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Rapacious - (Zeb Halsell)

Serving as AD on this two day shoot was a blast. Shot entirely in one location, the shoot involved a lot of quick setups and creative thinking. It finished on time and to everyones' satisfaction. 

Apotheosis of Jack - (Examine Colab) 2015

I served as the AD on this short film shot on location in the desert outside LA and at Hollywood Center Studios. Working with the talented team at Examine Colab was almost as much fun as keeping everything on schedule!

The Dave Ramsey Show- (200+ live shows, +100 stories/spots) 2013-2015

For the past two years I had the privilege of working with The Dave Ramsey Show which launched a new online video and App. Monday through Friday we covered the three hour live radio broadcast and filled the over 51 minutes of commercials with content, raining from Debt Free stories, to interviews with world famous writers. I've been able to help create the network from the ground up, organizing post production procedures, designing stories and programming. During the live show I have severed as the floor producer and Lobby host. While here I directed and edited hundreds of videos.

Wise Food's Emergency- (Wise Food's) 2014

Cam Cornelius and I also shot a commercial for Wise Food's emergency rations. We wanted to give the feel that the family was experiencing and emergency, but because they were prepared they didn't have to worry. We accomplished this by shooting a majority of the video by candle light and had the family sitting around a table laughing and eating beef stroganoff. 

Wise Food's Camping- (Wise Food's) 2013

Wise Food's is known for their doomsday commercials and their end of times marketing campaign to sell their freeze dried and crazy long lasting products. Because the commercial was going to air on our video Channel we needed to soften the theme down for our viewership. I concepted an idea to create a softer sell using a father and son on a camping trip. The dad is determined to catch fish to eat and after an entire day without a single bite the sons insistent demands for food can only be sated by a delicious wise food package. We had a blast shooting this commercial on a lake in the rain.

Time's Up - (RnR Games) 2013

Is a commercial I created with my DP Cam Cornelius for RnR Games. Because of the nature of the game we and the level of energy we created a 360 degree dolly and track set up that circle the actors as they played the game. 

Top of the Universe - (Quixotic Media) 2013

Another music video I collaborated on with Lily Kennex. The song written by Grammy nominated Barry Weeks, Nicole Witt and Lily Kennex was shot on location in New York city and in the studio in Nashville. The goal for the video was a to focus on her as an artist with her in her element.

Who I Am - (Quixotic Media) 2012

An exciting music video I directed and DP'd for up and coming Epic Pop artist Lily Kennex. She was an absolute joy to work with. Shot on Red in Nashville, TN this spy based video included a two day shoot and very little sleep, but it turned out fantastic.

Pet Studio (Taillight TV) 2012

The TV pilot marathon with Taillight continues into February 2013. This time working on a show for Animal Planet. I was hired to help develop the teaser for the show and to highlight the characters and add crazy energy of the animals. Shot on two Sony PMW-350's the show featured over twenty hours of footage all cut to a six minute teaser.

Lifeway Documentary (Lifeway) 2012

 I was called by Producer Rick Simms to run camera on a documentary featuring organizations and individuals around the world who are changing lives in a major way.. We shot the first stage in AlabamaChicago, California, and Scotland.

Flipped (Taillight TV) 2012

I worked again with Thom Oliphant and Matt Houser at Taillight TV to create the pilot for a new show featuring Evan Farmer for HGTV. This show turned out great and is a fast moving and entertaining home improvement show. Shot on two Sony PMW-350's the production included over sixteen hours of footage. We edited the project on Adobe Premiere CS6. Look for Flipped, coming to a station near you.

Israel Demands a King (Seventh Story Productions) 2012

Teaming up again with Steve Bussel and Seventh Story Productions was a thrill. This project was an exciting foray into After Effects. I was asked to Storyboard and create a cartoon for Lifeway featuring drawings created in Illustrator, animated in After Effects, and finalized using Final Cut. It was a fun peace with a little humor that I'm sure the kids will enjoy.

