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Work experience


Phoenix Industries

Taught remedial computer use to adults in vocational rehabilitation.

Junior Software Engineer

Avion Solutions

I worked on the Unit Level Logistics and Supply software for the Army (ULLS-A) as a supernumerary. Development was primarily within the .NET framework.

Mar 2008Present

Lead Technology Educator


I design, create, and teach classes targeted to middle and high school students. Subject matter includes: computer programming, robotics, physics, digital art & animation, logic, electronics, applied mathematics, and designing real time interactive simulations.

In four years I have created hundreds of hours of proprietary curriculum that reaches thousands of students each year. I was the first member of my department, and now lead four other educators. 


Sole Proprietor

Eureka! Tutoring

I tutoring math, science, programming, logic and rhetoric to gifted high school and college students.

Jan 2007Sep 2007

Robotics Counselor

United States Space and Rocket Center

I lead the Space and Rocket Center's robotics lab, where middle and high school students competed against each other in a weekly robotics competition.

I displayed initiative in updating the lab's software, and hardware. Even after ending my employment I chose to continue training my former coworkers for years afterwards.


Jan 2004Present

University of Alabama in Huntsville

I study Computer Engineering at UAH and hope to specialize in Robotics when the course of study is made available.


Coursera (Stanford, et al.)

Coursera is a free educational resource that I utilize. I particularly enjoyed Andrew Ng's machine learning class.


I am learning how to use Linux. Specifically, I am trying to turn myself into a Linux power-user.
Most of my mathematics knowledge is self taught, though I am formally trained in mathematics to the level of ordinary differential equations and intermediate linear algebra.   I am currently teaching myself modern abstract algebra (groups, rings, fields), the calculus of variations, real analysis (Baby Rubin), control theory, and nonlinear dynamics.   I have interests in statistics, probability, logic, game theory, topology, and number theory.   I like math for its own sake. However I now view it as one of my most important tools, instead of my trade.
Computer Programming
I tell computers what to do. How I do that does not matter much to me, but I am not dumb enough to say that I "know" any language outright. I can code in:   ASM, C, C++, C#, python, Lua, Lisp, JAVA, Forth, SQL, and many more.   I prefer to use Python for rapid prototyping, and C++ for heavy lifting.   I have experience in Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, Octave, and Scilab.   I am also familiar with similar things ( CSS, HTML, XML, etc ) that are not typically considered programming languages, but are related.   I am fascinated by Forth's elegance. I have a strong interest in meta-heuristics, especially probabilistic ones. I like the role of mathematical rigor in programming, and am working my way through Knuth's "The Art of Computer Programming".


I am an engineer, coder, hacker, and teacher. I am looking for employment in a technical field, especially engineering.


UAHuntsville's I.E.E.E. Student Chapter (2011 - present)

I lead IEEE's competition robotics team. This entails organizing and motivating around a dozen students to build a robot from scratch. This year features a computer vision based localization system, which I am also the lead programmer on.

I am the President-apparent for the next academic year.

UAHuntsville's UAV Club (2012 - present)

I am the UAV club's Treasurer.

Makers Local 256 (2012 - present)

I am a member of Makers Local 256, a local hackerspace.