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Work experience

Nov 2002Present

Country Manager


-Incorporated an air cargo GSA (General Sales Agency) as the President of the organization

-Main duties included security of off-line airlines as their GSA in Korea. GSA’s function is to promote and sell its principal’s products and services on behalf of the principals. Was successful in winning GSA rights for Kenya Airways, Croatia Airlines and Air Jamaica within Korea. Promoting principals’ services to freight forwarders and agencies in Korea and conducting operational procedure in accordance with the principals’ rules and regulations were also one of the main tasks.

Personal Note: Incorporating my own company made me nervous at first, but it was also exciting and quite pleasing at the same time. I was involved from the initial process required for incorporating a company in Korea to purchasing office supplies and hiring employees. Every single decision with regards to Circa Air Cargo Corp. was made by me, and my decision basically was the final word. Circa Air Cargo Corp. taught me a lot of things for the first time, but nothing stands out more than the importance of employees. Especially in a small company like Circa Air Cargo Corp., working relationship within the organization is the deciding factor for the success of the company. Management of people is, by far the most difficult task I faced up to this point, and I believe that the skill can only get better through years and years of first hand experience. On that note, I am still learning the management skill required to harmoniously maintain the working relationship within the organization. One thing for sure, employees will not work based on the top boss’ instructions alone, but rather they will work better by the top boss’ demonstrated good examples.

Aug 2000Nov 2002

General Manager

Ad Virtual Co., Ltd.

-Worked as the Manager for International Sales & Marketing Division

-Main duties included finding target accounts for virtual advertising service within Asia. Creation of new accounts through company researches using internet, publications and industry related exhibitions and seminars, on-site presentation of company and virtual advertisement, presentation of visual samples on virtual advertisement, negotiation of service rates, drafting of service contracts, arrangement of equipment transportation, planning of operational services.

Personal Note: Virtual Advertising was a new concept in the advertising industry. It was a sensational method where computer graphics (both 2 & 3D) were synchronized into the live feed of broadcasting. This effect made advertising more effective and dynamic that other advertising related organizations showed tremendous concern and negative opinions. My main task as the Manager for International Sales & Marketing Division was to find as many customers who wanted to utilize our service as possible throughout Asia where our rights extended. In order to accomplish the task, I instantly took a trip to Malaysia where there was no established regulations on virtual advertising at the time. My initial contact with TV3 of Malaysia was quite successful as the Marketing Manager at TV3 station was in search of something different and unique. After couple rounds of trial demonstrations, I was able to win a live program. The program was to broadcast the closing ceremony of the SEA Games 2001 (South East Asian Games) during which we were to feature two sponsors with 3D animated computer graphics. When I was praised for our hard work by executives of those two organizations after the program, it was quite rewarding and satisfying, especially as the first project. One important lesson I learned through my career with Ad Virtual was that business needs to be flexible whenever possible. It is just difficult or even impossible to do business on black or white basis. The more flexible one is, the better chance of successfully winning the contract is one of the lessons that I learned.

Aug 1997Jun 2000

Manager - Cargo Marketing

Asiana Airlines

-Worked as the Contracts Manager for Cargo Marketing & Sales Department

-Main duties included, promotion of Asiana Airlines Cargo through offering company presentations to the international air cargo community and choosing new ground handling company for Asiana Cargo at 22 international stations around the World by thorough comparative analysis on available ground handling vendors. Other duties included management of ground handling contracts and rates for all of Asiana Cargo stations around the world. Renewal of existing contracts was also an important part of the duties whereby on-site negotiations and inspections were required.

Personal Note: Despite my inexperience in the air cargo field, I was assigned to take over the Ground Handling Contracts for the cargo side from the Operations Department who used to manage both Passenger and Cargo contracts at the time. This was largely due to my linguistic skill that enabled me to understand the contracts faster. It took me at least six months before I was comfortable relating to the actual day-to-day activities from ramp to bonded warehouse at the airport. The most rewarding experience during my employment at Asiana Airlines was when I successfully carried out a charter operation to Almaty, Kazakstan where Asiana operated a B767-300 Freighter service on a charter basis. DaeWoo Motors was sending a limousine for the President of Kazakstan as a promised gift when the President of DaeWoo Motors visited the country. Due to the urgency of the operation, I needed to hop on a plane to Almaty in order to assess the condition of the local airport for our B767-300 Freighter operation. Everything seemed alright except one particular equipment called Main Deck Loader. This particular equipment was required to safely bring down the vehicle onto the ground from the aircraft. Almaty being an airport where freighter operation never took place, did not have the Main Deck Loader. I had to somehow come up with an idea to safely unload the vehicle from the aircraft without damaging it. The best alternative to the Main Deck Loader came when I asked the airport to contact the military base nearby where they had a truck equipped with a scissor lift that could be lifted high enough to the side door of the aircraft. On the day of the operation, I took the liberty of helping the ground handlers when they safely brought down the limousine from our freighter. The experience taught me to prepare for any type of situations and scenarios as life sometimes can be very unpredictable and surprising.