Stable Grace Pilot (Taillight TV) 2012

This was my first chance to work with Taillight (Day Jobs) and I know it won't be my last. I worked closely with Matt Houser and Thom Oliphant to create a compelling teaser for a new TV show they are working on. It was a challenge taking almost 24 hours of footage and cutting it down to 6 minutes, but I think it's going to do exactly what it is supposed to do, sell the show.

Destroyed (Loaded Deck Entertainment) 2012

Directing and shooting someone as talented as Alona Raevska is a sheer joy. This music video for her song "Destroyed" was filmed on location in Tennessee and in Ukraine. We shot on the Canon 5D and the Canon C300 to capture a pristine and imaginative world. The video is currently in edit and scheduled to be finished before the new year is out. 

People TV CMA Red Carpet Event (Big Look 360) 2012

When Biglook and People TV came in to town from Austin, TX they needed someone who could quickly scour interviews for the best content and upload the files for immediate viewing on the web. Within a couple of hours the project was edited and uploaded for our client  and I got to check our the red carpet up close.

Jake Owen- Endless Summer Tour (Travis Television)

Taming the beast, that's what I call this edit. I worked with Greg Travis and Wes Human at Travis TV to create a half-hour TV show for CMT show casing Jake Owens new Endless Summer CMT Tour. The show appeared on CMT in October of 2012.

Lyons Legacy (Loaded Deck Entertainment)

Horse Whisperer Josh Lyons with Lyons Legacy recently called upon Loaded Deck Entertainment to shoot 20 10 minute horse training videos for his new world class equestrian site set to launch in May of 2012. As director I worked with DP James King to capture magic of riding and training such incredible animals. 

Southern Fried Fitness Pilot (Loaded Deck Entertainment) 2012

I recently joined with James King, Kyle Kellerman, and Rob Bennette to form Loaded Deck Entertainment.

Our first project as a team was to produce a Pilot for the TV show Southern Fried Fitness. Southern Fried Fitness, featuring Robin Shea, currentlyairing its 4th season, appears on PBS. This pilot is to prepare the show to make the jump to Food Network. I wrote, directed, and edited the video along with the Loaded Deck Team. Currently Revolution Pictures is shopping the show to networks and we are expecting fantastic results!

Polaris Santa (Big Country PowerSports) 2011

I received a call from Greg Shea with Big Country to direct their Christmas commercial for Polaris. I shot entirely on location on the canon 7D so I could work with some over cranking and get some really great slow motion shots on the stunt driving santa that Greg had hired. I'd always wanted to meet santa and getting to work with him on this commercial was definitely memorable. I edited the final piece on Final Cut and included a great voice over track from some guy in Kentucky. 

Jodi Messina EPK (December 2011)

I was really excited to be working with Jodi Messina on her new EPK. She was planning to send out a promo video to showcase her talents as on air personality. I was approached by her PR team and collaborated with them to develop her new video. Everyone was really pleased with what we got.

"Reel Exchange" (Travis Television) December 2011

This edit job was killer fun. I worked with Wes Human at Travis Television to shoot a show for GAC featuring Exile and Trace Atkins. The show, which debuted in December on GAC, combined the talented vocals of Trace with the sultry smooth sounds of Exile to re-create the smash hit, Kiss You All Over. 

"Changing Kids Lives" (Computers for Kids ) November 2011

I worked with Mandy Hale at Computers for Kids. We shot on location in Murfreesboro and Nashville on the Canon 5D. I used a couple of my 1K's and some 650's to cover all three interviews. I blued the lamps to go with a day light look. Pretty straight forward, but I got some fantastic footage while working with some kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Nashville.

"Evamor Water Spots" (Southern Fried Fitness) October 2011

I recently worked with DP James King to shoot 4 promotional spots for Evamor Water. The spots will be appearing in Season 3 of Southern Fried Fitness one PBS. I directed the spots and chose to use the canon 7D so we could get some really great slow motion product shots with the water running down the bottle. I also edited the videos. 

