Cedrick Rochet

Cedrick Rochet


• 4 years of sales experience in engineering consulting services and high tech products • Experience in marketing data analysis and strategy recommendation • 8 years of international project management experience and new products development from start to finish in the high tech sector • Strong technical background in both hardware and software • Excellent capacity of adaptation and flexibility: ability to speak 5 languages

Work experience

Work experience
2007 - 2008

Management Consultant

Corning Incorporated
* Evaluated and segmented a market across European, North American and Asian regions * Prioritized the potential customers for sales teams * Analyzed market research data trends to recommend strategy for a multi-million dollar core product line in environmental technology * Proposed the best business model approach for each segment of customers
2004 - 2007

Research Assistant

University of Karlsruhe

Investigated microphone, speaker and camera arrays for smartroom environment • Took leadership and turned around a 6 months behind schedule to 2 months ahead an international project for the 24 million Euro European project CHIL (Computer in the Human Interaction Loop) • Audited the process and setup the quality standards for the project • Coordinated a project processes through an adequate quality-gate structure

• Managed a virtual team of around 50 people across the globe

• Led European academic research in microphone array technology in coordination with IBM research and Daimler Chrysler

2001 - 2004

Guest researcher

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Developed microphone array technology • Initiated and carried to completion an embedded Ethernet based acoustic sensor system that reduced cost by a factor of 10 from previous model • Led the development of various supporting software for the acoustic system • Led the system preparation for industrial production 


2004 - 2009


Universitat Karlsruhe (TH)
2007 - 2008


Cornell University - S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management
1998 - 2001


EISTI Ecole internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l'Information