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Store Adore

Store Adore is an online forum for passionate shoppers to find and share insights and information on the very best boutiques and specialty stores in the cities where they live, where they travel, and online. As both a practical resource and an online shopping community, Store Adore is a place where shoppers can discover new stores (or find out what's new with their long-time favorites!) and have the opportunity to talk shop(ping) with likeminded individuals.


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About Cristina Miller

Some people say that friends should never work together. We think otherwise. Cristina and Meredith met on the playground in first grade when Cristina got stung by a bee while doing a cartwheel and Meredith was sent to accompany her to the nurse's office. Through high school, college, as roommates in New York, and then at Harvard Business School (and even through a few more minor injuries — yes, they are klutzy) Meredith and Cristina have remained the best of friends.

Cristina's love for fashion began at age five when she donned her first tutu for ballet class and felt like a princess. She realized how a simple item (a tutu, or later, a lip gloss or a flirty top) might not change the world, but it was a sure pick-me-up. Many years later, Cristina's work required her to live and work in numerous cities and countries, including New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, London, Mexico City, and Bahrain. Each time she relocated to a new city, she would eagerly explore the shopping options, and much like Meredith, she was frustrated by the lack of resources for avid shoppers visiting a new city. Even in her hometown of Washington, DC, it was difficult to keep up with the ever-changing shopping scene: While there were plenty of ways to find a restaurant or a museum, there was nothing that would help her plan a Saturday shopping stroll. And when she tried to shop online (a convenient way to stay stylish when you're jetting all over the world), she was bored with the same old bookmarked sites. The launch of Store Adore was the perfect solution to these challenges, so Cristina joined Meredith to try to make this thing work.

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