"Ashton Shepherd Where Country Grows" (Travis Television) September 2011

Travis TV was tasked with developing a 30 min video for GAC covering Ashton Shepard's new album, "Where Country Grows." I was hired to help edit the show and, working with Producers Greg Travis and Melissa Fitzgerald and co-editor Wes Human we created the show that will air on GAC on September 2010. In addition to editing I also color corrected the video using Final Cut Pro.

"Miranda Lambert EPK" (Travis Television) August 2011

Editing for Columbia Records and for an artist as well know as Miranda Lambert is thrilling. Travis TV was asked to create an EPK for Miranda's new 2011 Album, For The Record. They shot the footage on The Canon 5D and I was asked to edit a 3-5 minute piece. I crafted a high impact well timed video that I'm sure will complement the really amazing album she has created. 

"Lady Antebellum EPK" (Travis Television) August 2011

I once again teamed up with Travis Television to create an amazing EPK for Grammy Award Winning Lady Antenbellum's new release. Own The Night. Wes Human, with Travis TV, had edited an US version of the EPK and I was brought in to create an international version of the piece. I edit the video on my own Final Cut 7 studio and finished the piece at Travis Television. I was really proud and excited by this piece. 

"A Little Longer" Music Video (Dandy Fuchik Music) 2011

I had the very esteemed privilege of working with Russian singer and model Alona Raevska on the music video for her first single on her new album, Conversations with My Soul. I shot and edited the behind the scenes footage into a 1 minute teaser. It was a pleasure working with this talented and lovely artist.

Director of Post-Production (Comprehensive Media) 2010- July 2011

In September of 2010 I began working as the Director of Post-Production with film and video veteran Joel Smith at Comprehensive Media Inc. My position includes working with Final Cut Server, organizing post-production work flow, managing editors, animators, audio posters, and graphic designers completing a wide assortment of video projects for clients such as CCA and the Gideons International. I am also shooting and directing for the company using Sony's line of professional cameras and canon's digital SLR series. Additional work includes After Effects graphics and animation design, color correction utilizing Magic Bullet Colorista and FCP Color, as well as Euphonix MC controllers integration systems.

"Nashville Rising" Live Concert (Travis Television) 2010

This was probably one of the single greatest events I have ever been a part of. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill put on a concert to help raise money for the city of Nashville after the devastating flood in May of 2010. Over 21 major artists appeared including Carrie Underwood, ZZ Top, Blake Shelton, and Miranda Lambert. I worked with Travis TV to create video content for the live show and to edit and post interviews and live footage to the internet for appearances on E!, CMT, Fox News and more. 

"Smashed" (Travis TV) 2010

Working with the wonderfully brilliant people at Travis TV is a highlight of my day. Smashed is a pilot for Steve Harwell's (Smash Mouth) new series involving the lead singers search for love and his career changing switch to country. I worked with show creator and producer Jeanette Jolley to build a face paced sizzler for the show. The animation was created in After Effects and the show was finished on Final Cut. (2010)

"Save the World" 2010

I shot, directed and edited  2009 American Idol contestant, Luci Lampe's new music video, Save the World.  I used the Canon 5d to capture this stunningly lit and brilliantly choreographed hip-hop song. Shot on location in Franklin, TN and in Legacy Learning Studios, Nashville, I worked with choreographer Chi Johnson to capture the heart of Luci's brilliantly fun hip hop song. When you get the chance to shoot something besides country music in Nashville you jump at it . 

"Turning Home"2010

I edited a series of six, short, hi-impact webisodes in collaboration with TravisTV for CMT and the St. Louis Cardinals. Turning Home features country singer, David Nail, and follows his attempt to join the Cardinal's Baseball Club. I was responsible for developing and editing the story from footage captured during spring training, March of 2010. The videos will air on CMT and reside on Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation website. 

