the poor out of poverty through job creation.  
  6. Empower the poor through education to achieve socioeconomic success.  
  7. Understand a theology of the city and develop a theological construct for urban renewal.  
  8. Comprehend all the factors (financial, management, legal, etc.) that figure into the effective operation of a community organization by means of a hands-on experience with organizations working on behalf of the poor.  
  9. Synthesize the theory and methods of community organizing and development, and how to deal with the structures of power that create inequitable systems and practices of injustice.  
  10. Develop a practice of leadership that demonstrates wisdom in addressing human needs wherever and at whatever level of existence the need may arise.  
  11. Develop practical skills that can address the everyday needs of urban living .
  12. Empower students with the broadest base of a holistic context that will enable them to creatively produce specific solutions to an ever-complex world that has innumerable permutations to each decision. Such an approach shifts their focus from Content (social problems) to Context (social paradigms) that will enable them to see practical solutions they couldn't see before while focused just on content.