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Work experience

Jan 2013Apr 2015

Western North Slope Reservoir Engineer

ConocoPhillips - Alaska

Managed 3 field assets on WF and MWAG EOR; duties included reserve evaluations and providing development drilling support via rate/resource forecasts and pressure estimates.

  • Updated and history matched simulation models for each field in preparation for periodic royalty redeterminations and development drilling evaluations.
  • Conducted a development drilling optimization study for the CD5 project which offered additional control data and current year rate benefit.
  • 3Q on time delivery of WNS Subsurface Management Plan; helped WNS obtain level 3 OE Compliance; award recognition.
  • Successfully advanced 5 development wells through the AFE process.
  • Facilitated Nanuq-Nanuq and Qannik Reservoir Characterization Matrix development.
  • Completed undulating well study for Nanuq Nanuq field; adds 1 MMBOE per well.
  • Quickly learned proficient use of Eclipse and Petrel programs.
Jun 2011May 2012

Drilling and Measurements Field Engineer

Schlumberger Technology Corp.

Provided client, i.e. Encana and ConocoPhillips, and directional driller with real time log data during drilling operations in the Bakken formation.  Duties include tool data retrieval, running tool diagnostics and ensuring the proper operation of the tool. 

  • Proficient in the operation of Maxwell and HSPM programs to ensure quality data and to transform raw data into the final deliverable.
  • High quality data delivered to the directional driller to facilitate drilling decisions and hazard prevention.
  • Collaborated with management and the client to guarantee client objectives were exceeded.
Aug 2008May 2011

Applied Reservoir Evaluation - Graduate Student

Petroleum Research and Recovery Center

Simulation research on the Horse Canyon field in the Paradox Basin of Utah

Pit Rules Project

  • Managed a team of four in data acquisition and data formatting for the Pit Rules program.

Applied Reservoir Evaluation

  • Developed solutions using Nexus-VIP, Prosper (PETEX), VirtuWell and RTA (Fekete) software.

  • Determined reservoir properties and characteristics using log evaluation software (LESA).

  • Evaluated the productive potential of the field using volumetrics, decline and transient curve analysis, and 3-dimensional modeling.

  • Became proficient with VIP’s dual porosity modeling software.

  • Developed conclusive research on the EOR potential of the Horse Canyon field.

Geomodeling Reservoir Simulation Course

  • Successfully guided students in the proper development of a geomodel using Nexus-VIP.

  • Taught the basics of LESA software to graduate students.

  • Overcame language barriers by utilizing different approaches to address each student’s learning abilities.


Jun 2008Aug 2008

Exploration Manager Intern

Department of Energy

Updated USGS Map of Methane Hydrate locations.

  • Researched extensive ship logs to obtain methane hydrate locations to update USGS maps.
  • Developed a Google Earth supported database of the methane hydrate locations.
  • Presented comprehensive research findings at a technical conference.
Jun 2007Aug 2007

Exploration Manager Intern

Department of Energy

Researched methane hydrate resource potential and reported international program data.

  • Collaborated with methane hydrate researchers to obtain critical information for the research and development (R&D) program.
  • Researched methane hydrate reserves funding and R&D program structure for global locations.
Jul 2004Mar 2007

Petroleum Engineering Technician Assistant

Bureau of Land Management,

Ensured facility systems and volumes reporting were in compliance with BLM Regulations.

  • Organized and updated filing and information systems in AFMSS database.
  • Inspected and maintained records on over 1,000 wells in north-western New Mexico.
  • Accompanied certified PETs to P&A and Spudding jobs to convey the importance of health and safety for the workers and the environment.
Aug 2002Dec 2002

Petroleum Engineering Mentorship Class

Merrion Oil & Gas Company

Developed production forecast and reserve evaluation for an oil well in the San Juan Basin.

  • Collaborated with other mentorship participants to determine the cost benefit of investing in the further development of the reservoir.
  • Formulated a potential bid, based on the cost benefit analysis, which was further used during the bidding process of an oil well.



Microsoft Office
I have ample experience in the utilization of the Microsoft Office programs, including but not limited to Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point.  I also have some familiarization with using Microsoft Access.
Fekete RTA and Virtuwell
The Fekete RTA and Virtuwell Program were used to evaluate for reserves and bottom-hole pressure (BHP), respectively.
PETEX Prosper Software
The Prosper Software was necessary to develop hydraulic and PVT tables for my thesis.  This included the basic data entry, IPR curve matching and evaluation, and finally developing the hydraulic tables for simulation.
Nexus - VIP Reservoir Simulation Software
My thesis, Applied Reservoir Simulation of the Horse Canyon Field, was completed using the Nexus - VIP software.  I have thorough knowledge in troubleshooting and proper reservoir evaluation.  Also, implementation of many of the features in the software, i.e. Restart Option, Shut-In Option, Constraint Execution, History Matching, to name a few.  I evaluated the reservoir to determine the feasibility of implementing recompletions or infill drilling.
Eclipse Reservoir Simulation Software

Eclipse Reservoir Simulation software was used extensively for all reserve evaluations, redetermination and pressure estimations for development drilling.  Also, Eclipse was used for evaluating the viability of various reservoir development options.


Petrel was used for visualization of Eclipse model results.


Extracted production information and created production bubble maps using the OFM software. 


Nick Pysz/Reservoir Engineer Supervisor

Nick Pysz provided guidance for reservoir engineering projects, including reservoir redeterminations, development drilling projects and the subsurface management plan.

Robert Balch/Lead Scientist - Section Head

Dr. Robert Balch acted as research advisor for Horse Canyon field reservoir simulation project.  I assisted him in his reservoir geomodeling course and the Pit Rules project.

Edith Allison/Exploration Manager

Edith Allison played a key role in completion of methane hydrate policies and in updating the United States Geological Survey (USGS) map of methane hydrate locations. 


My interests include:

  • Practicing my faith as a Catholic
  • Weight Lifting
  • Reading
  • Target Shooting
  • Cooking
  • Playing Pool


Innovative professional with broad experience in the oil and gas industry.  Skills in field engineering and reservoir engineering for both private and government companies.  Strengths include building trust-based relationships, excellent communication and organizational skills.  Eager and proactive in learning new skills, known for using creative thinking to generate workable solutions.