"Visiting Orphans Costa Rica" In March of 2010 I traveled with Visiting Orphans to Costa Rica and worked with renowned echo-tourist, Brian Benson, of Infinite Forest, to shoot footage for Visiting Orphans' Director of Development, Amanda Lawrence. The video I shot, directed, and edited will be incorporated with other footage documenting the organizations outreach to the world's many orphans. (2010)

"Chaotic Peace" As the DP for Hip-Hop artists, Chaotic Peace's 2010 music video, Look Back. I was called upon by director, Sergio Estes, to create a look and feel for the one-location performance video. Shooting on the Panasonic HVX-200 and using my own 2k/1K Arris and custom built Keno's, I designed a bright set to showcase the new duo's unique look and to avoid the low-light limitations of the camera. The video was edited by the director.

"Visiting Orphans"In January 2010 I traveled with Visiting Orphan's Director of Development, Amanda Lawrence and GMA recording artist Britt Nicole, to Uganda and Ethiopia. As director and shooter, it was my pleasure to video the Visiting Orphans team as they met and interacted with such news worthy humanitarians as Katie Davis and Idi Amin survivor, Patrick Nu.  In addition we provided over 1000 children, in two countries, with food, clothes and shoes. (2010)

"Casting Crowns Interview"Producer/Director Heidi Groff of Cinemation Media hired me to DP an interview with GMA artist of the year, Casting Crowns, in Atlanta, Georgia. Cinemation Media, in partnership with World Vision, used the interview to promote awareness of Casting Crowns relief efforts with World Vision.  (2009)

"Connected Nation"Shot, directed and edited a video series that was viewed by 1500-2000 legislators, network providers, and business owners in six states, as a part of the prestigious Bill & Melinda Gates series of "Opportunity Online" summits held across the U.S.  I was responsible for shooting over 60 interviews in New England, New York, Texas and California. (2009)

"Teach Me Bass Guitar" In the fall of 2008, The Learning Dock embarked on a year long quest to change the face of educational video training. I helmed the first project, Teach Me Bass Guitar, working with a well known set designer to re-create a Louisiana blues style bar and stage. Director of Photography James King helped me work the five camera, three location, HD shoot to flawless perfection. The DVD series, which has already garnished top Ageis and Telly awards and been featured at the Nashville and Los Angeles NAMM shows, features over 16 hours of instruction, on screen real-time midi graphics, and an option to loops difficult sections at any time. The DVD features the talents of Bass savant Roy Vogt and the singing talents of Jonell Mosser. (2008-2009)

"Together"Ruben Studdard's music video was shot at Opryland Hotel by Roman White and Revolution Pictures. I had been working with Revolution Pictures for several years and was glad when Randy Brewer asked me to shoot the behind the scenes footage for Sony Music and the worldwide AOL music video pre-release of Together. I shot the video on DVX-200 and recorded the interview with Ruben Studdard during a break on set. (2008)

"Fundamentals of Swimming"Award-winning Triathlon athlete Steven Taylor and approached me about directing a training series for swimmers. I teamed up with Director of Photography Erik Anschicks and an underwater cinematographer to bring Steven Taylor and Olympic Gold medalist Ashley Whitney's fluid style to life. The video series won several awards including two Telly Awards. (2008) 

"Teenage Affluenza"World Vision, a respected world wide relief organization called upon producer April Dace with Revolution Pictures to create a parody to tastefully spoof the customary melodramatic relief videos while creating an awareness for the needs of the organization and the people it reaches . I wrote a treatment and again teamed with James King to create the beautiful and laughable short. (2007)

"For the Love of a Dog"Magic and Lucky Jones Productions' director Sheree LeMon had directed this feature and worked with a California editor to create the film. I was called in to do an up-res conversion of the film to HD While I was there working the director asked if I would watch the film and offer feedback. I felt there were a couple of places that could use some tweaking and asked if I could make some changes. She was hesitant at first, but after I reworked a problematic scene she asked me to do more. I ended up re-editing three quarters of the film. She was thrilled. The feature film aired on Cinemax and went to DVD . The film featured Sherman Hemsley and Phil Vassar. (2007)