Apr 1996Jun 1997

A.E. - Corporate Sales

United Airlines

-Worked as an A.E. for Corporate Sales & Marketing Department

-Main duties included, creation of new accounts by finding target accounts through researches, offering on-site presentation, building attractive yet lucrative corporate packages, planning effective and efficient sales calls, establishing accurate and organized data base of the corporations,

Personal Note: United Airlines in Korea was not a major airline in the market due to lack of scheduled flights out of Korea. Nonetheless, UA Korea’s best bet was to go after US corporations in Korea as they tended to travel to the US on a regular basis. UA’s direct flight service to San Francisco in addition to its quality flight services within the US offered fairly convenient service out of Korea. The most memorable experience was when I was able to secure Motorola contract. Motorola was using Korean Airlines as their preferred carrier at the time. When I first contacted Motorola Korea, I had to face a typical Korean manager who was more keen on his personal benefit than that of the company’s. In order to tackle this task, I had to come up with a customized package that he could not reject. I did a research on Motorola Korea employees’ travel habit as well as frequencies. I also made notes on the lead time for each trip in order to compare it with the lead time on UA’s service. After a thorough data gathering, I met up with the personnel in charge of carrier appointment at Motorola Korea. At first, he kept on trying to emphasize the superiority of his current arrangement with Korean Airlines, but after reviewing the written comparisons of lead time, price and amenities, he had to promise that he will report it up to his management for further review. I eventually got a chance to meet with the Country Manager of Motorola Korea to further present our service. At the end of the presentation, we were able to secure the contract where I was able to secure all of Motorola Korea’s US trips out of Korea. Yet again, I was able to learn the importance of clear and accurate presentation of our services through effective comparative analysis.

Jun 1993Jun 1994

Traffic Controller

LG Electronics International Co., Ltd.

-Practical training for 1 year upon graduation

-Was assigned to Traffics Department where duties included collection of accounts receivable, monitoring of Imports(TV monitors, VCRs) from Mexico and Korea into the US, arrangement of trucking schedule

-Also assisted the President with his speeches and other translation-required documents

Personal Note: I was able to learn and feel how an organization worked for the first time. Most memorable incident during my training was when I contacted a trucking company called Yellow Freight to collect accounts receivable. There were roughly over 100 boxes of VCR that were damaged during its transportation from Huntsville, AL to Englewood Cliffs, NJ which Yellow Freight tried to nullify for the past months before I took the responsibility. I remember staying late in order to collect and gather every piece of evidence in favor of LG Electronics such as bills of lading, Proof of Delivery and pictures when possible. Roughly about a month into the investigation, I was able to present enough documents and evidence that Yellow Freight finally agreed to pay the amount owed up to date. This taught me the importance of collecting and organizing written documents.


Sep 1989May 1993


Boston College



Key Account Management ♦ New Business Development ♦ Consultative & Solution Sales ♦ Networking & Relationship Building ♦ Contract Negotiations ♦ Branch Management ♦ Branch Incorporation

PROFILEDynamic 14-year career reflecting pioneering experience and outstanding performance in the air cargo industry. Strong drive force with back up data to create new key accounts while strengthening relationships with the existing accounts. Always thinking creatively to generate additional revenue by executing new plans and ideas.

♦ Expert in airline General Sales Agency business with vast knowledge in foreign cargo airlines and their routes and network

♦ Outstanding success in building and maintaining relationships with key principal airlines and their decision makers, establishing consistent communication channel

♦ Exceptionally well organized with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal and corporate goals

♦ High cultural quotient based on living and studying abroad since the age of 11 in countries such as Japan, Canada and US


To find an executive management position at a company where I can grow as a productive and constructive person that can contribute to the success of the organization


Fluent in Korean, English & Japanese both in written and spoken