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Work experience


Business Unit Director

Sanofi Aventis

Accountable for Cardiovascular and Joint Venture Business with Bristol Myers Squibb.

Jan 2007Dec 2008

Assoc. Director, International Commercial Operations

Led sales operations, forecasting, and business development activities for $37M business unit serving numerous Caribbean countries and a 79-person team, including 4 Zone Managers, 2 Business Managers and 50 Sales Representatives. Served on Caribbean Regional Operations Executive Committee. Managed contractual agreements, forged and maintained key distributor relationships. Monitored compliance and led strategic contracting activities. Served as a liaison with government ministries to foster business growth. Created forecasts to regulate inventory. Oversaw car fleet. Administered sales incentive plan, setting strategy, monitoring performance and making adjustments as necessary. Monitored physician reporting activities. Developed sales quotas for countries, direct selling budgets and distributors’ quotas.

Key Accomplishments: 

  • Achieved 18% growth in total revenues (+5.6M) versus 2007 and 9% above profit plan.
  • Supported and sustained successful product launches for Gardasil, Rotateq, Januvia, Janumet, Atripla, Isentress and Emend.
  • Successfully negotiated with Grand Cayman Ministry of Health a price for Gardasil resulting in the first Government mass vaccination program in Latin America
  • Enabled the penetration of Januvia and Janumet into the Bahamas Drug Agency formulary by establishing a new distribution partner in the country.
  • Increased business significantly by establishing a robust cold supply chain throughout the Caribbean enabling the vaccine line sales and successful market penetration of Gardasil and Rotateq increasing sales from $0 in 2005 to $1.6M in 2008.
  • Slashed returned goods expenses from $1M to $100k over 2-year period by establishing a robust demand planning organization.
  • Developed in Bahamas & Dominican Republic new government sector sales via commercial partnerships, which resulted in an additional $800k in annual revenue.
  • Supported $9M worth of Government Tender revenues accelerating its sales contribution to 25% through price proposals submissions and support to Corporate Economic Affairs.
  • Conquered $293k worth of write-off savings in waste through Product Samples Optimization.
  • Materialized a potential $5M incremental income for Merck (NPV) in five years leading business development negotiations in Dominican Republic and the English Caribbean.
  • Applied Six Sigma methodologies to control costs and foster more efficient sales and marketing operations while integrating demand planning activities into cross-functional teams.
Dec 2005Jan 2007

Assoc. Director, Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Standards

Led strategic planning under autonomous operational unit supporting launch of new products while exploring new business development opportunities, integrating numerous functions under a multi-million dollar organization with direct P&L management oversight. Served as a member of the Caribbean Regional Operations Executive Committee. Led field communications and promotional activities related to marketing strategy, market research, customer outreach, training and development, sales force skill-building, new product and demand planning, sales administration, contract management and fleet administration. Designed and implemented many processes improving ROI on marketing programs and promotional materials.Implemented new marketing approaches in multi-cultural fast-paced markets to rapidly adapt to varying market needs.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Supported the successful launch of several products including Januvia, Vytorin, and Fosamax Plus
  • Cut annual costs by approximately $700k with an innovative demand planning strategy. 
  • Motivated employees by aligning pay and performance and implementing product learning programs. 
  • Piloted and implemented interactive tool for customers and physicians, e-Detailing, saving $75k per year. 
  • Created home-based trainee program that saved $110k annually. 
  • Led market intelligence and plans for new product entries in territory prior to launch
Jan 2004Dec 2005

International Senior Sales Manager

Primary Leadership role in transforming a divergent multi-cultural Regional Management group into a cohesive & highly efficient team focused in collaborative thinking, execution and results. Inspired a team of 6 District Managers engaged in supervising sales production from 50 representatives throughout 12 countries in the Caribbean region. Developed managerial skills in direct reports to promote better performance. Set sales goals and created operational strategies. Allocated resources for region. Participated in product development projects. Enforced regulatory compliance. Forged relationships with local distributors and coordinated supplies with manufacturers. Conducted onsite field visits with representatives and key customers. Reviewed and approved pricing proposals. Orchestrated launches, working with cross-functional teams to introduce new products.