"Fall" Revolution Pictures owner Randy Brewer asked me to edit a music video for country star, Clay Walker's song Fall. It was the first music video I had edited with Revolution. The video appeared on CMT and rose to the number one spot on the countdown.  Editor (2007)

"Learn and Master Piano"I worked with the President of Legacy Learning Systems, Gabe Smith, to develop a video program to teach Piano. Our goal was to create the most beautiful, informative, and in depth educational video ever. To achieve our goals I worked with DP Erik Anschicks and produced the film at the famed Dark Horse Recording Studio in Franklin, TN. With Grammy award winning pianist Will Barrow and Grammy award winning singer Suzy Bogguss we had great subjects and succeeded in creating an award winning series. As director and Senior Editor I worked with over fifteen editors, graphic designers, and animators to complete post production for the 56 half hour lessons in just over one month. One challenge we face and overcame was the development of a midi fret board that would play on screen as the video progressed. There were no programs at the time that could convert the midi to an on screen fret board that could be embedded in a video. Together, with David Crossman, we developed a worked around a created a program that both Apple and other companies said could not be done. (2007)

"Lifeway Kids"This video was fun. I directed over 30 children in this commercial for Lifeway Christian Resources. Together, with April Dace at Revolution Pictures, we wrote a treatment to highlight the fun and educational resources available at LifeWay Kids. We shot this commercial against Citation Supports enormous psych wall on an HVX-200 with Redrock. (2007)

"Cross Canadian Ragweed Live" MPL in Nashville, TN called me to come in and make a live video concert of Cross Canadian Ragweed ready to air on CMT. When I arrived at the editing suit I found that the execs from CMT; the bands label, Universal South; and manager would be sitting in on the edit. It was my first time editing at MPL and my first time editing a video for TV. I had twenty minutes before they got there to learn their editing set up and to read the guide lines for live TV show. Much to my delight, the edited went off without a hitch and all members involved were pleased. (2006) 

"Ryan Adams Heartbreaker Tour" Director, David Mcclister called me about editing the behind the scenes tour footage for Ryan Adam's Heartbreaker Tour. I assembled the footage which then appeared on Ryan's Bloodied But Unbowed" DVD. The video was produced in collaboration with Bloodshot Records. (2006)

"The Experience" Steve Bussell, with SeventhStory Productions, called me about helping him develop and feature film for LifeWay Christian Resources. The film was to accompany the new release of an already famous study called, Experiencing God (over 2,000,000 copies sold), as an update for a younger audience. We spent one-week developing the story, three weeks writing the script, and two months creating the product. The film involved shooting in the wilds of TN, wolves, car wrecks, and awesome stunts. The project was successful and exceeded the expectations of our client. 

In 2002, I started a multi-media company, Quixotic LLC, which consisted of independent contractors from over 5 different states, working together to develop websites, videos, multi-media presentations, digital portfolios, 3D animations and graphic designs.  

In addition to the aforementioned, I've had the pleasure of working on over 30 short films, 5 features,10-15 music videos, 3-4 TV shows, and several dozen other videos, many of which I directed, shot and edited.


Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite

I've been using magic bullet suite since they launched colorist and mojo. It's a great plugin for both Premiere Pro and Final Cut X for dialing in the perfect color to fit any production.

Final Cut Pro X

This program is actually really good. The changes they have made have enable it to be a really fast and efficient editing software. I actually am beginning to like it better than the others.

Final Cut Pro 7

I've edited on this app for years. During the Final Cut revolution I switched to Premiere Pro because of all the changes they made to that app. 

After Effects CC

I'm pretty good at using this App, I understand how it works and have used it to create a number of programs. Most of the time I have hired graphic artist to work for me.

