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I am a realizer of ideas. My intense natural curiosity drives me to understand diverse perspectives on public relations problems.  I transform these perspectives and ideas into strategic communications solutions that exceed business objectives and create consumer satisfaction. My enthusiasm for progressive change and ability to implement ambitious ideas allows me to create brand advocates, instead of followers.


Media Relations, Speech Writing, Corporate Communications, PR, Public Affairs, Public Speaking, International Diplomacy, Brand Advocacy, Social Media, Blogging, Writing, Problem Solving, Insights, Progressive Ideas.

Rock Climbing, Roman History, Blues, Politics.


I want to use my unique qualities as a public relations intern in Chicago. With writing skills, natural curiosity and empathy for both client and consumer perspectives, I will lead my team to exceed business objectives and enhance brand value.


Aug 2007May 2011

Bachelor of Arts

Indiana University Bloomington

I built strong writing and communication skills for a wide variety of public contexts, from cross-cultural business communications to political speech writing. I developed a particular interest in how organizations use strategic communications and brand identity to turn their stakeholders into advocates for the organization.

I also developed the tools to learn: a critical eye for holes in an argument or idea, an enthusiasm for taking esoteric ideas and implementing them on a practical level, and a sense of critical self-awareness that allows me to constantly evaluate my process and look for ways to improve.

Work experience

Apr 2010May 2011

Planning Committee Chair

Building Tomorrow at Indiana University

In [email protected], I managed the planning committee for our chapter's flagship event, Bike to Uganda.

Problem: Our chapter's greatest past problem was awareness: how do we build enough credibility for our organization and goals to convince cash-strapped college students to participate and donate their limited money?

Response: I responded by writing a series of speeches and elevator pitches that highlighted our goals of Universal Primary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa and what makes the organization unique. Chapter officers and members delivered the speeches in classrooms to various audiences, including students and professors of international studies, education and African studies. The chapter president delivered my keynote speech at a benefit dinner attended by over 50 professors in Education, African studies and various other departments.

Results: The awareness campaign brought over 200 new participants to our email and contact list and generated robust participation in the chapter this year. With the new participation and awareness, our chapter is well on its way to funding and building its own primary school in Uganda.

Qualities Exhibited: Writing Skills, Communications Savvy, Stakeholder Empathy, New Idea Implementation

Aug 2010Jan 2011

Community Relations Manager

Bloomington Writing Project

At the BWP, I sat on the board of a year-old organization dedicated to empowering community members to become "writers" through positive writing tutoring. I primarily acted as a representative of the interests of our community stakeholders- local organizations whose constituents often used our service. I also was the BWP board's liaison to our Student Legal Advisor, planning for our incorporation as a 501(c)(3).

Problem: When I arrived, participation in the service had dropped off dramatically. If participation did not increase within a month, we would lose the tutoring space a local bookstore had donated to us.

Task: Find out why participation dropped off and implement measures to restore and increase it.

Action: I organized meetings with the leaders of our previously biggest participants in the service: a local church, a home for domestic abuse victims and the local high school. At these meetings, I facilitated conversations on their constituents' needs and established clear expectations for our service. I took the information to the tutor group and added several new programs to our service: resume writing, college essay advice and sermon proofreading.

With the BWP marketing team, I brainstormed and wrote PSAs for IU Student Media that highlighted the addition of our new services and identified further our unique mantra: that everyone could become strong writers and communicators.

Result: Participation in our service grew over 200% that semester, and we maintained use of our tutor space.

Qualities Exhibited: Natural Curiosity, Business/Stakeholder Empathy, Communication Savvy, New Idea Implementation.

May 2010Aug 2010

Wealth Management Intern

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Being a Wealth Management Intern as an English major taught me much about adaptability, positive attitude and client service. I didn't have the financial training that the other interns had, but I took that apparent disadvantage and turned it into a great learning experience by finding and adapting to my niche- strategic communications.

I acted as a beacon of the Merrill Lynch "Client Experience." When a client came to visit the office, I met the client at the door and briefed them on the topic and talking points of their meeting with the financial advisors. I escorted the clients out afterwards and recapped the meeting as well as our next action steps. The client relationships I developed led to my becoming a client advocate for the team and solidifying fruitful relationships for the advisors.

I also streamlined the education process for the interns. When the financial advisors weren't able to spend as much time teaching us interns about new financial topics because of market fluctuations, I began to research and write summary papers on new topics each week for us to discuss at lunch. This initiative and desire to learn saved the intern team hours of individual research each week.


Client Service
AP Style
Copy Writing
LexisNexis Academic