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Work experience


Carl S. Mink CPA P.A.

Staff appraiser

SRS Appraisal Services


Jun 2012


Western Governors University
Aug 1985


Georgia State University


To help you achieve your goals in business and in life.


Taxes? You only earned it if you get to keep it.
How much is 2+2? You might be surprised how many answers the IRS has to that one! Proper tax planning may save you more than you pay us in fees. We will help you harmonize your personal and business decisions to your best advantage. Timing is indeed often everything.
Guidance for Capital Funding
Do you need machinery and equipment, a new building, an addition, a new computer? Let us help you prepare your next loan application. We understand SBA, USDA and HUD programs. We can help you talk to lenders and make your numbers make more sense to them. If you're not ready, we can show you how to prepare.
Accounting Tailored for You
  Don't waste time and money. Get the accounting system that you need and will grow with you. We help you choose just the menu of services to help you grow and that fits your budget. Do it yourself or with our help. You win either way. Computerized accounting you can live with and will let you sleep at night. No surprises.  
Staff Training
The best accounting starts with trained and knowledgeable staff.
Optimize Your Operations
Unplanned growth is a killer of small business. We can help you plan your growth. Satisfy customers and protect your hard-earned cash at the same time.


Nov 2013

Certified Public Accountant

State of Florida AC-41396
Dec 2012

State-Registered Trainee Real Estate Appraiser

State of Florida RI-22052