Premiere Pro CC
I am a crazy editing fool in this app. Sometimes Adobe calls me if they have problems. Okay, maybe not that good, but I am really good at using this program.
I can complete the following tasks with proficiency:   Video and audio preparation: digitization, playbacks, duplication and file transfer.  Media management: video, audio, digital and paper.  Software management/maintenance.  Set up/support dialogue recording sessions.  Log and process recording sessions, b-roll, and graphics.  Script management.  Prep/Edit/Conform sound effects and temp music.   
I have used other color correction programs, but switched to this when it came out. Over the past year I used this application in combination with Mojo and Red Giant Colorista 2.
I would say that I am a expert on mac except for the fact that I have only done some coding on the mac. As far as the user interface goes, changing hard drives, testing Ram, adding airport cards, I am very proficient and often train new employees on its use.


Gabe Smith

Worked as director and head editor for a series of high end training videos including a 56 half hour lesson piano course, "Learn and Master Piano." 

Greg Travis

I've worked with Greg and Travis TV for the past three years and have edited a number of TV shows, commercials, and EPK's for today's top country artists.

April Dace

Worked with award winning Revolution Pictures as a director and editor. I directed and edited commercials, promos, and music videos, including editing Clay Walker's "Fall." April is a dear friend and a producer on most of my projects.

James King

James and I own Loaded Deck Entertainment along with Kyle Kellerman and Robert Bennett. We've collaborated on a wide number of projects.

Joshua Lomelino

Worked with Joshua on a feature film for DVD as well as a interactive promotional video for the Nashville Downtown Partnership. 

Rick Simms

I have worked with Rick on many productions for Lifeway as an editor, director, and DP. I have known him for about five years.

Steve Bussell

I worked together with Steve on around 20 short films, a feature, and several featurettes. 

Yon Gautsch

Yon and I have been best friends since we were boys. I have known him 31 years. We have worked on a number of projects together, including several pilots for MTV and VH1.


Sep 2001May 2004

Directing Certificate

Watkins College of Art & Design

I attended Watkins' Film school and loved it. Like so many things... What you put into it is what you get out of it. I invested myself wholeheartedly into the program and took away a lot of fantastic knowledge and experience. I like it, I like it a lot. My senior project, which I directed and edited, was a period piece that featured over 1200 extras, was shot in three different states, and was featured in the Kodak Cinematography magazine in 2004.

Sep 1997May 2001

BS in Mass Media

Indiana Wesleyan University

I began in pre-med and decided it was not where I wanted to be. I took one television course in Mass Comm and that was it; I knew what I was going to do. Because no film courses were available at IWU, I worked with the dean of academics to help write and implement three accredited film courses, which lead to the foundation of Indiana Wesley's media program. 


Emmy Award in January 2014

"Henceforth" Poem published in Sketches of the soul.

"Stolen" Short film featured in Kodak Cinematography magazine.

"The Silence" Short film won 48 Hour Film Festival's National first place for cinematography.

"Fall" Clay Walker's video made #1 on CMT's top 20 countdown.

"Teach Me Bass Guitar" Telly Award, and Aegis Award

"Bring That Child To Me" Lorraine Heartsook, 2006 Awarded International Music DVD Of The Year (UCMVA) U.S

"Fundamentals of Swimming DVD" Multi-Telly Award Winning

"Change the World" Best Dance Music Video LA Music Festival

"Change the World" Best video under $10,000.00 Indie Music Awards LA


I finished my undergraduate degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. During my senior year I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. I spoke to the school about writing film classes for my major since we did not have any. I was able write three classes that were accredited and which I used to graduate and enter Watkin's Film School in Nashville. While I was at Watkins I started a Multi-Media LLC that I used to help put me through school. We were a network of independent contractors that created websites, radio spots, commercials, and videos. I graduated, dissolved the company and pursued film full time. Over the past six years I have worked on over 35 short films, four features, dozens of music videos, and various company videos. I have produced and directed over three award winning $150,000+ budget videos. I have written three feature films and pitched shows to Turner Networks, Sony Films, and Walden Media. In addition I have traveled to over 30 countries and worked in Russia, Bosnia, Croatia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Costa Rica. I have taught film classes in Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru.