Housed in new air-conditioned facilities with showers, CrossFit Norwalk is located at 2 Broad Street in Norwalk, Connecticut. As part of the global CrossFit family, the gym features fun and comprehensive programs to improve every aspect of fitness. The methodology is geared toward mutual support and camaraderie, and often extends beyond classes, with additional events including bowling nights, birthday night blasts, and group competitions.Owned by Susan Friedman, a local Olympic weightlifting competitor and mother of two teenagers, CrossFit Norwalk employs dedicated, certified trainers who reflect skills that are both unique and complementary to the CrossFit program. Each trainer shares common training disciplines, as well as particular areas of focus such as powerlifting, movement and mobility, martial arts, gymnastics, rowing, and many others. CrossFit’s workouts serve to improve strength and conditioning.Rather than relying on typical weight machines and rows of treadmills, CrossFit Norwalk features large open spaces where classes are held and members work out under the close supervision of trainers. Workouts are typically short—20 minutes or less—and intense, combining movements such as sprinting, climbing ropes, rowing, jumping rope, and using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. Developed and adopted around the world, CrossFit programs and guidelines are used in affiliated member gyms, schools, fire and police departments, military organizations and major league sports franchises.CrossFit Norwalk has something for everyone, from housewives to retirees to athletes in training for serious competition. Classes begin with group warmup and instruction, and vary each day. The fitness programming involves constant variations in the workouts to improve stamina, flexibility, balance, coordination, power, agility, and cardiovascular and respiratory health. For more information, visit the CrossFit Norwalk website, which features schedules, updates, trainer information, the gym’s blog, and much more.

Crossfit Norwalk is located at:

1 Muller Avenue #20 (Corner of Slocum St.) 

Norwalk, CT 06851 

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CrossFit Norwalk