Key Accomplishments:

Revenue Growth:

  • Materialized $1.0MM in revenues by negotiating the first and largest sales contract attaining a higher national positioning of HIV products securing contract for three-year period directly with the Ministry of Health in Jamaica.
  • Exceeded Profit Plan for 2004 (French & English Caribbean) by 5% and increased revenues by 30% over 2003 for the French Antilles and by 10% in the English Caribbean.
  • Surpassed Operational and Performance Metrics for 2005 – 11% overall Revenue Growth, 14% increase in Operating Income and 15% Sales Growth in Promoted Products

Operational Enhancements:

  • Employee Retention Rate:Increased employee satisfaction (as per Viewpoint Survey and 360° Feedback) and prevented high performers from being attracted to competitors (5 instances).
  • Obtained three Merck Awards of Excellence in 2004:Divisional Award forcreating a positive and productive work environment as per Viewpoint Survey ♦ LA Sales Effectiveness (LASER) Award for installing Regional Key Strategic Initiative optimizing the development & performance of sales teams ♦ HIV Accelerated Access Initiative.
  • Spearheaded training initiatives for Managers and Representatives to include performance feedback management, coaching and counseling, high impact leadership and Targeted Selection®.
Mar 2003Dec 2003

International Senior Marketing Manager

Coordinated strategic marketing initiatives for Zocor, Fosamax, Cozaar, Hyzaar, Stocrin and the Hospital line of products developing and maintaining a business planning master calendar and serving as chief liaison between leadership in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries on marketing efforts. Aligned planning processes with short and long-term goals. Served on Product Core team and orchestrated medical symposia activities. Played key role in all stages of launch initiatives and profit planning for all products. Developed sales quotas and incentive plan targets.

 Key Accomplishments:

  • Successfully supported the launch of new products throughout the region, gaining $1.7M in incremental revenue.
  • Achieved 17% growth, growing key franchise revenue to $23.6M.  Reestablished performance metrics to monitor effectiveness of marketing strategy with physicians.
  • Revived Physician Reporting System to enable performance metric against delineated marketing strategy.
  • Optimized Promotional Campaign process by installing procedure for Key Opinion Leader Advocacy efforts.
  • Championed electronic reporting tool to replace paper-based physician reporting system.
Jan 2000Mar 2003

Global Sales & Marketing Training

Served as subject matter expert on major project to assess training needs and develop corporate training programs. Conducted needs assessments in numerous countries, evaluating skill levels and creating training courses for subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Built consensus on training initiatives with top executives. Led “train-the-trainer” sessions and created facilitator guides. Developed real-life examples for use in training content.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Delivered over 50 Sales and Marketing Management programs in over 20 countries worldwide with an overall participant evaluation rate of 5.7 out of a 6.0 scale.
    • Specialized management programs in Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Analysis, Planning, Recruiting, Performance Management and customer service
  • Installed the Global Sales & Marketing Thinking Process throughout Country and Regional Training Programs.
  • Played a leading role in the creation re-design, development and worldwide roll-out of four (4) new training programs in Sales & Marketing Management:Micromarketing, e-Micromarketing, District Analysis and Planning and Needs Based Selling.
Dec 1989Dec 1999


CAREER NOTE: Past job history also includes the following positions at Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation:  

  1. Hospital Business Manager (12 Direct Reports, Covered all Private & Government Accounts)
  2. Specialty Business Manager (10 Direct Reports, Covered all of Puerto Rico)
  3. Marketing Product Manager (Launched two new products in HIV & Asthma)
  4. Health Science Associate
  5. Senior Hospital Sales Representative (First position in Sales)
  6. Hospital Sales Representative 

Details are available upon request.




Computer-Based Detailing versus Literature Sales Promotion for Ethical Pharmaceutical Products

This research project investigated the effectiveness of a wide array of promotional tools in terms of their ability to convey confidence, trust and credibility assuming a given pharmaceutical sales representative has been granted the trust from behalf of the physician.  The sample of physicians was obtained from an internal report from MSD Puerto Rico which classified doctors in terms of categories.  The sample frame was a representative group of physicians throughout Puerto Rico.  The sample was composed of 100 physicians across 12 different specialties.


It is the opinion of the author of this research project that science and selling do not mix in a natural way.  In other words, it would be ideal for selling to take place in a very subtle way in front of the physician.  These "subtle" ways may very well translate into strong sales once the representative has gained the trust, confidence and credibility from part of the physician.  Therefore, the following hypotheses were formulated in relation to the research questions mentioned before:

  • The representative herself/himself along with the ranking of the represented company is the most important factor in determining whether a doctor accepts what has to be said about a given drug and/or clinical investigation.
  • An original and well researched clinical investigation coming from a respected source in the medical community has to always accompany either a Computer-Based Detail (CBD) or a brochure/literature promotion if the doctor is to perceive what the representative is selling as accurate and true.  The relationship between doctor and representative is dynamic, thus making the later to continuously work on her/his "scientific" reputation.
  • A CBD promotion carries an intrinsically greater chance of being taken by most physicians as not scientific and less serious, thus reducing the chances of a favorable impression on the credibility of what is being presented by the representatives.


CBD was well accepted by doctors when analyzing the overall results but this tool in particular had a tendency to be preferred by the majority of physicians when it was supported and used in conjunction with printed material.  The use of CBD by itself was the tool preferred by only 12% of the respondents.  The most critical promotional tools considered by the respondents that significantly added confidence and credibility were the quality of the information presented (86%) and the source of information (84%).  The image and reputation of a given pharmaceutical company (73%) also made a difference when it comes to credibility.

When comparing the different methods available for detailing by themselves, a greater majority of respondents (28%) chose the literature as their preferred information link in terms of credibility.  Only 12% of the respondents were satisfied with the use of CBD by itself as the tool for detailing in terms of trust and credibility.

When evaluating the relationship between the length of time in office practice and other factors, there was no statistically proven correlation among any of the variables considered.  The length of time in practice was analyzed versus the time allocated per representative, number of representatives seen per week and preferred method of promotion.  The null hypothesis of no association could not be rejected.  The majority of physicians (67%) are willing to dedicate from 10-20 minutes to see a pharmaceutical sales representative.  This was to the advantage of the industry considering the substantial increase in manpower that the industry experienced in those years in order to accomodate for its increasing promotional needs.

Bachelors Degree


Dr. Kenneth Sanchez

“I worked with Hector when he was at Global Sales & Marketing Training and I was in charge of the trainng department in Mexico City. Hector was highly instrumental in helping our sales organization of 500 people (Sales Managers and Representatives) to learn and implement Micromarketing. His sales and marketing background along with his communication and engagement skills provided the trust and confidence the sales organization needed for a successful execution. It was a privilege for me to work with Hector at Merck and I know that he will bring his extensive experience, energy and enthusiasm to his new roles.” January 16, 2009

Gretchen Alonso

“Among other daily tasks, we worked on the implementation of new business initiatives, he was an essential part in the sucess of this project due to his business knowledge, ability to see the "big picture", understanding of company procedures and negotiation skills. He has excellent verbal and writting skills and is able to manage difficult situations in a poise and professional manner. It was a great pleasure to work with him since he was a great source of information for the business as well as management practices, but most important he was a teamplayer and contributed in achieving company's objectives.” March 5, 2009

Hugo Rodriguez

“Héctor Cruz-Rosa is a disciplined and seasoned pharmaceutical professional who has what it takes to articulate and execute regional strategical objectives at any MNC. His managerial and executive resumé includes a vast knowledge in areas such as Sales, Marketing and Commercialization throughout the full product lifecycle. Héctor models our leadership attributes and is definitely an asset and a great addition to a high performing Executive Team.” January 16, 2009

Nick Kokinelis

“Hector is a very responsible and most importantly very effective professional. I worked with Hector as he planned and executed marketing training programs that accomplished every objective for the participants. Hector can be relied upon to work independently and achieve the specified objectives. He can also be creative and flexible when faced with challenges so that he accomplished his objectives every time. Hector is also a pleasure to work with when planning and executing on objectives.” January 11, 2009

Bernardo Gonzalez

“Hector is a very well versed Commercial Operations Director with strong experience and knowledge in international business specially in the English, French, Dutch and Dominican Republic markets. His business savy skills and indepht sales and marketing skills make him an asset for any organization interested in going global.” January 5, 2009


Sep 2003Dec 2003

Six Sigma Black Belt Program

Merck & Co., Inc.

Commercial Innovation

Career Profile

Sales and marketing executive with global experience and a talent for generating revenue and improving operational performance.Demonstrated success in marketing planning, new product launches and field communications while managing forecasts, sales quotas & budgeting to effectively lead sales performance and Marketing ROI.Creates and deploys innovative sales and marketing strategies and tactics to expand market share and develop new business.Leads effectively cross-functional teams and aligns strategy to resources and employee efforts to execute achieving company goals. Proven ability to establish cost controls and robust planning procedures to promote efficiency.  Fluent in English and Spanish. 


Sales & Marketing · Profit Planning ·Business Development · Strategic Planning · P&L · Employee Development · Innovation · Training · Strategic Partnerships · Product Launches · Forecasting · Government Relations · Reporting · Incentive Plans · Sales Targets · Organizational Development · Performance Management ·Business Analysis & Planning · Negotiation

Courses & Facilitation

*Certified to Train others as Facilitators


·Interviewing & Selection*

·District Manager Simulation*

·District Analysis and Planning*

·Field Visit Management*

·Coaching & Counseling*

·Needs-Based Selling*

·Front-Line Service*

·Key Account Management

·Promotion: Managing Advertising Agencies

·Instructional Design for New Designers

·Marketing Overview Program

·Merck Marketing in Practice

·Managing Mature Brands

·Performance Feedback

·Dale Carnegie Course in Public Speaking & Human Relations

·Managing Market Research Studies

·Negotiation Skills

·Leadership Development Program

·Practical Public Affairs Workshop

·Targeted Selection

·HSM World Business Forum in Leadership – New York City – September 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Special Recognitions & Awards

  • 2008 Merck Special Award of Excellence:  Negotiated first order of Gardasil for first public mass vaccination program in Cayman representing first in Latin America.
  • 2005 Merck Customer Focus Sales & Marketing Excellence Award for increasing access to HIV treatment in the Caribbean.
  • 2004 Merck Divisional Award of Excellence forcreating a positive and productive work environment as per internal Viewpoint Survey.
  • 2004 Merck Regional Award of Excellence for Sales Force Effectiveness installing Regional Key Strategic Initiative optimizing the development & performance of sales teams
  • 2004 Merck Special Award of Excellence HIV Accelerated Access Initiative.
  • 2001 Merck Special Award of Excellence for successful intercontinental rollout and installation of Merck’s Micromarketing Program.

Additional References

“Hector is a very talented individual with a high level of competence in marketing and sales. Making impact in the organization is what motivates Hector to be continuously achieving objectives with a results-driven attitude. He is a customer oriented person with a superb ability to develop strong business relations with external and internal customers. During the two years I worked with Héctor, he demonstrated proficiency in achieving results through others and that he really cares about the people that he works with. He tackles business opportunities and problems using innovative approaches and experimenting with novel thinking. Héctor has shown the ability of teasing out individual threads of an issue, breaking down the big picture into its component parts. I strongly recommend Héctor to manage any sales and marketing organization to achieve objectives.” February 26, 2009

Nelson Lopez, Senior Finance Manager and Treasurer, Merck

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Hector for many years and always found him to be a dedicated professional in both word and conduct. During 2006 he recognized the need to recommend hiring someone to take over the demand management for the Caribbean. This move meant that the needs of the Caribbean could be identified and met in a much more specific and efficient way than what was being done. The appointment of a Demand Manager helped to develop the business in a much more professional and organized way, this move took foresight and courage but it was the right thing to do at the right time. This is the kind of action that I remember Hector for, looking at the operation and assessing what was working, what needed improvements and how he could bring added value to both the customers and to the organization. Over the course of many years, I found Hectors decision making and grasp of the operation something that was consistently progressive and dynamic to meet the constant changes in both the market conditions and the organization.” January 19, 2009

Derek Myles, Distribution Manager, MSD International, Bermuda 

“I had the pleasure of working with Hector in Global Sales and Marketing Training. He is a rare find in today's workforce…a smart, dedicated, hard worker who is gifted with excellent people, leadership skills. He is very capable of developing effective training programs. And, more importantly he is accomplished in selling and delivering the programs to all levels of an organization. I confidently recommend Hector and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” January 14, 2009

Kim Adams Azzinaro, Marketing Training Manager, Merck Headquarters, NJ